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Sunday, September 4, 2016

Tokyo, Japan - Hello People of the World!

August 29, 2016
Hello people of the world!

So tragically I have no time again this week cause of crazy things but I'll do my best to inform you.

Tuesday:  We tried to visit a few people who were on our potential investigator list, but sadly they were all gone. We were in a tripanionship and had some good dendo walking around. It's kinda fun
when you are with three people 'cause you have so many random things to talk about.

Wednesday:  So we had another lesson with K-- K----a!  We taught him the first lesson for like the third time and he's getting more of it.  He has a problem with remembering things so we are trying to work past that and possibly to use object lessons with him so he can remember more of it.  It went well and we are going to try and continue meeting him. After that we passed out flyers for a little bit which was obviously a blast 'cause what's better then flyers.  In the evening, we had Ekaiwa which was good. We had 4 new students there so that was great and I think they all had a good time, so we just want them to come back.

Thursday:  We had monthly and weekly planning.  So we are looking forward to going ham in September and find all those prepared people. We did that for a while and then we went and picked up Elder Rodriguez from the station. He is super happy and funny so it should be a fun apartment. We then went out and streeted around trying to talk to some people and it was a pretty normal night.

Friday:  We had the first district meeting of the transfer! Not really much changed in the district but we have been finding new people to teach as of late so we are all hopeful for the future.

Saturday:  Today was great!  We had an activity called negashi soumen at the church. They have thin noodles and water slide down a cut in half piece of bamboo and you snatch it up, dip it in sauce and then eat it.  It's way good and we invited a lot of people.  Lots of non-members came so it went super good.  In the evening we had a freaking awesome lesson with a man named Y--. He is super prepared.  He has had a lot of difficult experiences in his life but has been searching for the real church. He accepted everything we said and he said he would read the entire Book of Mormon. We can't wait to see what happens with him.

Sunday:  We had church which went awesome. After that we went and tried to visit 3 people and we were able to say hello to one of them, but sadly we could not have a lesson with any of them. It also started raining and my umbrella broke in half -- sadly -- so we just got soaked and it was kinda fun.

Today:  We went to Costco! We have food! Now we will go visit an investigator. I love you all and keep doing your best!

Elder Molen

Sapporo Temple Dedication


Week 48: August 23, 2016

This week was pretty good. There was the Sapporo temple dedication which was really awesome. It was super spiritual and amazing to see.  The Japanese people up there are going to be really blessed. We also got transfer calls and everything is staying the exact same so that's pretty easy.

We had a typhoon yesterday (Typhoon Mindulle) and had to stay inside all day long so that was kinda boring but that's ok. But, ya, I don't have a lot of time to write anything so sorry that I'm lazy at writing.

I love  you all and I hope you have a great week!

Video he sent a few months ago: 

Week 47 August 15, 2016

This week was pretty good and filled with lessons so that's great!

Wednesday:  We had a few lessons set up this day. Our first investigator Y------a flaked on us so that sucked, but then we went to Sukiya because Elder Harrison needed to eat a "king size." It was still hard. Not as bad as last time though. Then we came back and had a lesson with a guy named K--.  He is really super nice but he has trouble remembering the things we teach so we will just really get it into his head hopefully. Then we had dinner really quick and came back to set up for Ekaiwa which went well, but there was not very many people 'cause it was a holiday or something.

Thursday:  We had district meeting, which was pretty normal but after we had a quick split with the zone elders.  Elder Gailey and I were able to teach a guy that we were super bold with and it was fun. In the night we had to do weekly planning.

Friday:  We had zone conference.  President and Sister Warnick came and talked about how to use the culture to our advantage and really connect with the Japanese people. It was a really good conference and there were a lot of missionaries who bore their final testimony before they go home, so that was interesting. In the evening we were able to go talk to people about family history 'cause a festival was happening where the Japanese believe their ancestors spirits come back.

So we tried to do that and we were able to meet part of a family we had shared a message with before so that was good. They also made me try helping lift the mini shrine thing they were carrying for the festival.   (don't worry I wasn't worshipping the thing) That was interesting.

Saturday:  We had a lesson with A--c before basketball about the Word of Wisdom and the Ten Commandments and it went really well.  He thought it was all good and just thought it was interesting we didn't drink tea or coffee. We had a fun time at basketball and then were able to meet another investigator, T---i. We ate lunch with him and asked how he felt about learning more. Sadly, he said he doesn't want to right now but we will keep trying.  In the evening we had food at a member's house and we almost died because of how much food was in us.

  We were at the church until like 4:15 doing stuff and it was a crazy but good day. Also K---n came to church, so that was good.

