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Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Tokyo, Japan South Mission Temple Day - Ekaiwa - Krispy Kreme

January 18, 2016
Week 17

I didn't know what to put for a subject. Anyway here's this week.

Tuesday:  So we had temple p-day!! Once again the temple was awesome as it always is. Would recommend a trip there. After that we went to a members okonomyaki shop and had some good, very filling, delicious food. Then we had shopping and Elder Ikeda and I were going on splits so we had to hurry and pack up. So we headed to the church and met up with the other elders. Elder Shimizu and I then biked to Tsurumi to do some housing. We found two ladies for the sisters to teach so that was really good. One of them had already met the sisters and the other elders, so it's destiny that she gets baptized. Then we biked home and planned.

Wednesday:  So on splits we first had a lesson with a member who is sort of a recent convert but not super recent. We wanted to talk about the restoration and prophets more but he just wanted to talk about one of the sisters he is obsessed with. We have told him that it's not appropriate because she is a missionary and much younger than him but he insists she's his soul mate. So anyway after that we did a kubari -- which is passing out flyers. Then we visited some people but they weren't home. After that, we had Boy Scout Ekaiwa and we gave them a test, and most of them did alright but we are excited to teach them more.

Thursday:  I have no time to write this so I'm going way simple and boring. We had weekly planning and Ekaiwa!! Yay!

Friday:  We had district meeting and streeted in Shin Yokohama. Not much success.

Saturday:  It was Elder Phillips' birthday!!! We went to sushiro for lunch which is that conveyer belt sushi place. That is always a joy. After that we did some dendo and found a lady who is Protestant and wants to learn more about our church, so that was good. We are going to refer her to the sisters. Then we came back to shin Yokohama and bought Krispy Kreme cause hello it's his birthday.

Sunday:  Sacrament and the other classes were awesome. We talked about the peace and help that Christ can give us. After church we went to a big apartment complex with 7 floors and housed it all but didn't really find anyone. After that we had dinner and went to Hiyoshi to visit a family that is from Peru but speaks English and goes to Tokyo for church in the English ward. They are way awesome and nice but were having some rough times. So we shared about what we learned at
church a little that day and talked about some things trying to help them out. They said it was just what they needed so we are hoping they felt the spirit and got some encouragement.

Today:  We went bowling!! I love bowling. Then we played billiards which I figured out I am still pretty good at. Then we are going on splits later tonight. So ya, that's this week. Love you all, the church is true!!
Elder Molen

Here's pics of our first snow! Also this is the actor for Jesus in old videos on gospel library.

103.7 in Tokyo, Japan

January 12, 2016
Week 16

Tuesday: We visited a less active in a place called Nakayama which means "in the mountain." He was there and talked to us for a while. We shared a small message and invited him back to church. He said he really wants to start coming back so he will try to make more time. I think a few more visits and he'll be back.

Then we visited a grandpa who Elder Gammon and Elder Clark gave a Book of Mormon to on splits like 9 weeks ago. He invited us in and he is currently in 2 Nephi, chapter 20 so that's great! We told him, "keep reading" and shared our testimonies, and we want to visit him again. Then we went back for dinner and I was feeling sick so we took my temperature and I had a fever. So ya I got sick so we stayed inside. Then in the middle of the night I woke up burning hot and felt horrible. So we took my temperature again and it was 103.7 so that kinda sucked. So I took some ibuprofen and went to sleep again.

Wednesday and the rest of the week: I was sick yay! My stomach was going crazy all week long and i spent some time in the bathroom so that was a joy. So I went to the doctor and got some meds and stuff and they gave me in IV for some reason, I think just to get me some fluids. But ya the meds mostly helped and I am now almost better.  Basically we just watched cheesy gospel library videos all week. Love those videos.

Monday: Our lesson with our investigator went way well. We are about to bridge his biggest concern which is Joseph Smith. I really think this is where he starts wanting to really know more and receive it. I will be on splits for the next lesson so elder Phillips and my zone
leader Elder Cook will hopefully resolve some concerns with him.

