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Friday, January 1, 2016

Week 11 - A Nice 71-year-old Japanese Man, Yakiniku and Joyous Root Beer!

December 7, 2015

Monday: so our investigator started reading the Book of Mormon which is great! We committed him to keep reading and we are hoping he will start progressing more.

Tuesday: Tuesday we decided to go over to Okurayama and do some dendo there. We didn't have much success there but one lady accepted a plan of salvation pamphlet and we taught her a bit, so maybe something will come from that. Then after dinner we went to visit a family in the ward named the T...'s. Only the mom was home but we prayed with her to find success for their area. We then went to visit two people we had talked to before. One wasn't home and the other was a family but when we pinged on their house a grandma answered. She said they weren't interested but we are going back 'cause the grandmas always deny. After that we went home.

Wednesday: We had splits today. So I went with Elder Ikeda, and we had plans to visit a few less actives near a place called Kamoi. We went to visit but none of them were home and one was the wrong address so we did some streeting and housing, but it was cold that day and not many people answered. Then we went back and had dinner then went to Boy Scout Ekaiwa. We are becoming better friends with hem and we are hoping they will open up a little more to participation. After that we went back to the apartment and ended splits.

Thursday:  We had ........that's right weekly planning!!! I drank an entire 2 liter during it and we had a wonderful time planning for the next week. After that we went to get some pizza at a restaurant called Sizeriya. Then we had normal Ekaiwa. We talked about a bunch of stuff having to do with directions and all that. We talked about getting sidetracked because all of our grandpas in advanced class get sidetracked a lot. Then we went home. But we got a call from a guy named T......(Tad for short). We didn't know who he was but he knew the missionaries who were before us and he said he wanted to take us to dinner tomorrow so we said sure naturally.

Friday:  We had district meeting just like last Friday. We got a training in using the gospel of Jesus Christ pamphlet and it surprised me how much I can actually teach if I think about it. Then we got ingredients for cinnamon rolls cause we wanted to take them to the members we visited and prayed with. They don't have cinnamon rolls here. Then we went to meet with T... He is a 71-year-old Japanese man who is fluent in English and is way nice. He told us his wife lived in Manti for a little bit with the kids while he stayed in Japan. They were super grateful for all the church members in Utah who helped his wife that they wanted to repay it somehow and so he takes missionaries to dinner. We helped his wife for about a half hour teach her English class which was fun. Then he took us to a place that was kind of expensive but the item he wanted to get us wasn't available so we went somewhere else. And it was even more expensive. It was Yakiniku which is basically where you grill your own stuff right in front of you. It was about $22 per plate of meat and the plates weren't super big and he got us two so.... Ya it was expensive. And it was so good! It was some of he best meat I've had. We invited him to the Christmas party after dinner and we are hoping we might be able to teach him some time in the future because he is not religious and his wife is Christian in some church in Japan. But ya, that was really cool.

Saturday:  So we had personal study but then went to the church to pick out our clothes for the Christmas party. I am a tax collector and a good ole wise man. After that we did the rest of our studies and went over to Okurayama again to the town center. We went there to see if they had any service opportunities but it was closed sadly. Then we did some dendo around there but not much success there. Then we had a little bit of an early dinner and then delivered he cinnamon rolls to the 2 of the member families. Then we went over to M...... K...... house and we talked about nature and the spirit and helped him clean up a bit. It was nice and we hope he feels  the spirit the more he cleans.

Sunday:  I did understand some things but I get lost in the stories people tell for Fast Sunday. We had the wonderful sacrament meeting and people took a long time with testimonies. After that we had gospel doctrine which I get lost in a lot. After that in elder's quorum, we planned what things they want to do the next year. Then we had choir. Gotta love those Christmas songs. After that we did a little housing but nobody was home.  Then we rode over to the Chavez family's apartment. They are a family from Bolivia and we had some wonderful pasta to break the fast. We had a great time and we shared a short message then went back.

Monday:  Today we went to Chinatown in Yokohama! We went with two of our grandpas from Ekaiwa. We had a good time and it was interesting to see all the stuff. We look at a bunch of random shops and stuff and we went to an import store where I bought root beer and Tim Tams. so that made me joyous. And now I am up to date so ya. 

Bye! Love you all Elder Molen

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