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Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Week 59 - Tokyo, Japan - Supermoon - Transfers!

Week 59 - November 14, 2016
So this week has been pretty interesting with the stuff that has happened.

Zone meeting and district blitz: So we had zone meeting where Elder Coleman and I talked about how the zone was doing and how we can improve so we made plans with all the missionaries to make changes so that we can improve. We also relayed the stuff from mission leadership council. After that we had a blitz in Kannai which was kinda fun. We walked up and down this huge mall street trying to talk to all the people. People there weren't as interested as we hoped but it was still a great time. We also learned that Trump won the election that day 'cause so many Japanese people were watching and talking about it. So that was awesome. Japanese people care so much about American politics and it's really funny. 
Splits in Yokosuka:  I got to go with Elder Choi In Yokosuka. We had Ekaiwa at night which was a fun experience to talk with everyone and see how another Ekaiwa is run. The next day we went to go check out a place that seemed like there was a lot of people. When we got there it wasn't as populated as we were hoping but we tried our best anyway. We talked to a few cool people and found a big Buddhist temple. We did some housing and had a good 'ole time trying to find those prepared people. After that, we went back to the apartment to pack my stuff and we went to meet our real companions again. We met up at Kamiooka and went back and had dinner. After that we went to the church and had a really spiritual lesson with K---n. We talked about some of his concerns and just bore our testimonies. The spirit was so strong in there and both Elder Smith and I felt peace about K---n. So we challenged him to pray from the heart to really know for himself who God is. That was one of the most spiritual lessons I've ever had on my mission so that was way cool. 

Transfer calls:  Yes, this is where the title of the email comes into play. I am finally being transferred out of Yamate after 7 and 1/2 months. It is kinda sad to leave but it is also going to be fun to see new stuff. I'm going to Hobarigaoka still as zone leader. My companion will be Elder Millard. Something cool, though, is that the other zone leader in the same apartment is my old companion, Elder Spackman!! So we will be together doing things a lot, and this is his last transfer so it will be a fun time to be with him again. But yes, this is my goodbye to Yokohama. さよăȘら。 We also had a session of stake conference at night which was pretty good to hear the stake leaders and President Warnick speak. 
Supermoon:  On Sunday we had the second session of stake conference which was also really good and fun to see all of the members from my first ward at the stake center. Then in the afternoon we scheduled a time to go meet a potential investigator who used to have a baptismal date. We met him for like 5 mins, so I introduced him to Elder Smith and told him to contact the missionaries even though I was leaving.  But then he had to go to work so he left and we talked to people and took some moon pictures which aren't very good quality, but that's ok. Anyway, after that I got to go to the Barton family's house for the last time which was great as usual. They were the best at helping us out and it was fun to sign their "bye-bye scroll." 

Today:  We went and I got a new slim fit Japanese suit so that was good. I am excited for this coming transfer and to see all the miracles that come about in my new area. Heavenly Father is real.  He loves us all, and he never gives up on us. Love you all! Pics!
The gospel is the best!
November 6, 2016 - Week 58
It's recently gotten colder here and the winter seems to be coming fairly quickly, but it's ok 'cause we don't mind the cold!
So here are some of the highlights for this week. 

Wednesday:  We were pretty booked with a lot of stuff to go so we were basically all over the place until Ekaiwa which was a lot of fun. Most of the advanced class is basically better at English than me so we just sit there and have a big conversation. 

Thursday:  We had mission leadership council so Elder Coleman and I went over to Kichijoji. We got delicious food at the mission home,  so that made me happy. We also received some way awesome trainings. There was one that talked about how to deal with opposed parents who won't let their kids get baptized. They related how Alma and King Lamoni had the same kind of problems with King Lamoni's father. It was way good. We also learned a lot about family history. We really want to start talking to more people about it and using it to its most effectiveness. All in all, it was way good.

We have been doing a lot of housing recently trying to find all those interested people. But we just have fun experiences even if we don't find them. Elder Smith and I went to visit and pray with a member last night. So we did that and offered to help with anything they needed and then went out to knock on doors. There was this one old lady in her 70's who was talking about how she worships the sun and space and she kept smacking Elder Smith like a disobedient grandchild. It was hilarious. I kept the conversation going just so I could see her smack him. We also were able to give a restoration pamphlet to a really nice guy so we hope he can get something out of it.

Earlier that day, actually, we gave a BoM to a 16-year-old kid and got his phone number. So that is awesome! We will be calling him back. But ya, maybe not the most eventful week but it has been pretty good. Here are some pics.