Tuesday:  Temple p-day! I love the temple everyone. Go there as much as you can because that is what matters the most! Anyway sorry for the lame email this week. Love you all! Church is true!!

A nice poem for you:

Happy New Year to Y'all! - Tokyo, Japan - Land of the Rising Sun

January 4, 2016
Week 15

Monday:  My district leader Elder Clark and I had an ok lesson with our investigator and his friend.  We tried to resolve some concerns about Joseph Smith and the BoM but I don't know how much it helped.

Tuesday: So on splits Elder Clark and I had some studies.  He got a bit sleepy for a sec but it was good. At lunch while the other elders cooked food, we made a toy out of an old umbrella. Lets just say another man's trash really is another man's treasure. Then we went to visit the lady who accepted a plan of salvation pamphlet but as usual she wasn't there. Then we tried to visit two other less actives but they were both gone. So we went to Hiyoshi Station and did a kubari (passing out flyers), and we found some interesting people so let's hope they come to Ekaiwa. Then we biked home and had dinner. After dinner we "streeted" in Shin Yokohama a bit but not much success there. Then we rode to the church where Elder Clark got a flat tire so we had splits review and got our normal companions back.

Wednesday:  So today was year cleaning!  We did lots of cleaning on our house. We even lifted up the tatami floors. We just did a bunch of deep cleaning for a few hours. In the evening we had a shokuji in Nakayama which is like the edge of our area. But that was fun.  We had mochi and stuff. We made goals for the new year and all in all had a great time.

Thursday:  We had the CHRISTMAS CONFERENCE!!! We went to Kichijoji where half of the mission gathered (because the other half was the day before) and had a big conference. We had some great stories and an awesome testimony meeting! We also did a white elephant gift exchange.  I gave a tie and some candy and I received a fancy sausage, cheese and crackers . The only people from my MTC group were the sisters but I got to see them there so that was cool. It was a way spiritual and awesome day. We also watched a slideshow of the year which was great. After returning home we got our bikes and went to a member's house for another appointment because since it's New Year's they feed us like every meal. They love New Year's here. We had some soba and tempura and the members three little girls are great.

Friday:  So today we had New Year's Day!! Elder Phillips and I woke up at like 4:30 am and ran all the way from our home in Kikuna to Yamate. That was rough. But we got there and with a bunch of people and some other missionaries we watched the first sunrise of the year in the land of the rising sun, (obviously)! But that was way awesome and then we had to run home so that sucked. All in all, we did like a half marathon. For lunch we went to another member's and had the traditional Japanese New Year's food. It's interesting. Then we had district meeting, and as usual that was a joy. Then we had another shokuji (that's meal appointment by the way)!! We had tempura that was way good and some other stuff that she made. It was all way good. After eating we played Jenga (the tower game where you pull out one block at a time). Whoever made it fall over, at the next fast and testimony meeting  they had to use a key word in their testimony. Elder Phillips and I both ended up losing. I'll get to that later when I write about Sunday.

Saturday:  So we did the usual morning routine but after that we went to the same members house for lunch as we did yesterday. But this time we had okonomyaki and I had three layers of soba. It was still a bit much but not as bad as four. Then we went back and did weekly planning finally. It was just the best as you can imagine. Then guess what, we had another shokuji. It was with a family we didn't really know but that's ok cause it was still fun. We did self introductions and stuff and then played a game. We all write our names on paper then pass them and the person you pass it to writes something they like about you and draws a part of your face. It goes around in a circle until it gets back to you and you get to see the funny drawing of yourself and all the compliments you get so it's great.

Sunday:  So this time church was at 9:30, so we had a meeting at 8:00 as well. Sacrament goes last here sometimes, so we started with the other classes. During sacrament, Elder Phillips and I had to bare our testimony cause we promised the family we played Jenga with that we would. So he used his keyword which was bone and it was just in a scripture so nobody thought it was weird. My word was balloon so I made some weird analogy with it and now the ward probably thinks I'm weird but that's ok cause the family loved it. They said it was just what they were hoping for. I saw them silently laughing down in the benches. But that made it fun and it was awesome.

