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Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Japan Tokyo South - Crazy, Hot and Humid in Yamate, Japan - Farewell to President and Sister Wada

Week 39 - June 21, 2016

It's been crazy hot and humid, so ya, not the most fun but that's ok!  Honestly, the last week has been kinda sudden with random stuff so I'll just highlight the bigger parts.

Wednesday:  We had our last interviews with President Wada since he's leaving. That was kinda sad but not too bad. It will be weird to not have President and Sister Wada as my mission parents anymore. Anyway, it went great and then we had district meeting. During which we had a great training on working inspired. The first few chapters of 1 Nephi are awesome. Then we had Ekaiwa at night so we didn't have a whole lot of finding time that day but Ekaiwa was a lot of fun as usual.

Thursday:  Sorry, I mixed up Thursday and Wednesday except for Ekaiwa.  So basically on Wednesday we did some finding and a kubari which was fun but not much exciting there. We had weekly planning on Thursday so that took up a lot of time as well, but ya.

Friday:  I went on splits with Elder Ishikawa. We first visited the bishop and his wife and gave them some cookies. Then we basically housed for a few hours in the heat and that was quite enjoyable, maybe found a referral for the sisters. Then we tried to find an Ekaiwa
student at work and make more of a relationship with him but sadly we couldn't find him. After dinner we just went right back to housing! We housed a big apartment building where we found this weird grandma. She was doing this weird hip swivel thing the whole time we talked to her so we both started laughing after we left. That was basically the split, lots of housing.

Saturday:  We had basketball! There were lots of people that came this time. Our friend, K---o, who hasn't come in weeks finally came. Also some of the Kanagawa elders came with their friend, L--, who is a way awesome Chinese guy.  Also, there were some other people but in all it was just a good time. Then we went home, showered and ate. After that we started going right over to Kichijoji for President and Sister Wada's ending fireside thing. We met M----i there and went to the church. It was cool seeing so many of the missionaries I knew but also being so confused 'cause all the young missionaries who I have no idea who they are. The fireside was great and both President and Sister Wada gave a great talk. Basically the rest of the night we talked to other investigators and recent converts that missionaries had brought. Then we headed on home. On the way though, we got to Shibuya and had to
transfer but the other missionaries wanted to go out the exit. Me and M----i were like "no we have to go this way," but they didn't listen and I had to follow them and I watched as they were slowly confused at where to go in Shibuya at night.  I said, "I told you so."  But then some of the Tokyo North missionaries came outa nowhere and were like "you need help?" and took us to the station.

Sunday: Sunday was great. There was a broadcast for Japan members that we watched and it was really good.

Elder Bednar was in it and a few other people but it was way awesome.
Elder Nagano's friend from high school came so that was way sick. In the broadcast they talked about how important it is to understand who we really are, also that we have to do everything we can to follow the gospel. It was great.

Then we chilled and talked with people after church. Then in the evening we had a dinner appointment with a member. She is really nice, but she always makes way too much food so before we got there she called us and asked us to invite some of the other missionaries 'cause she knew there was no way we could finish all the food. So that was pretty funny. That was a great time and we were able to talk about how the Savior can help us and how our Heavenly Father really does care about our lives and things like that.

  Not p-day 'cause we had temple p-day the next day. We made fried chicken stuff for lunch. That was kinda crazy, but it was really good. Then we just went and dendoed for 6 straight hours. We wrecked. We tried to visit 2 PI's and a newly moved in family and did a bunch of housing. Elder Nagano got scratched by a cat. That was funny. We figured out that neither of the PI's are able to be contacted now so we can drop them, and I saw a snake so that was cool. In the evening we had dinner and a lesson with the Barton's and our friend A---. He is just looking for a better way, so we read Alma 32 with him about starting with even just a desire. It went pretty well and the Barton's are great.

Today:  We went to the temple!! Hooray!! That's about it butt hands [pretty sure he meant "but thanks" lol] for the emails everyone.  I love you all and I know the gospel is true!

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