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Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Japan Tokyo South - The Last E-Mail of President Wada's Dominion - "Lift: The Power of Service"

Down in Yokosuka
Week 40 - June 27, 2016

This week was really busy and we were just going all over the place.

Wednesday:  Basically we just did dendo all the way until dinner. We tried to visit a potential investigator but sadly we couldn't find him. We also did some phone contacting, trying to invite people to come to events that we were having that weekend or soon. Then we had dinner and went to the church to set up for Ekaiwa. Ekaiwa went well except that everyone just leaves real fast after it's over so we don't even get to talk to them, but we had a great conversation and they are a lot of fun to talk to.

Thursday:  We went to the church after studies to go meet with M----i. We talked in depth about the plan of salvation. We went into more detail about the fall, creation, and pre-mortal life. That went really well and he understood everything great as usual. He is the most solid member and it's awesome! Then we had district meeting which went well like it always does. The zone leaders are awesome and so is the district. Also M----i stayed for district meeting so that was fun. Then we had dinner back at home but while we were walking M----i and I had a great conversation about all the lame shows on Sci-fi channel, so that was really funny. After that, we had to do some of Elder Nagano's college stuff, so we did that cause he's going home real soon.

I know it doesn't look big but the bowl is like the size of my chest. It was the king size.
Friday:  After studies and lunch we went to Kannai to kubari it up. As a district, we passed out a bunch of flyers and tried to talk to people and it was a lot of fun. We also found a guy who is interested as well so that's way good. After that we basically wrote reports and a few other things for the ward and then went to dinner. We went to Sukiya which is just a Japanese fast food place where you get meat on rice basically. K---n (Elder Nagano's friend) came with us and we all decided to get the king size and try to eat it all. It's so big it's not even on the menu, but we all got it, and we all finished it.....barely.  It was quite hard and it didn't taste good after like half, but we have pride now. Then we went to the church where President Wada was doing "questions of the soul," which is where he talks about a gospel principle and a movie and relates the two. We watched Indiana Jones and it was about faith. You know where he has to step out into what looks like a cavern but there's actually a hidden path -- ya that one, the Holy Grail and all that stuff. So it was a lot of fun 'cause I love movies. A--- came, but he was really tired and just sorta slept, but that's ok. K---- enjoyed it I think. It was great.

  So we had basketball again, like every week. A--- and K---- came and it was a lot of fun and also quite hot. After that we had to hurry back, shower and head to Yokosuka for the blitz. We went to the wrong station and got lost a little so that was the best, but I trusted God to guide us to the church and he did, and we found other missionaries who knew what was happening. Then we dendoed around, passed out 2 BoM's and it was good. After the blitz we had to hurry back to Yamate 'cause we had dinner at the Barton's with K-----. It was delicious and a ton of fun as usual. We shared about service and watched the Mormon message, "Lift" and I think we can all serve more and seek those opportunities.

Sunday: We went to church! Elder Nagano gave a good talk. Sadly nobody could come to sacrament with us. But third hour our friend K----u showed up and it was nice to have him come to church. He's not super interested right now but we will slowly try to work with him. Then we came home and had lunch, planned for the month of July by making goals and stuff. Then we went over to J----'s house again and had a family home evening. She made a ton of food and it was super good as always but she just kept bringing more and it was pretty crazy how much food she made but it was also really good. Then we talked about how the Book of Mormon answers the questions of the soul and the connection between all of the questions that we picked was that God loves us and wants us to be happy. So that went really well.

Today:  We met with the guy who Elder Nagano talked to during the kubari so that's good and the BYU Hawaii men's concert is tonight in Shinjuku so that should be a blast.

Well, until next week then.
Love, Elder Molen

Japan Tokyo South - Crazy, Hot and Humid in Yamate, Japan - Farewell to President and Sister Wada

Week 39 - June 21, 2016

It's been crazy hot and humid, so ya, not the most fun but that's ok!  Honestly, the last week has been kinda sudden with random stuff so I'll just highlight the bigger parts.