Today:  All we've done today is go get all you can eat meat at Stamina again. So ya that happened.

Well, I love you all. Until next time. Happy new year!

Friday, January 1, 2016

Week 14 - Merry Christmas from Tokyo, Japan!

December 28 - Week 14

Monday: So we had a lesson in the evening with our investigator and it went really well. He listened to us explaining in more detail the restoration and I think it made a lot of sense to him. We also set up another appointment on Wednesday so that the bishop could come with us and talk to him.

Tuesday:  We had zone meeting today and as usual received some awesome trainings and learned a lot about working harder and being more bold. Then we had lunch with one of the counselors in our mission presidency. After that we shopped for some stuff and got stocked for the week. We went to a store after that to try to find me brakes but they sadly didn't have any. After that we went to help with the church open house that Kanagawa Ward was having so we did that for an hour or so. Then we went over to a big apartment complex and started moving down the floors. That was just wonderful. Then we had a late dinner at the apartment.

Wednesday:  So we had the normal schedule but went over to a members house to share a message about Christmas and read the BoM. We talked with them for a little while then went back for lunch. After that we had to go all the way to Yamate which is a way rich area. We went there to help with the open house they were having. There are lots of foreigners and foreign things there. So we handed out flyers and sang some carols and talked to lots of people. We got to see all theYokohama stake missionaries so that was fun. After that we went back to our area and over to our investigator's house with the bishop. He just spent a lot of time getting to know him and talking to him. We had a nice little dinner and at the end we shared part of the recent Christmas devotional. He said it was really awesome and that he really enjoyed it so that was good. His friend is coming to the next meeting and we hope to teach him as well.

Thursday Christmas Eve:
  So we had a stake blitz today! We went over to Sakuragichyo. There are so many people there.... But we walked around and passed out flyers and it was a great time. Didn't have too much success this time but that's ok maybe just planting seeds. Elder Phillips and I had to leave early cause we had to teach kids Ekaiwa.  They were a bunch of little rascals but it was great nonetheless. Then we had normal Ekaiwa and we taught all about Christmas and the random things that go with it. One of our students gave us a nice paper Christmas tree, that made me happy.

Friday Christmas Day!!:  So we woke up early and opened some presents which was fun. Then we had district breakfast so we made pancakes and hung out a little bit. Then we skyped!! That was awesome and fun to see what's going on in the real world and see them after so long. Then we had weekly planning which as you all know is my favorite thing ever! But then we were going to go to Hiyoshi and get brakes but instead we went to shin Yokohama and got some at a huge store there.
So now my bike is rideable again!

Saturday:  We woke up at like 5 because we had soccer at 6:30. But we tried to put my brakes on and the front ones went fine but the back got all messed up and broke so I just rode with front brakes. We played soccer with some of the men and youth in the ward and it was way fun. I hadn't played sports since I have been in Japan so it was refreshing.  Then we biked back and did studies and all that. Then we helped a ward member move by carrying a table and a refrigerator and the washer. We thought it was gonna be more but that was about it. Then we were given okonomyaki by a ward member cause they were having a party and told us to come take some. After that we went to Hiyoshi
for real. We got to Asahi (the bike shop) and the wizard of a worker just went ham on the brakes and fixed it in like 10 minutes. He did it for free since I'm a member too so that was nice. Then we were
supposed to have a dinner appointment with the bishop but it was cancelled and he gave us bentos. So we ate those and had a little get together at the church.

Sunday:  So we went to our investigator's church after studies and before our church. We wanted to show him that we are accepting of other religions even if we didn't believe the same, and that we wanted to see what he actually did at church. It was interesting...... There was a lot of praising God in a Christian Rock and dancing kind of way.  We will just leave it at that lol. Then the pastor said some good things and we went back to our nice, reverent, wonderfully true church. After church my trainer, Elder Gammon, died. ("died" is the term they use when a missionary heads home) He went back to Kichijoji and is now flying to America. He will be missed.

 Then we had dinner and did some phone contacting.

