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Sunday, September 4, 2016

Thinks are Picking Up in Tokyo, Japan - Yokohama Blitz

Week 46 - August 9, 2016

This coming week we got lots of plans but as for last week....

Tuesday: I am honestly not sure if anything eventful happened this day. We studied. That was good. I'm getting really lazy at writing.

Wednesday:  We had breakfast with an investigator named A---. He is still talking about political and gov. stuff so we keep telling him that's not what we are here to talk about.  He wants to continue
learning though so that's good. After studies and stuff we went to visit a former investigator but we got denied sadly, but we did get to walk along in the heat and rain, so that was fun. Then we bought stuff for the sweets party we were having after Ekaiwa.  At Ekaiwa not very many people showed up sadly, but the sisters were able to get a new investigator out of the party and we all had a good time so that was nice.

Thursday:  Basically we studied and then had to go to Hachioji for a Facebook usage training for elder Harrison. After that we came back and had another meeting with A--c. He kept talking about government and USA stuff, so we let him know again what our purpose is, and now I think we are ready to move forward.

Friday:  We had district meeting which went really well. We talked about follow up and how important it is to missionary work. After that we contacted a bunch of people and fixed up Elder Harrison's Facebook so that he can be ready to use it. After dinner we did weekly planning and we are ready to start seeing some awesome miracles from these goals.

Saturday:  We had basketball as usual which was a bunch of fun, but as usual it's insanely hot right now. Then we set up some lesson appointments and things like that. After that, we went to the church to meet our investigator, Y------a.  He showed up way late and stuff but we had an ok lesson on the rest of the plan of salvation. The next lesson we are hoping to set a baptismal date with him again.

  Church was really great. We had some good testimonies for fast Sunday and an Ekaiwa student came to church with the sisters. We talked to a lot of members and I think the relationship with the ward is getting a lot better. Elder Harrison is really good about going around and trying to do everything he can which I think is awesome. In the Evening we went housing and all that jazz. Elder Harrison is getting braver as well, so that's a plus.

Monday:  We had a stake blitz in Yokohama!! We went ham and we found quite a few new people to teach.  Everyone passed out a ton of stuff and shared the Joseph Smith story like crazy. I went with Elder Ishikawa for half and then Elder Ikeda for the second half which was a lot of fun. We talked to some interesting people.

Today:  We had temple p-day! It has been crazy hot but the temple was awesome! Go to the temple everyone. Well that's all.

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