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Wednesday, April 13, 2016

This Just In! We Got a New Convert in the House!!

Week 28
April 3, 2016

So this week was great!

I don't remember a whole lot but I'll do my best.

On Wednesday:  We had a stake blitz in Tachikawa! It was way fun to see the other missionaries and go try and find a rising generation. We saw a lot of miracles that day and possibly got a few new investigators for that area. I got to dendo with Elder Burnham which was awesome cause we always see lots of miracles. We had to hurry home cause we had Ekaiwa. We set up that way fast and it went well as usual.

We had zone meeting! We received some more great trainings on loving people and teaching people, not lessons. After zone meeting we had to do some good ole weekly planning, which is always the best cause who doesn't love weekly planning.

Friday: I got the Easter package from my family. Thanks guys! Then we had district meeting. We sadly won't do a district blitz this week cause nobody has time for it. We had a lesson with K-- San in the evening. We reviewed multiple things like, the atonement, the process of repentance, and how the sacrament is related to that. Also we talked about tithing. It was a long lesson and it was really good cause I think we really cemented some of that information and made him solid in his knowledge. We also showed him the font and practiced the
baptizing motion. All in all that was a pretty good night.

Saturday:  Day of baptism!  So we woke up at 5 am cause there was ward softball which was a blast. We all had a lot of fun but had to hurry home to prepare for the baptism at 10:00. We got ready real fast and started filling the font and it all went well. We practiced with K-- San about sharing his testimony and the baptism again and he seemed to do really well. Then we had the service. The talks were simple but good and I think everyone just felt really comfortable. Then we had the baptism! He was way nervous the whole time though so it was kinda funny. When then went in.  (S----- Kyodai) Brother S----- who was performing the baptism had to like shove him in the water cause he was resisting going down lol. The first time his knee and hair didn't go under, so they had to do it again. The second time he went under, but S----- Kyodai sort of had to shove him still lol. But in the end it was all great!! He shared his testimony and it was awesome. Then we went to lunch with him and told him that we were proud of how hard he worked. Then we had some studies and finding time but not much there. After dinner we visited a less active with the young men and played a game and it was funny and fun. My English is so weird.

Sunday:  So we had morning Ekaiwa, which went well. In Sacrament we confirmed K-- San and gave him the gift of the Holy Ghost which was good. Elder Uemura couldn't really remember the words for the ordinance so the bishop and his counselors helped him while we were doing it, so it went ok. He is now a recent convert who is ready to try real hard and do his best at living the gospel.  We are really excited for him. We were at the church until like 4:00 then visited a referral from the sisters, but we weren't able to contact him so we will keep trying. Then we had a small break until dinner cause it was fast Sunday and we were all pretty hungry. Then we went to the Matsuokas for dinner and it was way delicious as usual. Their little kids are way fun and cute. We all had a good time and the sisters shared a message about charity and gratitude. After that we did a little bit of housing but nobody really wanted to talk.

We have been shopping, and I am on the train riding to Kichijoji for p-day as we speak. So ya this is all that's happened so far.

Jesus Christ is everyone's Savior, and he can help us through any and all of life's problems. Love you all. Pics!!

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Hey everyone Sakura is coming!

Week 27 -  March 27, 2016
Hey everyone Sakura is coming!

The sakura right outside my window.
So this week I was bad at remembering what happened so I'll try my best.

Monday:  I had a nice reunion with the one and only Elder Palomino. We chilled at the church and played some sports. In the evening we found a new investigator named K-------i San. He believes in finding truth and people's own way of thinking and stuff like that. He is some sect of Buddhism but we are hoping when we visit again tonight that he will be touched by the message of the spirit. He also said that when other people came to his door like the -------- --------- that they didn't really listen to his beliefs and there was nothing special. But he said that when we talked there was some things that he didn't understand. He kept saying "what is it that you have?" It was the spirit!! So we are way excited.

Tuesday:  Honestly, all I remember is when Elder Draper and I went on splits for like an hour and talked to this one guy who was way chill. We invited him to church and taught some stuff but he lives far away so that's not too great, but it was a good contact. Oh, wait, ya in the morning we had a blitz! We didn't really get too many contacts cause it was all business men and women ( so we couldn't talk to the women), but the sisters did way good so that was awesome.

Wednesday:  We had a lesson with K-- San today.  We went over the priesthood mostly. He was still way excited for his baptism. Then we went to a ramen place that was pretty good, but I splashed on myself so that was lame. Then Ekaiwa was as usual way fun! Our grandpas are way too funny.