Today:  We went to the top of landmark tower and we are gonna go on splits. So here's a ton of pictures and I love you all!! Happy New Year!!

Week 13 - Christmas Caroling Tears - Merry Christmas!

Our hoard of food around the tree my mother sent me.

December 20

Monday:  So we tried to clear up things with our investigator about the Trinity but we didn't really get anywhere and he is still not really wanting to think about our side. Anyway that's really all for that day.

Tuesday:  So today we had transfer cleaning so we did another deep clean of the house. We did that for a few ours then went and did some Christmas caroling! We went over to the old people's house and started singing to them a few songs and they seemed to like it. We only sang for like 30 mins, if that, and then they were very grateful. Also a member of the Kanagawa ward took us to a shop and got us hot chocolate and sandwiches and escaped real quick before we might be able to pay her back, lol. So that was really nice and it made me happy. Then we got back and finished the cleaning and stuff. Then we biked over to a member's house where we had a dinner appointment. We ate pizza and KFC so that was fun. They are really nice and we had the other elder's investigator there with us. At the end we read and shared from the BoM and the spirit was definitely there.

Wednesday: So we basically did the same routine as yesterday except we didn't have cleaning. The place we went caroling was farther and took a little longer to get to but it wasn't bad cause they picked us up in a shuttle. We got there and it was a waaaaay nice rest home place. It was like a 5-star hotel-looking place. I am definitely going there when I get old. Anyway we sang for a lot longer this time. We sang and did stuff for about and hour and a half. We shook all their hands and they really loved it. One lady started crying.  We were like, wow, it must have been pretty good.

After that, we bought a few needed things from Daiso (the dollar store) then we went back for dinner. After that we had Boy Scout ekaiwa and we did a lot of stuff. We taught them some Christmas words for a little then shared the real meaning of Christmas. We talked about the birth of Christ and went through the story with our advanced class. Then we made gingerbread cookies and ornaments with everyone and that was fun to see them do that for the first time. Then we went in the chapel and watched the bible video of his birth and that was awesome, I hope it had an effect on some of the kids.

Thursday:  So as the usual Thursday goes...Weekly planning!! We did only a little bit today because we had to pick up the other elder's new companion, Elder Kojima. He is interesting. He is part Japanese and part Chinese. He is companions with Elder Ikeda and Elder Gammon, my trainer (dad), is in a tripanionship with them until the 28th which is when he goes home. So we picked him up and showed him the apartment then went to the church to do a little more planning. After that we went to get soba and katsudon for dinner which is always good. After that we had Ekaiwa where we taught Christmas words and other holiday stuff.

Friday:  So today we had district meeting and Elder Clark who is in the Kanagawa area is my district leader. He is awesome and we are sort of glad there isn't 2 districts anymore. After that we were going over to shun Yokohama but we ran into this black guy from Compton. He was way chill and we talked about religion and seeking knowledge and stuff. We shared some experiences and got to know him and it was good. He gave us his phone number and I think we will call him sometime. Then we went to shin Yokohama and did some streeting and stuff but we didn't really have much success.

Saturday:  So we went over to Okurayama and did some dendo there but not many people wanted to talk. It was freezing that day so maybe at was why. We passed out ekaiwa flyers and that was pretty successful actually. We then went and visited a lady who accepted a plan of salvation pamphlet but she wasn't there. Then we visited a less active but he was busy. So we did a bunch of housing and it was quite cold, and we didn't really have any success but that is ok. We shared the new Christmas video with one lady and I think she really appreciated it. After that we went over to a ward member's house. Their name is It-----. They have 5 kids and they are always way happy and fun. We had taco rice and a really great time talking to them and the kids. We shared a message at the end and it was really cool seeing how they are such a close family and really love the gospel.

Sunday:  So we went to church. That's right.  Church is the best, you should all go. Our investigator came to church so that was really nice. He said it was a treat and that our church was very similar to a Baptist church, which I thought was interesting. He has some interesting ideas and he really has tons of faith and loves Christ. We are hoping he felt the spirit and wants to come back. After church we carried back all of our Christmas food from the ward, 'cause our ward is great. Then we had dinner and it was a nice time. After that, Elder Phillips and I went to some danshis (big apartment complex) and did housing. There wasn't much success but that's ok.

