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Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Japan Tokyo South - The Last E-Mail of President Wada's Dominion - "Lift: The Power of Service"

Down in Yokosuka
Week 40 - June 27, 2016

This week was really busy and we were just going all over the place.

Wednesday:  Basically we just did dendo all the way until dinner. We tried to visit a potential investigator but sadly we couldn't find him. We also did some phone contacting, trying to invite people to come to events that we were having that weekend or soon. Then we had dinner and went to the church to set up for Ekaiwa. Ekaiwa went well except that everyone just leaves real fast after it's over so we don't even get to talk to them, but we had a great conversation and they are a lot of fun to talk to.

Thursday:  We went to the church after studies to go meet with M----i. We talked in depth about the plan of salvation. We went into more detail about the fall, creation, and pre-mortal life. That went really well and he understood everything great as usual. He is the most solid member and it's awesome! Then we had district meeting which went well like it always does. The zone leaders are awesome and so is the district. Also M----i stayed for district meeting so that was fun. Then we had dinner back at home but while we were walking M----i and I had a great conversation about all the lame shows on Sci-fi channel, so that was really funny. After that, we had to do some of Elder Nagano's college stuff, so we did that cause he's going home real soon.

I know it doesn't look big but the bowl is like the size of my chest. It was the king size.
Friday:  After studies and lunch we went to Kannai to kubari it up. As a district, we passed out a bunch of flyers and tried to talk to people and it was a lot of fun. We also found a guy who is interested as well so that's way good. After that we basically wrote reports and a few other things for the ward and then went to dinner. We went to Sukiya which is just a Japanese fast food place where you get meat on rice basically. K---n (Elder Nagano's friend) came with us and we all decided to get the king size and try to eat it all. It's so big it's not even on the menu, but we all got it, and we all finished it.....barely.  It was quite hard and it didn't taste good after like half, but we have pride now. Then we went to the church where President Wada was doing "questions of the soul," which is where he talks about a gospel principle and a movie and relates the two. We watched Indiana Jones and it was about faith. You know where he has to step out into what looks like a cavern but there's actually a hidden path -- ya that one, the Holy Grail and all that stuff. So it was a lot of fun 'cause I love movies. A--- came, but he was really tired and just sorta slept, but that's ok. K---- enjoyed it I think. It was great.

  So we had basketball again, like every week. A--- and K---- came and it was a lot of fun and also quite hot. After that we had to hurry back, shower and head to Yokosuka for the blitz. We went to the wrong station and got lost a little so that was the best, but I trusted God to guide us to the church and he did, and we found other missionaries who knew what was happening. Then we dendoed around, passed out 2 BoM's and it was good. After the blitz we had to hurry back to Yamate 'cause we had dinner at the Barton's with K-----. It was delicious and a ton of fun as usual. We shared about service and watched the Mormon message, "Lift" and I think we can all serve more and seek those opportunities.

Sunday: We went to church! Elder Nagano gave a good talk. Sadly nobody could come to sacrament with us. But third hour our friend K----u showed up and it was nice to have him come to church. He's not super interested right now but we will slowly try to work with him. Then we came home and had lunch, planned for the month of July by making goals and stuff. Then we went over to J----'s house again and had a family home evening. She made a ton of food and it was super good as always but she just kept bringing more and it was pretty crazy how much food she made but it was also really good. Then we talked about how the Book of Mormon answers the questions of the soul and the connection between all of the questions that we picked was that God loves us and wants us to be happy. So that went really well.

Today:  We met with the guy who Elder Nagano talked to during the kubari so that's good and the BYU Hawaii men's concert is tonight in Shinjuku so that should be a blast.

Well, until next week then.
Love, Elder Molen

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