Today:  We went and saw the Lamborghini and Maserati dealerships which was way awesome! We went to the Nissan Museum and I sat in a GTR, so that was fun. Now we are here.

There have been so many good things happening with the people we are working with and you can really feel the love the lord has for all of them. He loves us and unconditionally and we can always do our best to be like Jesus Christ but if we mess up its ok cause we just keep going.

Love you all, Elder Molen

Thinks are Picking Up in Tokyo, Japan - Yokohama Blitz

Week 46 - August 9, 2016

This coming week we got lots of plans but as for last week....

Tuesday: I am honestly not sure if anything eventful happened this day. We studied. That was good. I'm getting really lazy at writing.

Wednesday:  We had breakfast with an investigator named A---. He is still talking about political and gov. stuff so we keep telling him that's not what we are here to talk about.  He wants to continue
learning though so that's good. After studies and stuff we went to visit a former investigator but we got denied sadly, but we did get to walk along in the heat and rain, so that was fun. Then we bought stuff for the sweets party we were having after Ekaiwa.  At Ekaiwa not very many people showed up sadly, but the sisters were able to get a new investigator out of the party and we all had a good time so that was nice.

Thursday:  Basically we studied and then had to go to Hachioji for a Facebook usage training for elder Harrison. After that we came back and had another meeting with A--c. He kept talking about government and USA stuff, so we let him know again what our purpose is, and now I think we are ready to move forward.

Friday:  We had district meeting which went really well. We talked about follow up and how important it is to missionary work. After that we contacted a bunch of people and fixed up Elder Harrison's Facebook so that he can be ready to use it. After dinner we did weekly planning and we are ready to start seeing some awesome miracles from these goals.

Saturday:  We had basketball as usual which was a bunch of fun, but as usual it's insanely hot right now. Then we set up some lesson appointments and things like that. After that, we went to the church to meet our investigator, Y------a.  He showed up way late and stuff but we had an ok lesson on the rest of the plan of salvation. The next lesson we are hoping to set a baptismal date with him again.

  Church was really great. We had some good testimonies for fast Sunday and an Ekaiwa student came to church with the sisters. We talked to a lot of members and I think the relationship with the ward is getting a lot better. Elder Harrison is really good about going around and trying to do everything he can which I think is awesome. In the Evening we went housing and all that jazz. Elder Harrison is getting braver as well, so that's a plus.

Monday:  We had a stake blitz in Yokohama!! We went ham and we found quite a few new people to teach.  Everyone passed out a ton of stuff and shared the Joseph Smith story like crazy. I went with Elder Ishikawa for half and then Elder Ikeda for the second half which was a lot of fun. We talked to some interesting people.

Today:  We had temple p-day! It has been crazy hot but the temple was awesome! Go to the temple everyone. Well that's all.

August Has Begun - Hottest Month in Japan; Pokemon Go in Tokyo

Week 45: August 1, 2016 - Tokyo South Mission

This is the hottest month in Japan so please pray for me everyone.

We did some stuff this week. Basically all the buzz is that M----i went to school today so I won't get to see him for a while cause it's up north. We had a goodbye dinner at TGI Fridays which was wonderful.

Basically, all week we have just been trying to contact investigators 'cause none of them are answering. So, ya, that's the situation right now. We went to the downtown today and it was pretty fun. There were tons of people at the Pokemon center 'cause Pokemon Go is HUGE here. But, ya, that's basically it. I'll send pics and I love you all!

District Leader Training in Kichijoji and Service for the First Time in Forever!

Week 44 - July 25, 2016         For the first time in forever!


You will understand the subject later.

Tuesday:  We met with M----i and reviewed more stuff in the lessons. He's leaving soon so we gotta get 'em all done. Later that night, we met a potential investigator who we are slowly working with to help him see things clearly.

Wednesday:  We had zone meeting which was good. Our zone is awesome and filled with people who love to see miracles!! We are all excited for the rest of the transfer. We had Ekaiwa at night, which went well.  A family came which was really cool 'cause it doesn't happen very often.

Thursday:  I had to go to a district leader training in Kichijoji so I got to see my MTC companion and other people. So that took up a bunch of time. Then we had dinner with our friend, K---o. He is a nice kid.  Elder Spackman and I met -- who is going to New York soon for school. That went well, and then we left and didn't know what to do with our extra time. So we walked on a popular shopping street and we ran into a Chinese guy.  I said,  "Hello my name is Molen," and he said, "Oh, hello I'm Molin."  So basically we found a prepared Chinese man with my same (almost) who we became friends on Facebook. That's a miracle.