Monday:  So today I ripped my pants, got some dry cleaning
I ripped my pants a little.
 and went to the bank all before 12. So now we are going to get food and our hair cut. And that is all for today. 

Everyone, I promise that Jesus Christ is our Savior and that he was born to fix all of our sorrows and mistakes. This is a time of rejoicing, rejoicing and happiness so take advantage of it.

I love all of you and Merry Christmas!!

Week 12 - Dec 14, 2015 - Tis' The Season - We love our Grandpas in Tokyo and Tim Tams - I'm a Real Missionary

Dec 14, 2015

Hello people of the world, and my email list.  I don't remember everything for this week so I'll do my best.

Monday:  Our investigator agreed not to baptism, but he said he would read the entire Book of Mormon to figure out if it's true! How great is that?

  We had zone meeting where we had a lot of trainings on effective planning and things. My zone leaders are really great missionaries and I learn a ton from them. After zone meeting was over we went to Hiyoshi but stopped at Stamina which is a great place. It is an all you can eat Yakiniku place and with the unlimited drinks and other stuff. So basically I got all the meat I could ever want. Pretty nice. After that we went around and tried to talk to some people but not many people listened. Then we started passing out English class flyers and tons of people accepted them. One guy said he would come on Thursday, but sadly he didn't make it. After that we headed back home. 

today we had weekly planning! Usually it's Thursday but we thought we had splits then so we did it Wednesday. It was as the usual, except I had to buy Elder Philip's a drink because he ate an entire bag of habanero death rain chips pretty fast and I said I would. Then we had Boy Scout English class and as usual it was fun and I think we are becoming pretty good friends with them.
Thursday:  So we didn't actually have splits today but that's alright. We decided to go over to center Kita and do some dendo (missionary work) over there. We showed a few people the new Christmas video and they all really liked it and said everyone could benefit from it. Then we met a grandma who said she loved Christmas and Jesus Christ and we shared a little about the plan of salvation with her. She loved it and we gave her our number and she should call us soon. Then we went to an import store and bought Tim tams. I like Tim tams. Then we had normal Ekaiwa and it was just joyous as usual. We love the grandpas we teach.

Friday:  We went on splits right after Ekaiwa and today was the day! So I went with my zone leader, Elder Cook. It was fun, we finished my bean training, and I'm now a normal missionary. The we went to district meeting and planned a ton of different stuff that I don't wanna write. Then we had dinner with a member of Kanagawa Ward. We got Ramen and it was pretty good. Then we went back to the church for Christmas party practice. I was a wise man, and I think I nailed my role. Given I didn't really do much. But then we had splits review and returned to our normal companions.

Saturday:  Today was the Christmas party! One of our investigators came with his wife and he loved it. He said it made you really feel like you were in Bethlehem and that it was really cool. It was fun to do stuff with the members and I really enjoyed it as well. The missionaries did the Nativity and I think that everyone who came had a really great time. Then we went and printed some pictures of us and our Ekaiwa students 'cause we are going to send their parents a Christmas card. Oh, I totally forgot we got transfer emails today! I'm not transferring and Elder Phillips is still my companion, so ya. But my zone leader Elder Livingston became AP so I will miss him.

Sunday:  Today we had the usual stuff and we went to church. I understand some stuff but it's pretty confusing still. Then we visited the houses of some potential investigators but neither of them were there. Then we went over to a Kanagawa member's apartment and had a pizza party!! It was Costco pizza and I loved all the other food as well. I enjoy pizza a lot though. Then the transferring missionaries bore their testimonies and we went home.

Today. We went to Costco. I enjoy America. Share the Christmas spirit everyone and tell your family you love them 'cause that is what you should do.

Jesus Christ loves you all and share that with everybody. Until next week.

Week 11 - A Nice 71-year-old Japanese Man, Yakiniku and Joyous Root Beer!

December 7, 2015

Monday: so our investigator started reading the Book of Mormon which is great! We committed him to keep reading and we are hoping he will start progressing more.