Thursday:  Weekly planning.  I'll tell you that is some great stuff right there. We planned out the next week and are getting ready to work real hard. Later we just did our best to dendo it up.

Friday:  We had district meeting. That was fun hearing about everyone else's investigators and how we can help them out. After that we were waiting for a recent convert to come but he didn't show up for a while, but we also taught him about the priesthood again and that was good.

Saturday:  We went to Koku-koen! There were tons of people cause it was pretty good weather and Saturday. We talked to one guy for like an hour and we are hoping he will come to church. We talked to a few other people and had a good time going around the park. In the evening we met K-- San for planning his baptismal service and that went pretty well. Then we went to a wedding party cause K-- San wanted to go, so naturally we went with him. It was at the church for a member and it was way funny. Everyone had a good time eating food and celebrating
the married couple just as it's supposed to go.

Sunday:  So it was Easter!! Hurray for Jesus Christ's resurrection!! If you haven't gained a testimony of that, now is the time to start! Today church went great and after K-- San had his baptismal interview.......and he passed!! So yay! We are having his service on Saturday and it should be great. We are all super excited. We were at the church for a while again then did some housing after dinner and that was about it for Sunday.

K-- San after his interview

Everyone, Jesus Christ is our Savior. He rose on the third day and he lives  today. If we want eternal life as he has promised us, all we have to do is choose it. I love my Savior and I know he loves everyone. A phase, a wonderful Easter season, and get excited for general conference!

Hey people of spring town. Jk it's only almost spring. (And a Happy Birthday Message to Mom)

Week 26 - March 20, 2016

Hey people of spring town. Jk it's only almost spring.

So stuff and things that I don't really remember.

Monday night:  We tried to visit one of the guys we have taught a little bit, but he didn't have time so that was sad. Then we just did some housing.

Tuesday:  Ya, all I remember on Tuesday is trying to visit an investigator but sadly he wasn't there so sort of a repeat of Monday. Then we went and helped a Hispanic member with some Japanese the rest of the night. Oh, yeah, I remember now! We had a district blitz in Sayamashi. We didn't get to talk to a lot of people, but I talked to
one guy who said he'd call us so that's good news. The sisters found, like, two awesome people -- I think.

Wednesday:  So we had a lesson with a man named  S---- San. He is older and goes to the Jehova's Witness church. We had a pretty good lesson with him and we asked if he would be baptized, but he said no cause he didn't understand it. So that wasn't too bad actually. Then we had Ekaiwa in the evening which was way hilarious because some of our grandpas in advanced class are so funny.

Thursday: So this day we had some stuff to write up and did some dendo but didn't have a whole lot of time. We then went to Kichijoji because we were going to sports night. We ate at McDonald's first and then before sports we had a lesson with K-- San on the law of chastity which was great. Then we had a great time playing basketball and tossing a football.

Friday:  We had district meeting! It was a joy as usual. Then we had weekly planning until dinner. After dinner we were supposed to have a lesson with a less active but he was sick so we couldn't meet him. So we visited the kid we had tried to visit on Tuesday and he was home! We taught him the whole restoration and I think he thought it was interesting. He said we could come back and he has a Book of Mormon so we are hoping for big things.

Saturday:  It was such gooooood weather! So we went to Koku-koen first, but not a whole lot of people were there so we checked out another park, but that wasn't like a real park. So then we went back to Koku-koen and there were a billion people.  So that was a nice day.

Sunday:  So it was a long Sunday. President Wada came to church and got the members all fired up for missionary work so that's good. We had a lesson with K-- San and it was his last required one for baptism. It went great and he's excited for his baptism. We also got to read Lehi's vision of the tree of life with him which was way good. He even tried on his baptismal pants to see if they fit, so this is getting way cool. We also had an after baptism lesson with a recent convert. We finally got home from church at about 6:15.  Then we visited a referral from the sisters and he was home!  We gave  him a Book of Mormon and taught about it. He took it and said he would try to come to church so that was awesome.

Today:  We wanted to go to "Round 1," but it's a holiday so it was packed.  So now we are just chilling basically. So that's the deal. Sorry I'm getting lazy with my emails I'll try to do better next week. But lastly I just want you all to know that this church is true and that its the most important thing in this life because it is what gets us to eternal life. Love you all!

Elder Molen

Jarron sent this video to me (his mom) for my birthday.  Gotta love it!

JK, it's still freaking cold!!

March 13, 2016, Week 25 

JK, it's still freaking cold!!

