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Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Elder Molen, Japan Tokyo South - Ekaiwa, Yokohama, Negishi, Kamiooka

May 17, 2006 - Week 34

Me and Elder Dunn talking to a 12 year old.

Right now I'm at a train station In Tokyo trying to get to Yokohama.

Anyway, Tuesday: Got to skype the fam!! That was way sick and I'm glad everyone is still alive. Then we had district. "Eating" [I think he meant Ekaiwa] which was pretty weird 'cause a random guy showed up halfway through and wanted us to answer some English questions. Elder Dunn (my zone leader) and I invited him to church and helped him out and he said he was gonna come. But then I learned from Elder Spackman that he's kinda crazy so that's too bad. The rest of the day was just regular. Talked to a few people but none that were super interested.

So we started off by meeting with M----i and we talked about planning his baptism and other stuff. He is still as awesome as ever and that went great. Then we went over to the Sister's new apartment and carried all the stuff in.  It took a few hours but eventually we got it all in. Then we had dinner and then a lesson with N------a Kyodai. He is really solid in his faith, his job and situation are just hard. We talked about the gospel of Jesus Christ and it was really good. Then we had Ekaiwa and it was lots of fun. I feel like I sound super vague and boring.

Thursday: We hunted down my package by going to 4 different post offices and eventually got it. Thanks family for the stuff! Then we had weekly planning. As you all know that was a joy. Then we had splits with the zone leaders! We went to Kamiooka. I went with Elder Hilton and we visited a less active who just sort of ranted on for about 45 mins so that wasn't the best, but we did talk to one kid and we introduced the Book of Mormon to him.  Even though he didn't want to meet again or take the book, I still thought it was good.

Friday:  We played frisbee at the park for exercise. Studies went well. We decided to go to Kamiooka station and talk to people around there, then pass out English class flyers. So on our way we talked to this awesome high school student with whom we talked about God. He thought it was a good conversation and he said we were cool. He said he was really busy so he couldn't meet but he said if we meet again it's destiny. So I hope they meet him again. We had a great time passing out flyers and talked to some cool people. Nobody was super excited about our message but they all thought it was interesting and were willing to listen so I guess that's good.

Saturday:  We had basketball for a long time cause M---i had work so we started early. It was a lot of fun and I didn't get sunburned this time. A kid who had only come once before came so that was good to see him. After that we went home, showered, then went to the restaurant that M----i works at with our friend, K---o. We talked to him about the plan of salvation and I couldn't guess at all what he was thinking. He doesn't really have a big opinion on it I feel like. That seems like a weird sentence.  Then we went to the church to study a bit and prepared for a meal appointment at a member's house. Her name is J---y and she's really nice and makes a ton of food. Her husband is not a member but is way cool so we are trying to work with him. We shared about Christ-like attributes and how different cultures or people have different ones. I think it went really well. She gave us some really spicy tacos and Elder Spackman couldn't handle it very well 'cause he doesn't like spicy, but I liked it.

Sunday: Sunday was crazy. There were so many random people at church and I was really surprised -- lots of foreign people visiting and stuff  like that. Elder Spackman had to give a surprise talk in sacrament 'cause the bishop asked him to midway through. Everything else was pretty normal. Then we had a snack party after church and the little children devoured everything.

Monday: Monday was awesome. So first we met with M----i at his house and planned his baptism. He is getting baptized this coming Sunday so we are way excited. We also showed him some videos about Thomas S. Monson cause we wanted to strengthen his faith in the prophet. He liked those and we have the baptismal service ready to go almost. After that we dendoed around and talked to a kid named Y----e. He was way chill and listened to what we had to say. We talked to him about God and what he believed. Then he said "do you have like a book or something for me?" And I just pulled out the Book of Mormon and explained it and gave it to him. He wouldn't give us his contact info., but he seems like he's really excited to come to Ekaiwa so we are hoping to see him there and possibly work further. Then we had dinner and rode to Negishi. We housed an entire apartment complex and nobody was listening, so that was kinda lame but then we saw a guy Elder Spackman had met before. He's black and 63 years old and has insane abs. We talked to him about life and living in Japan and God. Now we are going to meet with him next Monday so that's way awesome.

  We went to the temple!! Sadly no picture of that cause it was pouring rain but ya it was great as usual. Oh, by the way, Monday night we felt an earthquake and things were all shaking. It was kinda fun but ya that was all. That's all for this week so talk to you all next time.

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