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Friday, January 1, 2016

Week 14 - Merry Christmas from Tokyo, Japan!

December 28 - Week 14

Monday: So we had a lesson in the evening with our investigator and it went really well. He listened to us explaining in more detail the restoration and I think it made a lot of sense to him. We also set up another appointment on Wednesday so that the bishop could come with us and talk to him.

Tuesday:  We had zone meeting today and as usual received some awesome trainings and learned a lot about working harder and being more bold. Then we had lunch with one of the counselors in our mission presidency. After that we shopped for some stuff and got stocked for the week. We went to a store after that to try to find me brakes but they sadly didn't have any. After that we went to help with the church open house that Kanagawa Ward was having so we did that for an hour or so. Then we went over to a big apartment complex and started moving down the floors. That was just wonderful. Then we had a late dinner at the apartment.

Wednesday:  So we had the normal schedule but went over to a members house to share a message about Christmas and read the BoM. We talked with them for a little while then went back for lunch. After that we had to go all the way to Yamate which is a way rich area. We went there to help with the open house they were having. There are lots of foreigners and foreign things there. So we handed out flyers and sang some carols and talked to lots of people. We got to see all theYokohama stake missionaries so that was fun. After that we went back to our area and over to our investigator's house with the bishop. He just spent a lot of time getting to know him and talking to him. We had a nice little dinner and at the end we shared part of the recent Christmas devotional. He said it was really awesome and that he really enjoyed it so that was good. His friend is coming to the next meeting and we hope to teach him as well.

Thursday Christmas Eve:
  So we had a stake blitz today! We went over to Sakuragichyo. There are so many people there.... But we walked around and passed out flyers and it was a great time. Didn't have too much success this time but that's ok maybe just planting seeds. Elder Phillips and I had to leave early cause we had to teach kids Ekaiwa.  They were a bunch of little rascals but it was great nonetheless. Then we had normal Ekaiwa and we taught all about Christmas and the random things that go with it. One of our students gave us a nice paper Christmas tree, that made me happy.

Friday Christmas Day!!:  So we woke up early and opened some presents which was fun. Then we had district breakfast so we made pancakes and hung out a little bit. Then we skyped!! That was awesome and fun to see what's going on in the real world and see them after so long. Then we had weekly planning which as you all know is my favorite thing ever! But then we were going to go to Hiyoshi and get brakes but instead we went to shin Yokohama and got some at a huge store there.
So now my bike is rideable again!

Saturday:  We woke up at like 5 because we had soccer at 6:30. But we tried to put my brakes on and the front ones went fine but the back got all messed up and broke so I just rode with front brakes. We played soccer with some of the men and youth in the ward and it was way fun. I hadn't played sports since I have been in Japan so it was refreshing.  Then we biked back and did studies and all that. Then we helped a ward member move by carrying a table and a refrigerator and the washer. We thought it was gonna be more but that was about it. Then we were given okonomyaki by a ward member cause they were having a party and told us to come take some. After that we went to Hiyoshi
for real. We got to Asahi (the bike shop) and the wizard of a worker just went ham on the brakes and fixed it in like 10 minutes. He did it for free since I'm a member too so that was nice. Then we were
supposed to have a dinner appointment with the bishop but it was cancelled and he gave us bentos. So we ate those and had a little get together at the church.

Sunday:  So we went to our investigator's church after studies and before our church. We wanted to show him that we are accepting of other religions even if we didn't believe the same, and that we wanted to see what he actually did at church. It was interesting...... There was a lot of praising God in a Christian Rock and dancing kind of way.  We will just leave it at that lol. Then the pastor said some good things and we went back to our nice, reverent, wonderfully true church. After church my trainer, Elder Gammon, died. ("died" is the term they use when a missionary heads home) He went back to Kichijoji and is now flying to America. He will be missed.

 Then we had dinner and did some phone contacting.

Today:  We went to the top of landmark tower and we are gonna go on splits. So here's a ton of pictures and I love you all!! Happy New Year!!

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