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Monday, May 9, 2016

Yokohama, Japan - Golden Week

Week 33, May 8, 2016

So basically the rundown of this last week:

This week was "golden week," so everyone basically has work off and all that so we had an open house at the church for three days.

Tuesday:  During the open house we basically just pass out flyers and tell people to come check out the church for hours. Ya. That's about it.  But this day I had to go get my bike fixed once again. The chain
would get loose and fall down if I pedaled backwards. My brakes were weird. The pedals were clanking a bunch and the back wheel was all shaky -- so a few problems. The wheels were probably cause I did a lot
of wheelies in my last area.....but anyway, my bearings were totally shot and I need a new part for the back tire, so ya that's lame. Anyway, Tuesday was pretty good other than that.

We had district meeting after dinner and it was pretty good. Our investigator, A--- came to play ping pong, but since he showed up early we had him join our district meeting lol. It went well still. Then we played ping pong and talked about prayer.

Wednesday:  Same thing as Tuesday, open house. Then we had Ekaiwa and there weren't very many people cause it was golden week.

Thursday:  More open house. In total of the three days I think about 325 people came into the church, so it was alright. After dinner we had weekly planning.

Friday:  We went to Tokyo! I had to get my toe checked up on and Elder Spackman had his orthodontist checkup, so ya. My toe is doing great. We had some awesome and cheap ton Katsu.

Saturday:  This day was crazy. So we had some study time, but then we had basketball at 10:00.  So we went there and played and it was a lot of fun. We were supposed to have a blitz at Sakuragicho but since we
had a lesson and had to eat and shower we weren't able to make it. There was also a thank you ceremony from the Boy Scouts I taught English in Kohoku, but we didn't have time for that either. We taught M----i  a lot of stuff. We taught him chastity, tithing and fast all in one lesson, and he accepted all of it cause he is the best! Then we practiced the baptismal interview questions with him and it was way easy for him. After all that stuff, we had food, showered and came back to the church for a chips party. (We were invited to a
birthday party but sadly couldn't go to that either.)

We had chips and drinks and stuff and it was a good time. The zone leaders came and since we invited M----i to the party he was able to have his baptismal interview -- which he passed with flying colors and is the best person ever. We did figure out, however, that his boss scheduled him for work on the 15th which was his date. He tried to switch with a coworker but couldn't do it. So because we had stake conference the previous week, that week was fast Sunday. So the day we taught him fasting, we asked him to join us in a 24 - hour fast from after the party until the next dinner, and he said yes. We fasted so that he can be able to be baptized on the 15th so we hope to see a miracle from God. But if not, we will do it the next week. That was the craziest and coolest day.
The view from my study room window
Sunday:  We had ward counsel and that was good. Sacrament and the rest of church was great. I think it made M----i want to read the Book of Mormon more so that's great. We streeted around by the bay and had some way gold covers stations (pretty sure he meant that to say "way good conversations") with people, so that was cool. Then we had a dinner appointment at the H-----s, an American family who lives here. They are so awesome! Their kids are all hilarious and a lot of fun. One kid named O----r put his Star Wars Lego thing in a bowl, and threw in some water, and froze the Lego. He insists its carbonite (which is what Han Solo was frozen in), and it's hilarious. The food was amazing and we all had a great time. We shared about the talk "What Lack I Yet" from last October and it went really well.

Today:  We went to a place where you deep fry your food right I front of you. Ya it's true. It's crazy, and unhealthy but true, and that's about it.

 I'm skyping the fam tomorrow so see you then.  Love you all.
The gospel is true and you should all feel the joy! Pics!

Monday, May 2, 2016

Week 32 - "Week Two in Da City" - Yokohama, Yamate, Japan - Tiny Bike Crash

Week 32 - "Week two in Da City"

Tuesday:  So I had to go to the doctor for an ingrown toenail and Elder Spackman had an orthodontist appointment so we went to Tokyo. We actually went to the wrong place for my appointment so I had to call again and reschedule for later in the day. So from there we went to Kichijoji where we had some good ramen and Elder Spackman's appointment went well. After that, we headed to the correct place in Tokyo which was Iidabashi. We found the doctor's office pretty easily and Tokyo was way cool to see some of it. Then the doctor fixed me all up and we went to go find some dinner. My foot started killing me when the numbing anesthetic wore off so we just hopped on a train and started going back. We ended up in the station like right next to the Emperor's Palace but sadly because that wasn't our mission.  We couldn't go check it out.

Wednesday:  Today was pretty normal.  We went down to  Yamashita Park and also the harbor.  It was weird being by the ocean. Not too many interested people but a few good conversations. Then we went back and had dinner really quick cause we had to meet N------a Kyodai for a lesson. We just shared a bunch of different scriptures and it was pretty good. Then we had Ekaiwa. There were not a whole ton of people at Ekaiwa but it was pretty fun still. A guy we invited like 3 days before came, so that was cool and he's now a new investigator.