Wednesday:  We had our last interviews with President Wada since he's leaving. That was kinda sad but not too bad. It will be weird to not have President and Sister Wada as my mission parents anymore. Anyway, it went great and then we had district meeting. During which we had a great training on working inspired. The first few chapters of 1 Nephi are awesome. Then we had Ekaiwa at night so we didn't have a whole lot of finding time that day but Ekaiwa was a lot of fun as usual.

Thursday:  Sorry, I mixed up Thursday and Wednesday except for Ekaiwa.  So basically on Wednesday we did some finding and a kubari which was fun but not much exciting there. We had weekly planning on Thursday so that took up a lot of time as well, but ya.

Friday:  I went on splits with Elder Ishikawa. We first visited the bishop and his wife and gave them some cookies. Then we basically housed for a few hours in the heat and that was quite enjoyable, maybe found a referral for the sisters. Then we tried to find an Ekaiwa
student at work and make more of a relationship with him but sadly we couldn't find him. After dinner we just went right back to housing! We housed a big apartment building where we found this weird grandma. She was doing this weird hip swivel thing the whole time we talked to her so we both started laughing after we left. That was basically the split, lots of housing.

Saturday:  We had basketball! There were lots of people that came this time. Our friend, K---o, who hasn't come in weeks finally came. Also some of the Kanagawa elders came with their friend, L--, who is a way awesome Chinese guy.  Also, there were some other people but in all it was just a good time. Then we went home, showered and ate. After that we started going right over to Kichijoji for President and Sister Wada's ending fireside thing. We met M----i there and went to the church. It was cool seeing so many of the missionaries I knew but also being so confused 'cause all the young missionaries who I have no idea who they are. The fireside was great and both President and Sister Wada gave a great talk. Basically the rest of the night we talked to other investigators and recent converts that missionaries had brought. Then we headed on home. On the way though, we got to Shibuya and had to
transfer but the other missionaries wanted to go out the exit. Me and M----i were like "no we have to go this way," but they didn't listen and I had to follow them and I watched as they were slowly confused at where to go in Shibuya at night.  I said, "I told you so."  But then some of the Tokyo North missionaries came outa nowhere and were like "you need help?" and took us to the station.

Sunday: Sunday was great. There was a broadcast for Japan members that we watched and it was really good.

Elder Bednar was in it and a few other people but it was way awesome.
Elder Nagano's friend from high school came so that was way sick. In the broadcast they talked about how important it is to understand who we really are, also that we have to do everything we can to follow the gospel. It was great.

Then we chilled and talked with people after church. Then in the evening we had a dinner appointment with a member. She is really nice, but she always makes way too much food so before we got there she called us and asked us to invite some of the other missionaries 'cause she knew there was no way we could finish all the food. So that was pretty funny. That was a great time and we were able to talk about how the Savior can help us and how our Heavenly Father really does care about our lives and things like that.

  Not p-day 'cause we had temple p-day the next day. We made fried chicken stuff for lunch. That was kinda crazy, but it was really good. Then we just went and dendoed for 6 straight hours. We wrecked. We tried to visit 2 PI's and a newly moved in family and did a bunch of housing. Elder Nagano got scratched by a cat. That was funny. We figured out that neither of the PI's are able to be contacted now so we can drop them, and I saw a snake so that was cool. In the evening we had dinner and a lesson with the Barton's and our friend A---. He is just looking for a better way, so we read Alma 32 with him about starting with even just a desire. It went pretty well and the Barton's are great.

Today:  We went to the temple!! Hooray!! That's about it butt hands [pretty sure he meant "but thanks" lol] for the emails everyone.  I love you all and I know the gospel is true!

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Japan Tokyo South - We've Hit the Rainy Season!

Week 38 - June 12, 2016 - The Rainy Season

It's been raining like crazy over here and I think it will only keep coming so that's exciting.

So this week:

Tuesday:  We had splits in Kamiooka! I went with Elder Dunn and we tried to track down some less actives. We found both of their houses but sadly neither of them were there. We talked to a few people but everyone was kinda grumpy that day so nobody too interested. But it was a fun and awesome splits.

