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Tuesday, April 12, 2016

JK, it's still freaking cold!!

March 13, 2016, Week 25 

JK, it's still freaking cold!!

So this week is gonna be kinda of short, I think, but we will see.

So Tuesday:  We did a bunch of transfer cleaning which is always fun. We got everything organized and fixed up from when we moved so now the apartment is just great. That evening we met with a guy named K---u San. We went to dinner and just chilled with him and it was pretty good. He has had a pretty hard life, and when we first met him he didn't want to hear our message at all. Now he has totally flipped. He is happier now and he brightens up so much when he sees us because we became his friends and he didn't really have any before. It is so cool to see how he's changed. He also willing to hear some things about the gospel which is awesome.

Wednesday:  We tried doing some dendo but it was raining a bunch so we couldn't do a whole lot cause nobody was outside and if we knocked on doors -- well, it was the middle of the day so everyone was at work. But in the evening we had Ekaiwa and our class was being way funny. We talked about work and one of the grandpas said that his work was "cooking food, eating, and sleeping," (because he's retired) and it was way funny.

Thursday:  Transfer day! So Elder Burnham went to Kunitachi, and it was sad to see him go 'cause he's my doki and was in my same Japanese class but he's off to bigger and better things now (hopefully). Then we waited for Elder Draper for a while and he showed up after an hour or two 'cause he got lost on the trains and ended up going all over the place. But he's ok now. Then we had weekly planning in the evening and I think we are really starting to get some good results from effective planning.

Friday:  We had the first district meeting with our new district! It's gonna be a great transfer, I can tell. We talked to a lot of people today, trying to invite them to "Meet the Mormons" on Saturday.

Saturday:  We had one last kubari kai and tried to get as many people to "Meet the Mormons" as possible. I'll be honest, I thought more people were going to come than did but it was still good. K-- San came cause he's awesome and comes to everything. We also got a guy who was laughing to himself and asking about ufo's, so yeah, that happened. There was also a man named S---- who we did a church tour with. The movie was great and I think everyone had a nice time.

Sunday:  Sacrament meeting!! Gotta love the sacrament cause it's the best. Anyway, church was awesome and stuff, and after we had a lesson with K-- San. We taught him about following the prophet and the Word of Wisdom. He was sort of confused about not drinking sown tea but he had no problem with it and said he completely intends to follow it so that's awesome! We are going to be finishing the lessons soon and reviewing before his baptism so he can be fully prepared. Then we had okonomyaki at the church cause the young men made it. After that we finished stuff at the church and did a little bit of dendo. Then we went to a member's for a meal appointment, and it was fun 'cause their kids are adorable and way fun. The curry was also delicious as usual. Then we went to visit a kid who said we could come back last week, but we met his dad and his dad told us he was out with his friends. So we will visit again some time.

Today:  It's p-day!!.....and it's raining. It always rains on p-day. Anyway, we are just having a dandy time and hope you all are as well. If you haven't read "Jesus the Christ" and or the "New Testament" all the way through then you should, because if you read them together it is so interesting and easy to understand. Anyway, have a good week
everyone! Pics that I never sent. K-- San is beneath the poster.

Elder Molen

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