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Monday, May 9, 2016

Yokohama, Japan - Golden Week

Week 33, May 8, 2016

So basically the rundown of this last week:

This week was "golden week," so everyone basically has work off and all that so we had an open house at the church for three days.

Tuesday:  During the open house we basically just pass out flyers and tell people to come check out the church for hours. Ya. That's about it.  But this day I had to go get my bike fixed once again. The chain
would get loose and fall down if I pedaled backwards. My brakes were weird. The pedals were clanking a bunch and the back wheel was all shaky -- so a few problems. The wheels were probably cause I did a lot
of wheelies in my last area.....but anyway, my bearings were totally shot and I need a new part for the back tire, so ya that's lame. Anyway, Tuesday was pretty good other than that.

We had district meeting after dinner and it was pretty good. Our investigator, A--- came to play ping pong, but since he showed up early we had him join our district meeting lol. It went well still. Then we played ping pong and talked about prayer.

Wednesday:  Same thing as Tuesday, open house. Then we had Ekaiwa and there weren't very many people cause it was golden week.

Thursday:  More open house. In total of the three days I think about 325 people came into the church, so it was alright. After dinner we had weekly planning.

Friday:  We went to Tokyo! I had to get my toe checked up on and Elder Spackman had his orthodontist checkup, so ya. My toe is doing great. We had some awesome and cheap ton Katsu.

Saturday:  This day was crazy. So we had some study time, but then we had basketball at 10:00.  So we went there and played and it was a lot of fun. We were supposed to have a blitz at Sakuragicho but since we
had a lesson and had to eat and shower we weren't able to make it. There was also a thank you ceremony from the Boy Scouts I taught English in Kohoku, but we didn't have time for that either. We taught M----i  a lot of stuff. We taught him chastity, tithing and fast all in one lesson, and he accepted all of it cause he is the best! Then we practiced the baptismal interview questions with him and it was way easy for him. After all that stuff, we had food, showered and came back to the church for a chips party. (We were invited to a
birthday party but sadly couldn't go to that either.)

We had chips and drinks and stuff and it was a good time. The zone leaders came and since we invited M----i to the party he was able to have his baptismal interview -- which he passed with flying colors and is the best person ever. We did figure out, however, that his boss scheduled him for work on the 15th which was his date. He tried to switch with a coworker but couldn't do it. So because we had stake conference the previous week, that week was fast Sunday. So the day we taught him fasting, we asked him to join us in a 24 - hour fast from after the party until the next dinner, and he said yes. We fasted so that he can be able to be baptized on the 15th so we hope to see a miracle from God. But if not, we will do it the next week. That was the craziest and coolest day.
The view from my study room window
Sunday:  We had ward counsel and that was good. Sacrament and the rest of church was great. I think it made M----i want to read the Book of Mormon more so that's great. We streeted around by the bay and had some way gold covers stations (pretty sure he meant that to say "way good conversations") with people, so that was cool. Then we had a dinner appointment at the H-----s, an American family who lives here. They are so awesome! Their kids are all hilarious and a lot of fun. One kid named O----r put his Star Wars Lego thing in a bowl, and threw in some water, and froze the Lego. He insists its carbonite (which is what Han Solo was frozen in), and it's hilarious. The food was amazing and we all had a great time. We shared about the talk "What Lack I Yet" from last October and it went really well.

Today:  We went to a place where you deep fry your food right I front of you. Ya it's true. It's crazy, and unhealthy but true, and that's about it.

 I'm skyping the fam tomorrow so see you then.  Love you all.
The gospel is true and you should all feel the joy! Pics!

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