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Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Tokyo, Japan South Mission Temple Day - Ekaiwa - Krispy Kreme

January 18, 2016
Week 17

I didn't know what to put for a subject. Anyway here's this week.

Tuesday:  So we had temple p-day!! Once again the temple was awesome as it always is. Would recommend a trip there. After that we went to a members okonomyaki shop and had some good, very filling, delicious food. Then we had shopping and Elder Ikeda and I were going on splits so we had to hurry and pack up. So we headed to the church and met up with the other elders. Elder Shimizu and I then biked to Tsurumi to do some housing. We found two ladies for the sisters to teach so that was really good. One of them had already met the sisters and the other elders, so it's destiny that she gets baptized. Then we biked home and planned.

Wednesday:  So on splits we first had a lesson with a member who is sort of a recent convert but not super recent. We wanted to talk about the restoration and prophets more but he just wanted to talk about one of the sisters he is obsessed with. We have told him that it's not appropriate because she is a missionary and much younger than him but he insists she's his soul mate. So anyway after that we did a kubari -- which is passing out flyers. Then we visited some people but they weren't home. After that, we had Boy Scout Ekaiwa and we gave them a test, and most of them did alright but we are excited to teach them more.

Thursday:  I have no time to write this so I'm going way simple and boring. We had weekly planning and Ekaiwa!! Yay!

Friday:  We had district meeting and streeted in Shin Yokohama. Not much success.

Saturday:  It was Elder Phillips' birthday!!! We went to sushiro for lunch which is that conveyer belt sushi place. That is always a joy. After that we did some dendo and found a lady who is Protestant and wants to learn more about our church, so that was good. We are going to refer her to the sisters. Then we came back to shin Yokohama and bought Krispy Kreme cause hello it's his birthday.

Sunday:  Sacrament and the other classes were awesome. We talked about the peace and help that Christ can give us. After church we went to a big apartment complex with 7 floors and housed it all but didn't really find anyone. After that we had dinner and went to Hiyoshi to visit a family that is from Peru but speaks English and goes to Tokyo for church in the English ward. They are way awesome and nice but were having some rough times. So we shared about what we learned at
church a little that day and talked about some things trying to help them out. They said it was just what they needed so we are hoping they felt the spirit and got some encouragement.

Today:  We went bowling!! I love bowling. Then we played billiards which I figured out I am still pretty good at. Then we are going on splits later tonight. So ya, that's this week. Love you all, the church is true!!
Elder Molen

Here's pics of our first snow! Also this is the actor for Jesus in old videos on gospel library.

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