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Friday, January 1, 2016

Week 12 - Dec 14, 2015 - Tis' The Season - We love our Grandpas in Tokyo and Tim Tams - I'm a Real Missionary

Dec 14, 2015

Hello people of the world, and my email list.  I don't remember everything for this week so I'll do my best.

Monday:  Our investigator agreed not to baptism, but he said he would read the entire Book of Mormon to figure out if it's true! How great is that?

  We had zone meeting where we had a lot of trainings on effective planning and things. My zone leaders are really great missionaries and I learn a ton from them. After zone meeting was over we went to Hiyoshi but stopped at Stamina which is a great place. It is an all you can eat Yakiniku place and with the unlimited drinks and other stuff. So basically I got all the meat I could ever want. Pretty nice. After that we went around and tried to talk to some people but not many people listened. Then we started passing out English class flyers and tons of people accepted them. One guy said he would come on Thursday, but sadly he didn't make it. After that we headed back home. 

today we had weekly planning! Usually it's Thursday but we thought we had splits then so we did it Wednesday. It was as the usual, except I had to buy Elder Philip's a drink because he ate an entire bag of habanero death rain chips pretty fast and I said I would. Then we had Boy Scout English class and as usual it was fun and I think we are becoming pretty good friends with them.
Thursday:  So we didn't actually have splits today but that's alright. We decided to go over to center Kita and do some dendo (missionary work) over there. We showed a few people the new Christmas video and they all really liked it and said everyone could benefit from it. Then we met a grandma who said she loved Christmas and Jesus Christ and we shared a little about the plan of salvation with her. She loved it and we gave her our number and she should call us soon. Then we went to an import store and bought Tim tams. I like Tim tams. Then we had normal Ekaiwa and it was just joyous as usual. We love the grandpas we teach.

Friday:  We went on splits right after Ekaiwa and today was the day! So I went with my zone leader, Elder Cook. It was fun, we finished my bean training, and I'm now a normal missionary. The we went to district meeting and planned a ton of different stuff that I don't wanna write. Then we had dinner with a member of Kanagawa Ward. We got Ramen and it was pretty good. Then we went back to the church for Christmas party practice. I was a wise man, and I think I nailed my role. Given I didn't really do much. But then we had splits review and returned to our normal companions.

Saturday:  Today was the Christmas party! One of our investigators came with his wife and he loved it. He said it made you really feel like you were in Bethlehem and that it was really cool. It was fun to do stuff with the members and I really enjoyed it as well. The missionaries did the Nativity and I think that everyone who came had a really great time. Then we went and printed some pictures of us and our Ekaiwa students 'cause we are going to send their parents a Christmas card. Oh, I totally forgot we got transfer emails today! I'm not transferring and Elder Phillips is still my companion, so ya. But my zone leader Elder Livingston became AP so I will miss him.

Sunday:  Today we had the usual stuff and we went to church. I understand some stuff but it's pretty confusing still. Then we visited the houses of some potential investigators but neither of them were there. Then we went over to a Kanagawa member's apartment and had a pizza party!! It was Costco pizza and I loved all the other food as well. I enjoy pizza a lot though. Then the transferring missionaries bore their testimonies and we went home.

Today. We went to Costco. I enjoy America. Share the Christmas spirit everyone and tell your family you love them 'cause that is what you should do.

Jesus Christ loves you all and share that with everybody. Until next week.

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