Wednesday:  We went to Honmoku to fix up our bikes! It took us a while to get there because we talked to a lot of people on the way. Elder Nagano met a friend from high school. It was crazy 'cause they haven't seen each other in 5 years or something. That was awesome too see that miracle. The rest of the time we just dendoed around and tried to talk to people. Sadly a lot of people were racist that day so they didn't want to talk to me but it's ok 'cause we love them anyway. We then had "inner" [not sure if that's a typo] and went to have a lesson with N------a Kyodai before Ekaiwa. We talked about the Word of Wisdom and that went well, so ya. Ekaiwa was pretty good, we played a game that was really funny and everyone liked it.

Thursday:  We had weekly planning!! It was quite a wonderful time. After dinner we had a lesson with M----i reviewing the restoration which he understood perfectly so that's really good. He is so solid and it's way cool.

Friday:  We had breakfast with our friend A---. We challenged him the last Sunday to pray sincerely so we wanted to see how it went. We asked him, but he just sort of avoided the subject. He wants to know how our religion affects our daily lives and things like that, but doesn't necessarily want the spiritual aspect. We are going to keep working with him. We went to Sakuragicho for a little bit and that was a lot of fun 'cause we ended up talking to this way funny kid from Hong Kong. Sadly, he's going back really soon so we can't teach him, but it was a great conversation. Then we went back and had district meeting. We are working hard on getting investigators to church lately, so ya.  Then we had some pizza for dinner and went back to the church to contact a bunch of people. That was basically the rest of the night, but we figured out that we get to go to Shinjuku on the 27th for a BYU
Hawaii concert there if we bring someone, so that's way cool!

Saturday:  We played basketball! A good amount of people came and it was a lot of fun. It was the Sorenson boys last time so that's sad 'cause they are awesome. Then we had lunch real quick. We made orange chicken and it was amazing! Family, when I get back I will cook Asian food for you all. Heh. We hurried over to Yamashita park by the harbor to meet one of elder Nagano's past investigators. I just talked to the guy's kid for a while and the kid was way funny and it was a lot of fun. Then we headed back to the church to meet up to go to the Sorenson's and Larsen's goodbye party. We went to that and it was a lot of fun eating hamburgers and a bunch of other good stuff. Talking to people was also a great time.

Sunday:  Church was a blast as usual. It is sad to have these foreign families leave though. We heard some great talks on eternal families and all that. We then get M----i's baptismal record signed finally. Then we carried some stuff back and had lunch. After that we did a little bit of housing without too much success but it was alright. We saw a giant spider. Then after dinner we tried to visit a couple who recently moved to our area but sadly they weren't home. We were able to talk to 2 kids who were way chill and talked with us for like a half an hour. I also taught one of them the restoration so that was awesome.

Today:  There is lots of rain. I'm e-mailing. We have groceries like crazy. That's the status. The Book of Mormon is true. Jesus Christ is the best. I love you all, goodbye!

Japan Tokyo South - Just Living the High Life Over Here In the City.

Week 37 - June 6, 2016

Just living the high life over here in the city.

I got my new companion, Elder Nagano, and he's doing great. This is his last transfer and we are working hard while still having a good time. We found a half Chinese guy who said he's coming to church, so that's good, and we are hoping he can start progressing and meeting with us. The members here are awesome.  We are talking to lots of cool and amazing people, and we went to Costco for p-day today. It was quite enjoyable for me. I like American stuff.

Anyway here's a time lapse of going there. I kinda sucked at it, but whatever.

Japan, Tokyo South - Yamate, Transfers, Kamiooka, Kannai Station, Yokohama DeNa Baystars

Week 36 - May 29, 2016 - Last Few Days of the Transfer

Here's last week.

Monday night:  We had a crazy conversation with our friend R---r ( too much to explain), and we committed him to test the BoM.

