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Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Japan, Tokyo South Mission - Thumbtacks, Transfers, District Leader and his Space Fan

Week 42 - July 11, 2016

I asked Sister Matsuhisa to make me a space fan 'cause she's really good at art and this is the result. I'm super happy.
This week has been pretty busy just like last week so I guess we will get right into it.

Tuesday:  We were supposed to go on super splits on Monday by that didn't work out, so we did it today!  My companion was Elder Inumaki, a Japanese elder who is going to be finished with his mission in a few days. We first went and had lunch with a guy named K--o. He is an older man with not too much interest in religion but met with us and was very nice. We got Indian curry which was really good and talked about God with him. He believes in God but doesn't really like religion. There are a lot of people like that in Japan.  Basically, he wants to know why people converted, but that's about his only interest point. After that we tried to visit a family that had met with missionaries before and are apparently a way awesome family. They weren't in their normal house so we went to check their party apartment, and we didn't know the room number and couldn't figure it out.  So I called the phone number for them that we had, and she answered!  She said she was busy but that she would call back, so I was like, "ok great." After dinner we were walking around and we talked to
one kid that might come to basketball and got his number so that's cool. On the same road we found another kid who is even cooler and will come to basketball and we got his number too, so that's way sick. Then we had to meet up to end the split in Kamiooka and then to Yokosuka.

Wednesday:  We went to go fix my bike, again, because I got a thumbtack in my front tire. Why someone tossed that on the road, I do not know. While walking there, we talked to a really awesome guy who makes commercials and stuff, so that was cool. We are hoping he can come to church sometime. Then we set up Ekaiwa and went back to eat.  Before Ekaiwa we were able to finally have a lesson with N------a K----i after forever. He is doing alright, but is still concerned about terrorists and things like that.  Ekaiwa was pretty good and everyone -- I think -- had a good time. Mine and Elder Nagano's friend, K---o, came to see us 'cause he's going backpacking in Europe for a month, so that was pretty crazy to find out.

Thursday:  Stuff happened. We got a call back from that family I called with Elder Inumaki, and they asked if we could come over the next day, so that was way sick!

Friday:  We taught our friend, K---n the plan of salvation!  He thought it was super simple and that was because we taught it simply -- which a lot of times I've tried to improve so that's cool.  Later, he realized there is a lot more to it than we said, but that's for later.  It went pretty good but he definitely needs the spiritual side of conversion to happen.  Then we had district meeting which was the last one of this transfer!  It was good. I never know what to say about those because they are all good, lol. After that, we planned for the lesson with the family we were going to visit!  Their party apartment is way nice!  It was way sick to go there. They had a Mormon boy [home] stay there for a while and he and his sister were there visiting that day, so that's why they invited us over that day instead of another.  It was really cool though.  We had just met them, but they were all super outgoing and friendly.  They also spoke pretty good English so it was cool. We had a ton of fun and were able to teach about Heavenly Father and prayer. We challenged them all to try praying and they said yes, so
we are hoping to go over another time and follow up.  It was a ton of fun.

Saturday:  Today we got transfer calls!  So we went to the church to play ping pong instead of basketball 'cause it was raining. We got our transfer emails.  Elder Nagano is obviously finished, a sister is transferring and one elder is transferring.  I am becoming district leader as well as a trainer, so I get a new missionary!  This should be interesting 'cause I feel like I am ready to do it but also not ready at the same time.  It should be pretty fun though. Then we went with M----i and got food at his restaurant.  After that, we tried to visit an investigator but couldn't find his house.  So we went back and tried contacting a bunch of people 'cause it was pouring rain. After that, we went to a baptism in Kamiooka.  K---n came with us and it was a good experience, but I think he thought it was going to be a bigger thing.  Regardless, it was good. So we went out for dinner and then home.
This is the family that we had dinner with and the members that were visiting on the front right.
Sunday:  So we attended ward council and other stuff.  Sacrament meeting was really good I thought. Everyone had really good talks and it was one that I was actually pretty focused on. After church we talked to members and stuff like that. Then we went back and had lunch.  After that, we streeted to the church and met K---n.  We taught him a little bit about the Gospel of Jesus Christ but didn't have time to teach the whole thing 'cause we had a meal appointment and we were bringing him as well. It was very delicious 'cause we had enchiladas and lasagna and peach cobbler, and it was just all around delicious. We had a great time talking and having fun.  At the end, we had everyone share their favorite scripture and it went really well.  I chose Alma 26: 35.