Friday:  So we had district meeting which was my second one leading, and it went pretty well. After that we had to do some studying and preparation for a lesson we had at 5.  So we did that and had a lesson with K---n. We talked about him really getting an answer to his prayer and I asked if he was following how it was written in Moroni, and he said, "ya, I think I am." We figured out he doesn't care at all to know if God is there, so we boldly told him that and we dropped him as an investigator 'cause he has no desire.

  We had to do weekly planning this day 'cause we missed it the other days, but first we went to basketball and everyone had a wonderful time doing that as usual.  Not super eventful this day.

Sunday:  After church we ate and then got to visit the N---e Family. They are super nice and have 4 young boys so it's kinda crazy, but fun. We shared about enduring to the end and talked about Joseph Smith's experience in Liberty Jail. I think it went pretty well.

Monday:  We went down to Yokosuka Military Base to buy my large companion a bike. He doesn't fit any Japanese ones. So the elder of the senior couple came and took us onto base. It was way weird 'cause everything was just like America.  I even saw a football field. We bought him a bike and were able to get on back to our house. We went straight from there to Kichijoji again for family home evening with our investigator Y------a. He met lots of people and we became better friends, so I think it was really good.

   "For the first time in forever" we did some service! We helped clean the yard of a member who is struggling. We tore out tons of weeds and plants and all that. It was fun. That's all for this week. Sorry for having no time and I love you all!

Goodbye Elder Nagano, Hello Elder Harrison; Sandwich Parties, Wonderful Costco and Darn Typhoons

Week 43: July 18, 2016

Tuesday: We did lots of apartment cleaning. Our apartment is "gorgeous"!!  Then we did lots of good things.  Elder Fenton and I went and visited an investigator who we should be meeting next week so that's awesome! Then we got to teach the restoration to a nice man from India and it went great.

Wednesday:  We threw down a nice kubari at Yamate Station and I gave out tons of flyers which was awesome. Then we went to the church and played some basketball with a member who was gonna bring a nonmember friend, but sadly he couldn't come -- but it was still a great time.  Then
we had some dinner and set up for Ekaiwa.  Ekaiwa went pretty well 'cause we had like 3 new students.

Thursday:  So it was my last time with Elder Nagano as my companion.  I  had to leave early to go to the mission home, so we went to the station and gave everyone hugs and then I headed out.  Elder Nagano was totally awesome and I'm gonna miss having him as a companion.  I made my way to the mission home successfully navigating Tokyo. I saw a bunch of other trainers/friends and it was a nice meeting. We met our trainees after some talks about being good examples and stuff like that. My new companion is Elder Harrison! He is from San Antonio Texas and is my third companion that is 6'5". So, yeah, I get paired with the tall people.  He's really nice and excited and ready to work. I think
that we are gonna have a good time and see lots of miracles together.  We have lots of stuff to do here so we will be pretty busy. After we came back, we had to do planning and I got him updated on all the people's situations and things like that.

Friday:  Today we had our meeting with the Bishop just like every transfer.   It was pretty... (unsure what he meant here...typos) same as last time.  He's way fired up and we are gonna work hard. Then we got ramen but partway through a darn typhoon just came in and there was lots of rain. It was like a river on the hill back up to the church. We got a bit wet. Then we phone contacted for a bit, ate and went to our first district meeting of the transfer. It went pretty normal and good. The zone leaders came up with new ways to improve and help our investigators, and I think this transfer is going to go friggin' awesome!

Saturday:  We had basketball. Our friend T---i who Elder Inumaki and I met -- came this week.  He is really nice and after, we were able to give him a Chinese Book of Mormon. So that was really cool. After that we ate lunch and changed and stuff. Then we went back to the church to meet an investigator Elder Nagano and I met. We had M---i there with us and we taught the restoration.  Elder Harrison did great and we all thought it was a wonderful lesson.  He understood everything and wants
to learn more. After that, we went to a luau in Shonandai with M----i.  It was a lot of fun and we had some yummy food.

Sunday:  Sunday was great.  Sacrament meeting was great as well as gospel principles class. After church we had a sand which party which was fun. The kids go ham at that so it was pretty interesting to see. After that we had lunch cause it did not fill us up. Then we talked to people at the park and streeted around. For dinner we went to brother Barton's and M----i was there as well. We talked about lots of things but I think one of the big things was repentance. Sometimes people think it's a bad thing but everyone needs it and it makes your life turn to God so it's actually a great thing.

Today we went to the Costco!! It's a wonderful place, people.  You should all go there.

Everyone it's been a crazy week and it's gonna be another awesome one coming. The church is the best and yeah, it's totally true, so ya.

Love you all, until next week, Elder Molen.