Tuesday:  We had super splits which is where the entire zone goes on splits. I went with Elder Hilton in Kamiooka again. We did a good amount of streeting and talked to an ok amount of people. Sadly, none of them would exchange contact info. or meet with us again. But we did that and passed out flyers for a while. Then we had dinner and visited a less active who is just going down the drain a bit. He doesn't want to do anything and won't really follow the gospel anymore and it's sad to see. That wasn't too great but overall the split was a fun time.

Wednesday:  We had zone meeting where we talked a lot about how to introduce baptism to the people we meet with and how to make it not so scary for them. It was a lot of really good trainings. After that we went to indo curry which was way good. In the evening we went housing and streeting but not really much to report there.

Thursday:  We had district meeting today. On our way we crashed on our bikes sadly. Elder Spackman lost control somehow and went down and to avoid hitting him I had to pull my brake and sadly it was the front.  So I flew over the handle bars and am totally fine -- not even a scratch. Elder Spackman scraped his hand and had some bruises, but we're good. Then we had district meeting which was our last one of the transfer. It was good and we learned about how to more effectively
introduce the restoration on the street. Then we had weekly planning and contacting people for like the rest of he time. We are always busy doing things in Yamate and it's kinda crazy but good.

Friday:  So we had lunch with M----i at a good pizza place which was fun. After that we had a lesson about the priesthood cause he was getting interviewed for it on Sunday. It was kinda confusing for him but we think he's good now. Then we went to Kannai station and passed out flyers, but there was a Yokohama Baystars game going on at the same time so there was a TON of people passing by. It was a lot of fun. I also saw a really cool Corvette Stingray, so ya that was cool. Then we had dinner with the Sorensons. They are a way awesome family from Texas and they are super nice. They are leaving Japan soon so that's sad though. We used the relative finder and saw how everyone was related so that was fun. Then everyone shared their favorite scripture, so all around it was pretty good.

Saturday:  We had basketball like usual. Then we got transfer calls after!! Elder Spackman is finally leaving Yamate after 5 transfers and going to Hachioji. My new companion is going to be his trainer and my former zone leader, Elder Nagano! He is totally awesome and I'm way excited. This is his last transfer too so that's pretty crazy. Then we had lunch and some other stuff that I don't remember. At night while Elder Spackman contacted lots of people on the phone I wrote my talk for Sunday so that was the rest of the night.

Sunday:  My talk went good! -- I think -- I still don't know how much emotion I put into my Japanese but I tried my best and I think it was ok. M----i received the Holy Ghost!! That is so awesome cause now he can receive help on decisions that he has to make. After church there
was a ward meal so everyone brought tons of stuff! Our friend we met on the street came and we were way happy. We are hoping eventually he shows interest in the gospel cause right now he doesn't. The meal was way good. Then we went to a member's and dropped off a French BoM and streeted around. At night while walking around we talked to a kid who was way nice and talked with us for a while. He doesn't really have any church interest but we got his phone number and are hoping to hang out with him again.

Today:  P-day! We are doing p-day stuff. Everyone, find joy in the gospel. If you aren't feeling the joy then there is something you are forgetting and you can ask the spirit to know how to improve. If you are, keep enjoying!

Japan Tokyo South - Yokohama - It's so hot!!

Week 35 - May 23, 2016

I have like no time to write stuff. This week was way good. The baptism went completely awesome.

We found a Chinese man and his family who we are going to teach next Sunday so that's a miracle.   Zone conference was awesome and it's way weird that this coming transfer is President Wada's last one.

Anyway, today we
played sports as a zone and it was quite enjoyable.
I don't really know what else to write so ya the gospel is true and here's pictures!

Elder Molen, Japan Tokyo South - Ekaiwa, Yokohama, Negishi, Kamiooka

May 17, 2006 - Week 34

Me and Elder Dunn talking to a 12 year old.

Right now I'm at a train station In Tokyo trying to get to Yokohama.