Thursday:  We had weekly planning a lot of the day. We planned a lot for M----i and it went well. For dinner we went to the Larsen's. They are awesome. The dad is American and the mother is Chinese and they both know multiple languages. They gave us an awesome meal of French dip sandwiches and some seven up! It was way delicious. After dinner and chatting, we watched the restoration video together. It was way good and we all felt the spirit. M----i seemed to like it but it was a little hard for him to understand the hard English.

Friday:  We went to the church early to set up for the open house. That was easy. Then we had lunch at a good ramen shop where the owner loves missionaries so he gives us free stuff. Then we had a district kubari at a place called Kannai. We passed out a bunch of flyers, helped 2 Filipino kids exchange money, talked to a veteran who fought for the U.S. in Korea and Vietnam, and met a possibly crazy man all at that time. So that was definitely a success.

Then we had to buy me new tennis shoes for basketball the next day. So we did that and we got back to church and started riding our bikes back. I had the shoe box in a bag on my handle bars but I had the bag wrapped around my hand so it wouldn't get caught in the spokes. But alas when the bag swung one time my knee going forward while peddling shoved it into the spokes and I turfed it on my bike. That was kinda sucky. I was mad cause I thought my bike light broke. Elder Spackman asked if I was okay and I said ya, but I was angry that my light broke. My bag was shredded but the box and the shoes were good. I was just confused and stuff. But we made it back then did some studies. After that we tried contacting some potential investigators and one of them said he'd come to basketball.

Saturday:  We had studies, then basketball. A good amount of people came to that and it was a lot of fun. My watch broke while I was playing. Brother Barton also joined us, so that was fun. After basketball we had a lesson with M----i and it was soooooooo good. We taught him about a ton of stuff and he understood all of it. He also finally understands how the spirit communicates with us and he said "If I try to feel it, I can feel it!" So that was sick. Also, another awesome thing when we
talked about commandments was when he said "Well, if Jesus says it's bad, people can't just say it's good!" We laughed so hard and we were like that's right! After that we invited him to be baptized on May 15th and he's committed!! So we are way psyched. After that awesomeness, we went and had a fast lunch then went to Hakuraku for stake conference. It was pretty good but I wasn't super good at
focusing.  It was cool seeing all the people and members from my first area again. Then we headed back home.

(The Barton's sent Elder Molen's parents this photo.  They Barton family is in Japan for work.  By chance, their son, Elder Barton, is serving in Sendai, Japan.  Elder Molen and Elder Barton attended an EFY session together a few years back.)

Sunday:  So we went to stake conference again but this time M----i came.  It was pretty long and hot so he thought it was ok. After though, he got to talk to President Wada and that was way good. He also made a bunch more friends so he is just rocking it right now. He was telling people how excited he is to be baptized and it's just so awesome. Then we came back and ate food. After that we went and did some streeting and housing. The first kid we talked to we got his phone number so that was awesome.

Today!:  We bought groceries then went and played ultimate frisbee with brother Barton and the Kamiooka elders. It was way fun and we got some good exercise. The Japanese people thought we were weird. And that's the rundown!

The gospel is awesome! Keep enduring and do your best!  Pics!

Week 31 - Japan Tokyo South Mission - Yamate Here he Comes!

Week 31 - April 25, 2016 - Back to Yokohama, Yamate Area 

Ya there's a lot of people that speak English in Yamate.

Tuesday:  We cleaned and packed like most of the day and then just did some dendo.

Wednesday:  We went to Koku Koen for our last dendo day but didn't find a whole lot of success but we had a good time. Then we had our last Ekaiwa and it was pretty fun. We had brownies after and like 6 new students came so that was awesome.

transfer day!! So we sent off Elder Uemura at like 7:00 so that was my goodbye. Sad to see him go but he's off to train a new missionary so that's good. Then we had to go back, do some studies, and pack up the rest of the stuff.  So we had our last lunch as a trio then headed out. Everything went ok until I got to Ikebukuro and it was way big and a bit confusing so I was 2 mins to slow for the train I needed. But then I just waited like 10 mins and I hopped on the next train and made it all right.

I got to Yamate and we went back to the apartment and did weekly planning.  Elder Spackman is pretty funny and I think it will be a good transfer. Then we had a lesson with a recent convert after dinner. His name is N------- Kyodai and he loves the Book of Mormon and is way awesome. But he is really poor and is working a lot. We talked about enduring to the end and it was way good.