District Meeting


The gospel is the best!

Week 57 - November 1, 2016
This week was a lot of fun so I'll do my best to recap. So basically here are the highlights of this week.
Halloween Party:  We had not a whole lot of time to plan the party but it still went pretty well.  Some members came and a decent number of the normal Ekaiwa students showed up so it was great!  We did some minute-to-win it games, donut on a string game, and trick or treating to show them what it's like.  It actually went fairly well.  At first they were all being weird and just sitting there wanting us to entertain them, but we were just like "talk please!" And we finally got them to do it.  We all had a bunch of fun and it was a pretty good success.
Halloween party, featuring Elder Smith as Ghostbuster
Housing:  We knocked on a ton of doors this week. Recently, it has gotten cooler and raining a lot so people sit inside more, so we go find them. We talk to a lot of interesting people. We found one kid who had received a BoM about 2 months prior and had read some of it! He said he had some interest and it was easy to understand. So we went ahead and set an appointment for this coming Saturday to teach him more about it. That was cool. We knock on all the doors and most of the time they don't answer, or say "no" but that's the precise moment you have to stay happy and keep going. Anyway, it was pretty good this week.
Zone Blitz
Zone blitz:  So Elder Coleman (the other zone leader) and I planned a time where everyone in the zone would just go ham in one area. So we picked a place where there seemed to be a lot of people and where missionaries hadn't really gone before. It was a big success! We passed out tons and tons of English class flyers and talked to quite a few people. Everyone said they had a great time and we all thought it was great.

We played basketball and a decent amount of people came. Alec, those 2 high school kids, and Motoki came.  Motoki is back, and I'm way happy, 'cause he helps us out a ton and he is the best convert ever! After basketball we all went to China Town and had some pretty darn good Chinese food. Elder Yang got all nostalgic for Taiwan, 'cause the food.
Elder Molen and Elder Smith

Today:  We went to the temple again! Got there at a good time and had a wonderful session. The temple is a great place. Go there often. Anywaym this week we have been trying to talk to everyone and doing our best to find all those prepared people out there. As we put our faith in God, we have been able to see goals we have set be accomplished and have a joyous time in the work. That's all for this week. 
District Meeting
Chinese food in China Town, Japan

Video: Still got it!

A New Round of Seasons in Japan - Halloween week

October 24, 2016 - Week 56
This is so weird having the seasons restart on me in Japan.

Tuesday:  We went to the mission home of the north mission 'cause Elder Bednar came and spoke to us!! Needless to say, but it was the best conference ever. He gave us so much to think about and the spirit in the room the entire time was amazing. His biggest points were about not being objects but being agents who acted for themselves and hearing the words that aren't said. He basically told us that the spirit is the most fundamental thing in our lives and our investigator's lives. It was super spiritually enlightening and to actually see how awesome one of the apostles is was so cool. I also got to see Elder Nitta from Alpine and all the other friends in the north mission. Then that night we had splits with the AP's so we went to the mission home and had some dinner. Then Elder Battaglia was feeling a bit sick so Elder Smith, Elder Matsumoto and I went dendoing. We went around the streets of Kichijoji and also Inokashira Park, so that was a lot of fun. We talked to quite a few people and some college students asked us if we wanted to drink with them, but we obviously said no and told them why. It was a fun night.

Wednesday:  We had studies and we also had a lesson with a man from Korea who is totally prepared.  He is gonna get baptized in the near future, I can feel it.  He accepted a soft baptismal invitation so that was really good. After that Elder Battaglia and I tried to go to a school to see if we could give fliers for advertising. Then a random guy who said he was in charge of something (not really sure what. This is English by the way) said that they don't accept that and that the school doesn't recognize the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints as Christians. So that was pretty lame.  So that didn't succeed, but we did get to play some catch with kids in the park and become Facebook friends so that was awesome! Then Elder Smith and I went back to Yamate and went right in Ekaiwa. Sadly, there weren't a ton of people there but this week is the Halloween party so it should be good.
Thursday:  I got to go on splits with Elder Harrison! So he came back to Yamate and we tried to talk to a bunch of people. It was great! We got to have a lesson with M------o. We asked him what he really wants from meeting with us and we also just listened to him. Elder Bednar said that a lot of times we have something called "talking to myself while standing in front of my investigator." We tried not to do that. He is doing well but wants to take things his own pace. We had district meeting at night. We are prepared (mostly) for the Halloween party so that should be good!