Tuesday: Tuesday we decided to go over to Okurayama and do some dendo there. We didn't have much success there but one lady accepted a plan of salvation pamphlet and we taught her a bit, so maybe something will come from that. Then after dinner we went to visit a family in the ward named the T...'s. Only the mom was home but we prayed with her to find success for their area. We then went to visit two people we had talked to before. One wasn't home and the other was a family but when we pinged on their house a grandma answered. She said they weren't interested but we are going back 'cause the grandmas always deny. After that we went home.

Wednesday: We had splits today. So I went with Elder Ikeda, and we had plans to visit a few less actives near a place called Kamoi. We went to visit but none of them were home and one was the wrong address so we did some streeting and housing, but it was cold that day and not many people answered. Then we went back and had dinner then went to Boy Scout Ekaiwa. We are becoming better friends with hem and we are hoping they will open up a little more to participation. After that we went back to the apartment and ended splits.

Thursday:  We had ........that's right weekly planning!!! I drank an entire 2 liter during it and we had a wonderful time planning for the next week. After that we went to get some pizza at a restaurant called Sizeriya. Then we had normal Ekaiwa. We talked about a bunch of stuff having to do with directions and all that. We talked about getting sidetracked because all of our grandpas in advanced class get sidetracked a lot. Then we went home. But we got a call from a guy named T......(Tad for short). We didn't know who he was but he knew the missionaries who were before us and he said he wanted to take us to dinner tomorrow so we said sure naturally.

Friday:  We had district meeting just like last Friday. We got a training in using the gospel of Jesus Christ pamphlet and it surprised me how much I can actually teach if I think about it. Then we got ingredients for cinnamon rolls cause we wanted to take them to the members we visited and prayed with. They don't have cinnamon rolls here. Then we went to meet with T... He is a 71-year-old Japanese man who is fluent in English and is way nice. He told us his wife lived in Manti for a little bit with the kids while he stayed in Japan. They were super grateful for all the church members in Utah who helped his wife that they wanted to repay it somehow and so he takes missionaries to dinner. We helped his wife for about a half hour teach her English class which was fun. Then he took us to a place that was kind of expensive but the item he wanted to get us wasn't available so we went somewhere else. And it was even more expensive. It was Yakiniku which is basically where you grill your own stuff right in front of you. It was about $22 per plate of meat and the plates weren't super big and he got us two so.... Ya it was expensive. And it was so good! It was some of he best meat I've had. We invited him to the Christmas party after dinner and we are hoping we might be able to teach him some time in the future because he is not religious and his wife is Christian in some church in Japan. But ya, that was really cool.

Saturday:  So we had personal study but then went to the church to pick out our clothes for the Christmas party. I am a tax collector and a good ole wise man. After that we did the rest of our studies and went over to Okurayama again to the town center. We went there to see if they had any service opportunities but it was closed sadly. Then we did some dendo around there but not much success there. Then we had a little bit of an early dinner and then delivered he cinnamon rolls to the 2 of the member families. Then we went over to M...... K...... house and we talked about nature and the spirit and helped him clean up a bit. It was nice and we hope he feels  the spirit the more he cleans.

Sunday:  I did understand some things but I get lost in the stories people tell for Fast Sunday. We had the wonderful sacrament meeting and people took a long time with testimonies. After that we had gospel doctrine which I get lost in a lot. After that in elder's quorum, we planned what things they want to do the next year. Then we had choir. Gotta love those Christmas songs. After that we did a little housing but nobody was home.  Then we rode over to the Chavez family's apartment. They are a family from Bolivia and we had some wonderful pasta to break the fast. We had a great time and we shared a short message then went back.

Monday:  Today we went to Chinatown in Yokohama! We went with two of our grandpas from Ekaiwa. We had a good time and it was interesting to see all the stuff. We look at a bunch of random shops and stuff and we went to an import store where I bought root beer and Tim Tams. so that made me joyous. And now I am up to date so ya. 