Anyway, Tuesday: Got to skype the fam!! That was way sick and I'm glad everyone is still alive. Then we had district. "Eating" [I think he meant Ekaiwa] which was pretty weird 'cause a random guy showed up halfway through and wanted us to answer some English questions. Elder Dunn (my zone leader) and I invited him to church and helped him out and he said he was gonna come. But then I learned from Elder Spackman that he's kinda crazy so that's too bad. The rest of the day was just regular. Talked to a few people but none that were super interested.

So we started off by meeting with M----i and we talked about planning his baptism and other stuff. He is still as awesome as ever and that went great. Then we went over to the Sister's new apartment and carried all the stuff in.  It took a few hours but eventually we got it all in. Then we had dinner and then a lesson with N------a Kyodai. He is really solid in his faith, his job and situation are just hard. We talked about the gospel of Jesus Christ and it was really good. Then we had Ekaiwa and it was lots of fun. I feel like I sound super vague and boring.

Thursday: We hunted down my package by going to 4 different post offices and eventually got it. Thanks family for the stuff! Then we had weekly planning. As you all know that was a joy. Then we had splits with the zone leaders! We went to Kamiooka. I went with Elder Hilton and we visited a less active who just sort of ranted on for about 45 mins so that wasn't the best, but we did talk to one kid and we introduced the Book of Mormon to him.  Even though he didn't want to meet again or take the book, I still thought it was good.

Friday:  We played frisbee at the park for exercise. Studies went well. We decided to go to Kamiooka station and talk to people around there, then pass out English class flyers. So on our way we talked to this awesome high school student with whom we talked about God. He thought it was a good conversation and he said we were cool. He said he was really busy so he couldn't meet but he said if we meet again it's destiny. So I hope they meet him again. We had a great time passing out flyers and talked to some cool people. Nobody was super excited about our message but they all thought it was interesting and were willing to listen so I guess that's good.

Saturday:  We had basketball for a long time cause M---i had work so we started early. It was a lot of fun and I didn't get sunburned this time. A kid who had only come once before came so that was good to see him. After that we went home, showered, then went to the restaurant that M----i works at with our friend, K---o. We talked to him about the plan of salvation and I couldn't guess at all what he was thinking. He doesn't really have a big opinion on it I feel like. That seems like a weird sentence.  Then we went to the church to study a bit and prepared for a meal appointment at a member's house. Her name is J---y and she's really nice and makes a ton of food. Her husband is not a member but is way cool so we are trying to work with him. We shared about Christ-like attributes and how different cultures or people have different ones. I think it went really well. She gave us some really spicy tacos and Elder Spackman couldn't handle it very well 'cause he doesn't like spicy, but I liked it.

Sunday: Sunday was crazy. There were so many random people at church and I was really surprised -- lots of foreign people visiting and stuff  like that. Elder Spackman had to give a surprise talk in sacrament 'cause the bishop asked him to midway through. Everything else was pretty normal. Then we had a snack party after church and the little children devoured everything.

Monday: Monday was awesome. So first we met with M----i at his house and planned his baptism. He is getting baptized this coming Sunday so we are way excited. We also showed him some videos about Thomas S. Monson cause we wanted to strengthen his faith in the prophet. He liked those and we have the baptismal service ready to go almost. After that we dendoed around and talked to a kid named Y----e. He was way chill and listened to what we had to say. We talked to him about God and what he believed. Then he said "do you have like a book or something for me?" And I just pulled out the Book of Mormon and explained it and gave it to him. He wouldn't give us his contact info., but he seems like he's really excited to come to Ekaiwa so we are hoping to see him there and possibly work further. Then we had dinner and rode to Negishi. We housed an entire apartment complex and nobody was listening, so that was kinda lame but then we saw a guy Elder Spackman had met before. He's black and 63 years old and has insane abs. We talked to him about life and living in Japan and God. Now we are going to meet with him next Monday so that's way awesome.

  We went to the temple!! Sadly no picture of that cause it was pouring rain but ya it was great as usual. Oh, by the way, Monday night we felt an earthquake and things were all shaking. It was kinda fun but ya that was all. That's all for this week so talk to you all next time.