Friday: We had zone conference! We had a wonderful time at zone conference with lots of trainings. I had to give one as well. We talked a lot a about using the language and family history. So it was a really good zone conference. After it we talked to some guys at the bus stop about family history and they seemed kind of interested but had to leave before we could do more. Then we had weekly planning since we didn't get to do it on Thursday.

Saturday:  We had basketball! We had a fun time and the two kids who came last week came again! So that was awesome. After that, we went home and showered and stuff.  Then we went to Yokohama for a district lunch, then blitz. So we ate lots of pizza then went out and talked to everyone around Yokohama Station. It was really fun cause K---n came with us and watched us while we talked to people. It was great!image2.JPG

Sunday:  We had a nice day. We had a wonderful sacrament meeting but it was kind of sad 'cause those two kids at basketball canceled and didn't come. But that's ok 'cause K---n came. Then after church we did all the needful things and had food at our apartment. After that, we went out and housed for like 2 hours and it was also really good. We talked to a lot of people. We got invited to the Barton's for dessert at the end of the night so we invited K---n and also met the sisters there. It was a good time and we had delicious brownies.

Elder Molen and Elder Uemura
Today:  I got my hair cut and then we went up to the top of Landmark Tower (my second time). It was wonderful! Other than that we didn't really do a whole lot but we have had a lot of fun! Anyways. I love you all. The gospel is moving forward and being hastened by the Lord. I know it's true and we just have to keep pressing forward. Pics!
The gospel is the best. 

Zone Conference - Sakuragicho - Yokohama

October 17, 2016 - Week 55

We didn't have tons of time to do stuff this week cause we were pretty busy with other stuff.
I had a bunch of random times where we had to plan things out either for the upcoming zone conference, district meetings, or splits so it was kinda weird this week. I think we found like 3 potential investigators and we are doing our best to meet with more. We went to sakuragicho and Yokohama today so that's pretty fun. The 2 new missionaries are going crazy seeing all this stuff that is completely crazy. Also I forgot my planner so I don't really know exactly what else happened. 

But I do know that if we strive our hardest to be like Christ and be like he is then we can see miracles in our lives. It might not happen immediately or how we think but God will help us and support us as long as we are desiring to be like Christ. But ya I guess that's it's for this week.
Love you guys! Here's pics!

The gospel is the best!
District Meeting of the Transfer
October 10 - Week 54
Hey so this is the beginning of another new transfer!

Wednesday: We had zone meeting over in Kamiooka which was the last time we got to see a few people before they went home (except me 'cause I had to go to Kichijoji to pick up my trainee.) Then we had lunch with one of Elder Jenner's friends at La Salsa and it was a lot of fun. He told us all about his conversion and how he felt and stuff. Then we had Ekaiwa which was great cause 30 people came which is a lot! It was a ton of fun.

Thursday: I went to the mission home and got to see my beloved Elder Phillips before he departed so that was awesome. I also saw Elder Dunn and some others so it was really great. Then I got to get my new companion after some trainings. His name is Elder Smith. He is super duper happy and full of energy so that's great! There were tons of new people this transfer so lots of people were training. But after getting all our stuff together I took the other 3 elders back to our area. I'm the only one in this area who isn't new to it, so it's kinda like leading around sheep all over. It's interesting. 

Other than that, General Conference was amazing as usual! The prophets and apostles are just the best and spit spiritual fire all day long. I could listen to them all day. But today we went to Costco and it was a great time like every time so ya! Well that's all for this week.  The prophets and apostles are God's servants.   The atonement is real, and god loves you all! Here's a bunch of pics.4. Elder Ikeda and Sister Norris going back to their homes.
All the new missionaries

Elder Smith and Elder Molen
Sister Norris and Elder Ikeda heading home.  Elder Molen 3rd from left. All were in the first district in Japan.
La Salsa
The gospel is the best!

Short on Time - Yamate, Japan

Week 53 - October 2, 2016
Ya, I'm tight on time again this week. This week we have been working hard and smart as usual. We are doing all we can to find those who have been prepared. We got transfer calls once more, I am staying in Yamate for my fifth transfer in a row. I am also training another new missionary and becoming zone leader so that's a thing. We also had zone p-day today which was a ton of fun! We had a bunch of different challenges -- and I can send some videos -- but we had a dragon ball scavenger hunt, fear factor, a relay race, and a few others and it was a blast!

Anyway, everyone keep being awesome and I love you all!