Friday: so we went to Yokohama station and with a member and taught these 3 ladies some English and some of the restoration. It was interesting and we are trying to pass them off to the sisters so they can teach them. Then we went to TGI Fridays after and it was way good. It was also super weird having American food again. It made me way happy. After that we had a meeting with the Bishop 'cause it's the beginning of the transfer and he likes to do that. Then we streeted around and got one guy's number, but he couldn't talk very well so we will see in the future how that goes. Then we finished studies and had dinner. After that we didn't have a whole lot of time so we did some streeting again and found one guy who thought we had no idea how to speak Japanese even though we were speaking it. In the end he said it was cool if we met again so we are hoping that works out.

Saturday:  We had a few studies then basketball!! So we do basketball every Saturday here and a good amount of people come. We had a good time playing basketball. Two of our investigators came and I was able to make a relationship with them. After it ended we had a lesson with M----i.  He is from Okinawa and he is so chill.  He is progressing way fast and he understands everything. We read most of Alma 32 with him and it went way good. Then we asked him if he would prepare for baptism and he said yes! So we are really excited about that. We don't have a date set yet but we will.  He is honestly kinjin (golden person).

After that we had lunch and showered and went to district meeting. We had a great time talking about investigators and we think we have a lot of potential this transfer. Then we went and got pizza for dinner as a district. It was like some of the only good pizza here.  Then we sang to Elder Spackman cause it was his birthday! After that we went to Motomachi and streeted around a bunch. There was a dude walking a rug. Jk it was a dog but I saw it and it was a rug on a leash but then it moved.... You couldn't see a face, it was just dreadlocks man. It was hilarious.

Sunday:  We had church and it was way good cause I understand what people say and I love getting to know all the ward members. We then had a lesson after church with M----i and he was so chill. We talked about a lot of random principles and he is way committed to baptism and wants to follow the commandments and it's awesome.  After that we had food at the apartment and had to go back to the church to submit and write a bunch of reports. So we did that and locked up the church.  Then went and tried to talk to some people but nobody was out or they were on dates.

  We went to Costco!! I love Costco. We bought a bunch of food and came back. That's basically all we did up to this point. So ya. Sorry, I feel like I went all over on this email but I'll be better next week. Gospel is true! Pictures! Our thug picture is on top. In the middle is M----i.

Week 30 - Japan Tokyo South

Week 30- April 17, 2016

So ya, I'm way happy cause it's super warm here now and I like the warm weather. Btw, the yahoo weather app is a liar.

Wednesday:  So we went to Higashi  Murayama. There were some weird people there. We wanted to visit less actives but sadly nobody was home. But as we were housing we ran into weird people. The first guy only opened the door like a centimeter and it was pitch black inside. You could barely see him and he listened to our message a little. When Elder Uemura gave him a flyer he had to slide it through the crack in the door and it was way weird lol. Then we talked to two guys (separate apartments) who just answered the door in their underwear so Elder Uemura asked one guy played sports and he's just like " nope" so that was weird. Then we ran into a Yakima guy who had no fingers on his right hand, just his thumb. Then we had Ekaiwa in the evening which was pretty normal and fun as always.

Thursday: We started with the good ole weekly planning. After that we went to a different lake. We went to Tama Lake this time and it was fun just like the last time. Then we went back and had dinner. After that we tried to visit another less active but sadly he wasn't home. Then we just dendoed around Tokorozawa and stuff.

Friday:  We tried once again to visit a few less actives but they are never home! Then we went to Tokorozawa and tried to talk to people. We gave out a Book of Mormon to a high school student so that was good. Then we ran into a less active! She came up to us and started telling us about her and that was way cool. Then randomly while talking with her S--- Kyodai shows up and is taking a picture of us. We were like what the heck is this, people are just happening to run into us. It was Heavenly Father. But after all that we had to hurry back for district meeting, which was great. Then we played ping pong with a few people and shared about the plan of salvation at the end with K-- Kyodai.

Saturday:  We went back to Sayama Lake this time. There were lots of people cause it was good weather and a weekend. We crossed the whole bridge then ran into Y------- Kyodai! He's a recent convert and is way chill and he offered to take us to a park where there were supposedly lots of people so we were like "okay" and off we went. We rode on this bike trail off around the like and through the mountains and it was way fun the whole time. And then we figured out that we went the wrong way and Y------- Kyodai didn't know how to get to the park from there. But it was totally okay cause it was a bunch of fun and we built a relationship with him -- which he needs as a recent convert. Then we got ice cream with him and headed home after. One thing I forgot is transfer calls! So it looks like I'm going back to Yokohama. I am transferring to Yamate and my companion is Elder Spackman. So this should be interesting to go back there. Ya Elder Uemura is staying and training a new missionary so that's cool. But anyway, after dinner we visited a family and shared the "mountains to climb" video and it was pretty good. Then we did some proselyting near their house but all we got was an old grandma getting mad at us for like 10 mins so that was lame.