So this week is gonna be kinda of short, I think, but we will see.

So Tuesday:  We did a bunch of transfer cleaning which is always fun. We got everything organized and fixed up from when we moved so now the apartment is just great. That evening we met with a guy named K---u San. We went to dinner and just chilled with him and it was pretty good. He has had a pretty hard life, and when we first met him he didn't want to hear our message at all. Now he has totally flipped. He is happier now and he brightens up so much when he sees us because we became his friends and he didn't really have any before. It is so cool to see how he's changed. He also willing to hear some things about the gospel which is awesome.

Wednesday:  We tried doing some dendo but it was raining a bunch so we couldn't do a whole lot cause nobody was outside and if we knocked on doors -- well, it was the middle of the day so everyone was at work. But in the evening we had Ekaiwa and our class was being way funny. We talked about work and one of the grandpas said that his work was "cooking food, eating, and sleeping," (because he's retired) and it was way funny.

Thursday:  Transfer day! So Elder Burnham went to Kunitachi, and it was sad to see him go 'cause he's my doki and was in my same Japanese class but he's off to bigger and better things now (hopefully). Then we waited for Elder Draper for a while and he showed up after an hour or two 'cause he got lost on the trains and ended up going all over the place. But he's ok now. Then we had weekly planning in the evening and I think we are really starting to get some good results from effective planning.

Friday:  We had the first district meeting with our new district! It's gonna be a great transfer, I can tell. We talked to a lot of people today, trying to invite them to "Meet the Mormons" on Saturday.

Saturday:  We had one last kubari kai and tried to get as many people to "Meet the Mormons" as possible. I'll be honest, I thought more people were going to come than did but it was still good. K-- San came cause he's awesome and comes to everything. We also got a guy who was laughing to himself and asking about ufo's, so yeah, that happened. There was also a man named S---- who we did a church tour with. The movie was great and I think everyone had a nice time.

Sunday:  Sacrament meeting!! Gotta love the sacrament cause it's the best. Anyway, church was awesome and stuff, and after we had a lesson with K-- San. We taught him about following the prophet and the Word of Wisdom. He was sort of confused about not drinking sown tea but he had no problem with it and said he completely intends to follow it so that's awesome! We are going to be finishing the lessons soon and reviewing before his baptism so he can be fully prepared. Then we had okonomyaki at the church cause the young men made it. After that we finished stuff at the church and did a little bit of dendo. Then we went to a member's for a meal appointment, and it was fun 'cause their kids are adorable and way fun. The curry was also delicious as usual. Then we went to visit a kid who said we could come back last week, but we met his dad and his dad told us he was out with his friends. So we will visit again some time.

Today:  It's p-day!!.....and it's raining. It always rains on p-day. Anyway, we are just having a dandy time and hope you all are as well. If you haven't read "Jesus the Christ" and or the "New Testament" all the way through then you should, because if you read them together it is so interesting and easy to understand. Anyway, have a good week
everyone! Pics that I never sent. K-- San is beneath the poster.

Elder Molen

It's finally turning into spring -- and not cold!

"The Best Picture you Have Ever Seen!"

Week 24 - March 6, 2016

I love the warm weather that's coming. So this week!

Wednesday:  So we went back to the old Tokorozawa apartment and cleaned everything and got rid of everything because the comissarian, Elder Shimizu, came to close it cause we aren't staying there -- obviously. That was fun getting rid of all that stuff. After dinner we had Ekaiwa which as usual was a good time. I played the game with the less experienced students and it was way fun. We played telephone charades and it was way funny.

Thursday:  Probably the weirdest day I've had so far. We want to Hanno and we didn't really know it was a tourist place. It was a way nice stay so we tried to go find people to talk to. We ended up talking to this old couple who were tourists and they started taking us with them lol. I felt like a tourist for a while, and I told Elder Uemura that we should probably try to escape so we could proselyte more but then we talked with them more about church stuff and their beliefs and it was interesting. We finally got to the park, which we earlier told them we were trying to go to.  So then, naturally, they said "Oh, won't you sit and have some sushi with us?" So ya we had sushi in the park with old people.

It was actually the man's anniversary of his father's death so that's why they were doing something interesting. So we shared some more stuff and I explained the Book of Mormon to them and how it can help them. He said he has his own beliefs but he was super thankful for the book and we signed our testimonies in it. So it started out not how I was hoping but turned out way good and I think that eventually he will accept the gospel. Then we basically had do write a bunch of stuff that night.