"Now have we not reason to rejoice? Yea, I say unto you, there never were men that had so great reason to rejoice as we, since the world began; yea, and my joy is carried away, even unto boasting in my God; for he has all power, all wisdom, and all understanding; he comprehendeth all things, and he is a merciful Being, even unto salvation, to those who will repent and believe on his name."

After that, we gave a member a blessing 'cause she was sick, so that was hopefully a good experience for K---n.

Today:  So we went to the dentist 'cause Elder Nagano had a cavity. So that was a joy going back to Tokyo.  (I feel like I go there every week). It's super hot today, and ya.

Monday, July 4, 2016

Japan Tokyo South Mission - New Mission President - Ekaiwa - 4th of July Barbecue

July 3, 2016 - Week 41

Crepe Night
 I did stuff this week everyone. Right now I'm stuck in Yokosuka cause there is a big thunderstorm coming so that's cool.  So ya, we have been insanely busy this entire week doing stuff.

Monday:  At night we went to the BYU Hawaii concert which was awesome! (missionaries from the North were at the concert as well.) I loved it and I think our investigator really did as well. Pictures will be sent later of people I saw there.
Lone Peak Crew
John from my Japanese Class at Lone Peak

Tuesday:  I got my other ingrown toenail fixed! So now I'm up to speed and ready to go! Then we planned a little bit and called people to set up appointments for the rest of the night after getting back.

Wednesday:  We went and watched Meet the Mormons with our friend, K---n.  He thought it was ok and interesting so, not bad I guess. Then we had a conversation about some concerns he has and we will continue to work with him and help him through those. Then we set Ekaiwa up and stuff.  After that we just went back to eat dinner, came back to the church and had Ekaiwa.  It was kinda lame cause a bunch of students peaced out for the last half hour. So we are working on how to fix that. Other than that, it was pretty good.

Thursday:  We got to go to the church and meet President and Sister Warnick. They seem super awesome and I am excited to work with them.  It was sad seeing President and Sister Wada leave though. We will always love them and miss them but we have a lot of hope for this next year and think it will be great.  After that, we went to the church and had a lesson with an investigator named Y------a. He is super energetic and really knowledgeable. So we had Bishop sit in with us, and he went "ham." It was really good 'cause he was able to resolve any concerns or questions that came up. We think he will start progressing soon but he has work on Sunday so church might be a bit difficult. But after that we talked about the plan of salvation more deeply with M----i, and that was awesome. He understood it all really well and we just have a fun time hanging out. Then we had dinner and did weekly planning for the rest of the night!

Friday:  First, we had district meeting. We had ice cream during that 'cause it was super hot outside. That went really well and we are working on extending baptismal commitments better. That's our purpose so we should do it! Even though it's kinda scary sometimes, it always turns out ok if you follow the spirit. Then we visited our friend S----s. He is insanely busy with work and school so we can't meet with him anytime soon sadly. So we just caught up on stuff and left. Then we passed out flyers which was a wonderful time. At night we had a crepe party in Kamiooka. A bunch of people who said they were coming flaked, so there were like a billion crepes for everyone to eat. K---n
came with us as well as a recent convert and it was pretty fun. We shared about President Monson's latest talk. Choices determine our destiny so we gotta make sure we pick the right one.

Saturday:  It was kinda crazy today. We had basketball -- which a bunch of people came to -- so that was great, but us and M----i ended a little early to change and go to the family history fair in Hakuraku. So we did that and it was actually pretty good. We watched an awesome movie about one lady who found out about her father who she never knew and other stuff so it was stupendous. Then we went back to Yamate and prepared for our lesson with K---n. We had a member help us here as
well.  His name is F-------o, and he's great. We taught the restoration and we all bore our testimonies and I thought it was really good, but K---n has a hard time believing in God and that's the first principle, so we will work with him on that.

Sunday:  We had church, yeah!  K---n came, so that was awesome. Then we prepared a lesson for the night 'cause we were going over to Brother Barton's for dinner with M----i and K---n. After that we called people, submitted stuff and fun things like that. Then at dinner we had a fun time just hanging out as a bunch of guys, and the food was amazing. Then we talked about how important he scriptures were by talking about Nephi going back to Jerusalem for them. It was alright but didn't go as well as I hoped 'cause K---n had to leave partway through, but that's ok.
The Barbecue Crew
Today:  We went to a park by the beach for a barbecue!!The senior couple near us bought stuff from the American Navy base and it was awesome. It was crazy hot though. Having hamburgers and hot dogs on the Fourth of July was great. Then we played capture he flag which was a lot of fun but so crazy hot. After that, we went back, took a shower and now I'm in Yokosuka for multiple reasons and ya.
Anyway, the Gospel is the best and never give up!