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Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Week 57 - November 1, 2016
This week was a lot of fun so I'll do my best to recap. So basically here are the highlights of this week.
Halloween Party:  We had not a whole lot of time to plan the party but it still went pretty well.  Some members came and a decent number of the normal Ekaiwa students showed up so it was great!  We did some minute-to-win it games, donut on a string game, and trick or treating to show them what it's like.  It actually went fairly well.  At first they were all being weird and just sitting there wanting us to entertain them, but we were just like "talk please!" And we finally got them to do it.  We all had a bunch of fun and it was a pretty good success.
Halloween party, featuring Elder Smith as Ghostbuster
Housing:  We knocked on a ton of doors this week. Recently, it has gotten cooler and raining a lot so people sit inside more, so we go find them. We talk to a lot of interesting people. We found one kid who had received a BoM about 2 months prior and had read some of it! He said he had some interest and it was easy to understand. So we went ahead and set an appointment for this coming Saturday to teach him more about it. That was cool. We knock on all the doors and most of the time they don't answer, or say "no" but that's the precise moment you have to stay happy and keep going. Anyway, it was pretty good this week.
Zone Blitz
Zone blitz:  So Elder Coleman (the other zone leader) and I planned a time where everyone in the zone would just go ham in one area. So we picked a place where there seemed to be a lot of people and where missionaries hadn't really gone before. It was a big success! We passed out tons and tons of English class flyers and talked to quite a few people. Everyone said they had a great time and we all thought it was great.

We played basketball and a decent amount of people came. Alec, those 2 high school kids, and Motoki came.  Motoki is back, and I'm way happy, 'cause he helps us out a ton and he is the best convert ever! After basketball we all went to China Town and had some pretty darn good Chinese food. Elder Yang got all nostalgic for Taiwan, 'cause the food.
Elder Molen and Elder Smith

Today:  We went to the temple again! Got there at a good time and had a wonderful session. The temple is a great place. Go there often. Anywaym this week we have been trying to talk to everyone and doing our best to find all those prepared people out there. As we put our faith in God, we have been able to see goals we have set be accomplished and have a joyous time in the work. That's all for this week. 
District Meeting
Chinese food in China Town, Japan

Video: Still got it!

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