View from halfway up the mountain in Hanno
Friday:  We finally got to do weekly planning so that was good cause we got an awesome plan set up for this month and next week. Then in the evening we went and visited a less active family cause it was their daughter's birthday. So we gave them a cake and sang happy birthday, and that was kind of it -- sadly. Then we wrote notes to another less active family and left them in their mailbox.

Saturday:  We got transfer calls!!  So Elder Uemura and I are still companions and in Tokorozawa so nothing changed there. Sadly, Elder Burnham is going. It was good doing some high school buddy and doki (same missionary group) dendo but it's time for him to go. Then we had district meeting which was a great last district meeting. Then we had a kubari Kai ( a passing out flyers time).  We passed out "Meet the Mormons" flyers 'cause we are playing that for free on Saturday and having a free dinner so we want everyone to come. It went super well. Then with the youth that helped with the kubari, we went to a way fun okonomyaki place. It was all you can eat and way hot in there cause everyone gets a big grill in front of them. You have to take your shoes off to go in so it felt way Japanese even though we do that at our house and everyone else's house as well.
Okonomyaki, Tokorozawa, Japan

Meet the Mormons - K-- San is in the middle.
Sunday:  K-- San came again and instead of wearing normal clothes he wore a suit! We were all way surprised and happy cause he is so awesome. We taught him about the Ten Commandments and tithing and he committed to both so that was just way great. Then after dinner we did some housing and found someone who said we could come back. He's 19 and I hope that he will have interest enough to hear more.

Now today:  We have done things at light speed, had shyabu shyabu and rode around in the rain so it's been pretty great so far. Anyway, I love you all and if things in your life seem dark just remember our Savior is the light of the world,

Elder Molen

Temple p-day is the bomb!

Week 23 - February 29, 2016

Ok so I don't remember everything but here's the highlights of this week.

Wednesday:  We had zone conference and that was great. We had a lot of trainings that I think helped us be able to be more bold and have more faith. It was really heavily focused on talking more about baptism with people as we learned a lot about just listening and trying to resolve people's concerns. If you just listen and try to
understand them and care about them, then they will share all their concerns with you and will be much more open and willing to talk.
Zone Conference
Thursday:  We had weekly planning as usual so that was as great as ever. We have had little finding time because we have had random stuff that comes up that we have do to but we did build some good relationships with people.

Friday:  We had splits in Hibarigaoka. We went with the zone leaders and had a miracle-filled day. I was with Elder "he's person"??? [sic.] and we had a great time. We got to talk to a kid who was way interested and we taught him all about the Book of Mormon and stuff like that. He then said he would call us when he had his phone. And that night he actually did! It was pretty insane cause nobody ever contacts that quick. And we were able to talk to a lot of people throughout the whole day and it was just a great day.

Saturday:  We had district meeting and did some practice for introducing the meaning of the sacrament to our investigator. We thought it went pretty well and so after that we went to pass out flyers for English class. So we did that for an hour. After that, K-- San came and we had dinner at Burger King. Then we went to the church and had a good lesson about the Sacramento and figured out more of his concerns. His parents are hantai which just means opposed. So they don't really like religion.  So we are trying to fix that up a little bit and prepare him more for his baptism. His prayers keep getting better and better and it is so awesome to see him progress like this.

Sunday:  So it was another way long Sunday cause we were at the church from like 8:30 until like 5:30 but it was way good. I blessed the sacrament in Japanese so that was interesting cause that was the first time I've done that. We also had another lesson with K-- San. More about the spirit and baptism and repentance and faith, basically the entire gospel of Jesus Christ. He took it all but was kinda tired and he said he likes it all and it's awesome. He prayed and asked Heavenly Father to help him receive baptism and he said he really wants it, so that's amazing.

Hobo's Tokorozawa, Japan
Monday:  So we had zone meeting this time. We really evaluated ourselves and tried to improve every phase of our missionary work and are trying to do everything we can to achieve the goals President Wada has for the mission. It was really good and needed I think. Then we went to this guy's house to talk to him and teach some. The guy is a huge tobacco smoker and it smelled awful. I hate tobacco.  After leaving my clothes smelled awful as well. That was icky. Don't smoke people.

Today:  We went to the temple! That's about it, but what else do you need? The temple is so awesome and peaceful everyone. There is no reason not to go if you can. But anyway, it's also my district leader's birthday so we gonna celebrate! Hopefully. Anyway I love you all and here comes pics! So ya here's pics of the temple and our zone and me next to Hobo's.
Elder Molen

LDS Tokyo Temple, Elder Molen and Elder Uemura