Bye! Love you all Elder Molen

Week 10 - Japan Tokyo South Mission

November 30, 2015
Here is the rundown of this Thanksgiving week!

Tuesday:  After the temple we did shopping and emails obviously, then we went to do some housing after dinner. We went to a members house.  His name is Yamanouchi, which means inside the mountain which is pretty cool. But we prayed with him and asked for his faith together with ours that we would find people to hear our message in his area. After a bunch of angry old ladies told us to go away, we found a nice guy who has been to our church before and said it was good. So we invited him to the Christmas party and we are hoping he will come. A lot of people answered their doors that night and it was really cool.

Wednesday:  So we had the usual morning routine then we went to the church. We finally, hopefully fixed my bike for good and so far it hasn't broken so pray for me. Then we went over to a place called Tsunami Shims to try and find some people but that day was kinda cold and not many people were out or wanted to talk. So we eventually went back and had dinner, then had Boys Scout Ekaiwa. It was way fun just like last week and they are still scared to talk to us lol. But we did a Thanksgiving-themed discussion and did pin the feather on the turkey, and I think they liked that so that made me happy.

Thursday:  So we had (just like every Thursday) weekly planning! We studied and planned for all the stuff in the coming week and it was very effective planning. After that we had normal Ekaiwa and we did the same thing as we did with the Boy Scouts and I think they liked it as well, but either way they now know more about American culture than they did before.

Friday: Guess what we did in the morning today? That's right, studies. All of you should love the Book of Mormon cause it's pretty awesome. Anyway, after the morning stuff we had district meeting where we had a
training on teaching the plan of salvation in 15 minutes or less. This is in Japanese btw. I was surprised cause I actually was able to do it fairly well. My zone leaders are really nice and easy to get along with so I always like receiving trainings from them. After that we went back to the apartment for dinner. Then we rode over a ways to
another member's house but sadly he was still at work so we went and prayerfully picked a spot to start housing. We found a place and we started going on the columns of doors, and we found a high school student who seemed interested.  We asked when we could come back and talk more and he said Sunday, so we said great! Then we talked to a few other interesting, but uninterested, people and then rode on home.

Saturday: Had the good ole morning schedule but ended a little early because we had a dendo no hi (missionary work day) with some of the ward members. We went on splits with members to go visit less actives in the area. There are about 200 less active people in our area. I went with Yamazaki Kyodai and we went to a place called Okurayama. He bought me some things from a Japanese bakery and it was actually pretty good. It was great weather that day so that was also really nice. Sadly neither of less actives went to visit were there though. But we talked to some people and invited them to church so that was good. We also had a Buddhist missionary come up to us and give us a flyer lol. We were like "wow he was pretty brave." We still invited him to our church he he. Then after that we did some stuff at the church and then went over to an American member's house for Thanksgiving! He is in he bishopric of Tokyo second ward, so he invited us over and we had a big nice Thanksgiving dinner, so I was really happy. It was fun to talk to their kids and get to know them better. They were super nice and we told them how thankful we were for their feeding us. After that we biked back to the church for game night. We play ping pong and then at the end share a message. I played with one of my friends named Kento and it was pretty fun. We shared a video about Christmas at the end and it was nice.

Sunday:  So we did the usual then went over to dcs and talked about investigators. After that we went through the church meetings where it is still hard for me to understand but I think I'm getting better. Then we went back and had dinner. After that we decided to go back and visit our friend who said we could come back on Sunday. This time his mom answered and said that he probably doesn't have much interest and that they are good. But she let us teach a lesson and talk for a little bit and was really nice. She gave us a bag of oranges after we
ended our discussion and she was real nice towards us and we appreciated that. We did a little more housing after that but didn't really find anyone.

Today: (Monday or America's Sunday): We decided to go over to Kamakura for p-day. It's a pretty big tourist place and my companion elder Phillips was there for a few transfers. We went and visited the Daibutsu (the big Buddha!) and it was pretty interesting. It was a lot bigger than I expected it to be. Then we checked out some shops and ate lunch at this little shop. And now we are at me writing this email. Well I'll talk to you all next week and thanks for all the emails!