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Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Happy New Year to Y'all! - Tokyo, Japan - Land of the Rising Sun

January 4, 2016
Week 15

Monday:  My district leader Elder Clark and I had an ok lesson with our investigator and his friend.  We tried to resolve some concerns about Joseph Smith and the BoM but I don't know how much it helped.

Tuesday: So on splits Elder Clark and I had some studies.  He got a bit sleepy for a sec but it was good. At lunch while the other elders cooked food, we made a toy out of an old umbrella. Lets just say another man's trash really is another man's treasure. Then we went to visit the lady who accepted a plan of salvation pamphlet but as usual she wasn't there. Then we tried to visit two other less actives but they were both gone. So we went to Hiyoshi Station and did a kubari (passing out flyers), and we found some interesting people so let's hope they come to Ekaiwa. Then we biked home and had dinner. After dinner we "streeted" in Shin Yokohama a bit but not much success there. Then we rode to the church where Elder Clark got a flat tire so we had splits review and got our normal companions back.

Wednesday:  So today was year cleaning!  We did lots of cleaning on our house. We even lifted up the tatami floors. We just did a bunch of deep cleaning for a few hours. In the evening we had a shokuji in Nakayama which is like the edge of our area. But that was fun.  We had mochi and stuff. We made goals for the new year and all in all had a great time.

Thursday:  We had the CHRISTMAS CONFERENCE!!! We went to Kichijoji where half of the mission gathered (because the other half was the day before) and had a big conference. We had some great stories and an awesome testimony meeting! We also did a white elephant gift exchange.  I gave a tie and some candy and I received a fancy sausage, cheese and crackers . The only people from my MTC group were the sisters but I got to see them there so that was cool. It was a way spiritual and awesome day. We also watched a slideshow of the year which was great. After returning home we got our bikes and went to a member's house for another appointment because since it's New Year's they feed us like every meal. They love New Year's here. We had some soba and tempura and the members three little girls are great.

Friday:  So today we had New Year's Day!! Elder Phillips and I woke up at like 4:30 am and ran all the way from our home in Kikuna to Yamate. That was rough. But we got there and with a bunch of people and some other missionaries we watched the first sunrise of the year in the land of the rising sun, (obviously)! But that was way awesome and then we had to run home so that sucked. All in all, we did like a half marathon. For lunch we went to another member's and had the traditional Japanese New Year's food. It's interesting. Then we had district meeting, and as usual that was a joy. Then we had another shokuji (that's meal appointment by the way)!! We had tempura that was way good and some other stuff that she made. It was all way good. After eating we played Jenga (the tower game where you pull out one block at a time). Whoever made it fall over, at the next fast and testimony meeting  they had to use a key word in their testimony. Elder Phillips and I both ended up losing. I'll get to that later when I write about Sunday.

Saturday:  So we did the usual morning routine but after that we went to the same members house for lunch as we did yesterday. But this time we had okonomyaki and I had three layers of soba. It was still a bit much but not as bad as four. Then we went back and did weekly planning finally. It was just the best as you can imagine. Then guess what, we had another shokuji. It was with a family we didn't really know but that's ok cause it was still fun. We did self introductions and stuff and then played a game. We all write our names on paper then pass them and the person you pass it to writes something they like about you and draws a part of your face. It goes around in a circle until it gets back to you and you get to see the funny drawing of yourself and all the compliments you get so it's great.

Sunday:  So this time church was at 9:30, so we had a meeting at 8:00 as well. Sacrament goes last here sometimes, so we started with the other classes. During sacrament, Elder Phillips and I had to bare our testimony cause we promised the family we played Jenga with that we would. So he used his keyword which was bone and it was just in a scripture so nobody thought it was weird. My word was balloon so I made some weird analogy with it and now the ward probably thinks I'm weird but that's ok cause the family loved it. They said it was just what they were hoping for. I saw them silently laughing down in the benches. But that made it fun and it was awesome.

Today:  All we've done today is go get all you can eat meat at Stamina again. So ya that happened.

Well, I love you all. Until next time. Happy new year!

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