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Friday, January 1, 2016

Week 13 - Christmas Caroling Tears - Merry Christmas!

Our hoard of food around the tree my mother sent me.

December 20

Monday:  So we tried to clear up things with our investigator about the Trinity but we didn't really get anywhere and he is still not really wanting to think about our side. Anyway that's really all for that day.

Tuesday:  So today we had transfer cleaning so we did another deep clean of the house. We did that for a few ours then went and did some Christmas caroling! We went over to the old people's house and started singing to them a few songs and they seemed to like it. We only sang for like 30 mins, if that, and then they were very grateful. Also a member of the Kanagawa ward took us to a shop and got us hot chocolate and sandwiches and escaped real quick before we might be able to pay her back, lol. So that was really nice and it made me happy. Then we got back and finished the cleaning and stuff. Then we biked over to a member's house where we had a dinner appointment. We ate pizza and KFC so that was fun. They are really nice and we had the other elder's investigator there with us. At the end we read and shared from the BoM and the spirit was definitely there.

Wednesday: So we basically did the same routine as yesterday except we didn't have cleaning. The place we went caroling was farther and took a little longer to get to but it wasn't bad cause they picked us up in a shuttle. We got there and it was a waaaaay nice rest home place. It was like a 5-star hotel-looking place. I am definitely going there when I get old. Anyway we sang for a lot longer this time. We sang and did stuff for about and hour and a half. We shook all their hands and they really loved it. One lady started crying.  We were like, wow, it must have been pretty good.

After that, we bought a few needed things from Daiso (the dollar store) then we went back for dinner. After that we had Boy Scout ekaiwa and we did a lot of stuff. We taught them some Christmas words for a little then shared the real meaning of Christmas. We talked about the birth of Christ and went through the story with our advanced class. Then we made gingerbread cookies and ornaments with everyone and that was fun to see them do that for the first time. Then we went in the chapel and watched the bible video of his birth and that was awesome, I hope it had an effect on some of the kids.

Thursday:  So as the usual Thursday goes...Weekly planning!! We did only a little bit today because we had to pick up the other elder's new companion, Elder Kojima. He is interesting. He is part Japanese and part Chinese. He is companions with Elder Ikeda and Elder Gammon, my trainer (dad), is in a tripanionship with them until the 28th which is when he goes home. So we picked him up and showed him the apartment then went to the church to do a little more planning. After that we went to get soba and katsudon for dinner which is always good. After that we had Ekaiwa where we taught Christmas words and other holiday stuff.

Friday:  So today we had district meeting and Elder Clark who is in the Kanagawa area is my district leader. He is awesome and we are sort of glad there isn't 2 districts anymore. After that we were going over to shun Yokohama but we ran into this black guy from Compton. He was way chill and we talked about religion and seeking knowledge and stuff. We shared some experiences and got to know him and it was good. He gave us his phone number and I think we will call him sometime. Then we went to shin Yokohama and did some streeting and stuff but we didn't really have much success.

Saturday:  So we went over to Okurayama and did some dendo there but not many people wanted to talk. It was freezing that day so maybe at was why. We passed out ekaiwa flyers and that was pretty successful actually. We then went and visited a lady who accepted a plan of salvation pamphlet but she wasn't there. Then we visited a less active but he was busy. So we did a bunch of housing and it was quite cold, and we didn't really have any success but that is ok. We shared the new Christmas video with one lady and I think she really appreciated it. After that we went over to a ward member's house. Their name is It-----. They have 5 kids and they are always way happy and fun. We had taco rice and a really great time talking to them and the kids. We shared a message at the end and it was really cool seeing how they are such a close family and really love the gospel.

Sunday:  So we went to church. That's right.  Church is the best, you should all go. Our investigator came to church so that was really nice. He said it was a treat and that our church was very similar to a Baptist church, which I thought was interesting. He has some interesting ideas and he really has tons of faith and loves Christ. We are hoping he felt the spirit and wants to come back. After church we carried back all of our Christmas food from the ward, 'cause our ward is great. Then we had dinner and it was a nice time. After that, Elder Phillips and I went to some danshis (big apartment complex) and did housing. There wasn't much success but that's ok.

Monday:  So today I ripped my pants, got some dry cleaning
I ripped my pants a little.
 and went to the bank all before 12. So now we are going to get food and our hair cut. And that is all for today. 

Everyone, I promise that Jesus Christ is our Savior and that he was born to fix all of our sorrows and mistakes. This is a time of rejoicing, rejoicing and happiness so take advantage of it.

I love all of you and Merry Christmas!!

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