Sunday:  I love church and you all should too. Church was great. K-- Kyodai passed the bread for the first time and he struggled a bit but it ended up ok. Everyone knew it was his first time and the ward is real nice. After church we had some crazy weather! It was raining outside but there were no clouds above us! How does that happen? It was way warm and sunny and raining. So that was sick. After that happened, we had ward council for like -- ever.

After dinner we visited our old grandpa I------- San. He's not doing too good right now 'cause he has nerve pain but we wanted to visit him once more before I transfer. Then we called some people but nobody answered so I said, "Okay, Elder Uemura, we are going outside to dendo and I will give out this Book of Mormon in the next half hour." So we went outside and tried to find people but nobody wanted to talk. Then right at the end when we got to the sidewalk outside our apartment, we talked to a fifteen-year-old kid who we were able to give the Book of Mormon to. It was the miracles of Heavenly Father.

Today:  We did shopping and the normal. Then we went to shyabu shyabu as a district so that was a lot of fun. And ya that's the stuff for this week. Trust in the lord and everything turns out alright. Pics!!

General Conference in Tokyo, Japan

Week 29
April 12, 2016

So this is the rundown of the week.

Tuesday:  From Monday night we had splits with the zone leaders. On Tuesday we had the usual study routine, but then we went to a ramen place for lunch. And it was sooooo delicious. It was also one of the politest (not sure if he meant politest, lol) things I have ever eaten. So ya it was a ton of food, delicious but it is hazardous to the stomach health. Then we visited a few people but sadly they weren't home. Then we visited a less active whose wife died recently and he has been hit pretty hard. He was really nice to us and I think we made him a little happier with our visit so that was good. Then we did some housing and streeting and all that. Not much success there but that's ok. Then we had splits review and went back to our area.

Wednesday:  We did some stuff and things.... Man I don't remember. Anyway we had Ekaiwa in the evening which was pretty good. We didn't have very many people in advanced class that day so that was not the best but we still had a great conversation.

Thursday:  We had weekly planning as usual as well as writing reports and things like that. So that took up the first chunk of the day. But then we had some nice housing or something like that during the evening.  We didn't have a whole lot of people listen but we had some people, and the people we did talk to were nice enough to hear the message and not just reject it flat out.

Friday:  So we had district meeting before which a random guy that lives next to the church just decided that we were going to go to ohanami with him. That basically just means looking at flowers. So after district meeting we went with him not knowing who he was or where we were going, but you know when you are missionaries if people talk to YOU, just don't question it. So he took us to these really cool places with nature and temples and stuff like that and it was actually a pretty good time. We got some great pictures at Sayama Lake. The rest of the day was pretty normal.

Saturday:  General Conference!! I once again loved everything! I don't know why I didn't notice how awesome General Conference was before my mission but now I do so that's good. I felt the spirit a lot and it's such a cool thing to think that our leaders are doing everything they can because they care about us and that everyone else is on the same ultimate journey. But ya, that basically happened all day long and it was all great.

Sunday:  More general conference!  So it was just like my write of yesterday but let's be real, Elder Holland's talk was amazing. Anyway, that was pretty much the same as Saturday. After that we had an after baptism lesson with K-- and it was great. He is trying super hard to do everything we ask him to. He received the priesthood that day
during the break in conference, so that was way cool as well. After that we went to the Bishop's house for a meal appointment which was way fun. The food was awesome and they are a way fun family. Basically the whole time we were there, the Bishop just told Elder ------ that he needs to do better.  He was serious but at the same time joking and he just ripped him apart for like an hour and a half and it was hilarious. Us other three were laughing so hard cause Bishop was way funny. He kept telling Elder ------ "You need to listen to your junior companion!" So that was pretty funny.

Monday:  We decided to bike over to Hanno! Which is pretty far by bike, but we started and we're going against way hard winds so that kinda sucked but we got there. It was a way cool bike ride and we had fun -- sort of. Elder Draper didn't really like it lol. We visited a less active and tried to talk to as many people as possible. Sadly it was way windy so there weren't as many people out as usual. When we passed out flyers it was like a tornado. It was way sunny but the wind was unbelievable. That was pretty cold. Then we had dinner and biked on back. The rest of the night we just streeted and I talked to one guy about eternal families s that was awesome.

Today:  We have so far only gone to the temple. But yeah that was great as usual. The temple provides a lot of protection and peace. I also saw Elder Clark from the north mission there! He's my friend and was my student body president so that was cool. Anyway, that's all for this week. Love the Lord. Love your life. Keep on goi