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Thursday, February 18, 2016

Transfer from Kohoku to Tokorozawa!

January 24, 2016
Week 18

This is weird that I'm a fourth done already.

Tuesday: So Tuesday I went on splits in Kanagawa with one my of my zone leaders, Elder Nagano. It was a pretty normal day of dendo. We tried to talk to everyone and did a nice kubari, so that was a joy. We met with a recent convert and we taught him more about keeping the Sabbath day holy and it was pretty good. We showed the Bible video of Jesus walking on water and Peter getting out of the boat as well and taught about focusing on the Savior.

Wednesday: We had zone meeting today and talked a lot about being the light that people can look to in order to find the gospel. Well, I don't really know what happened in the day time. At night we had Boy Scout Ekaiwa and they are as happy and crazy as ever. A lot of them are pretty good at English.

Thursday:  Today we had weekly planning. This is our last week of the transfer and it was pretty weird how fast it went. We planned for next week and are waiting to see how transfers go. After that we were supposed to teach kids Ekaiwa but nobody showed up that day so we ended up teaching the sisters (who are both Japanese), a member, and the sister's investigator. So that was pretty funny. Then we had real Ekaiwa and my students told me not to transfer because I guess I am pretty good at English. But ya, I think they will be sad and so will I. I tried to get some of them to come to church since it could be my last week.

Friday:  So today we had district meeting and we talked about the situations of all our investigators.
The District
After district meeting Elder Phillips and I visited a K----- Kyodai who owns the okonomyaki shop and then we visited a less active who wasn't there as usual. After that we came back and had dinner then went over to center. We tried to walk around and find people but there weren't a ton and there wasn't much success but when we were going back to the train station, we ran into a man named K--- San. He listened to some of what we had to say and was way nice. At the end he gave us both little bananas, so that was pretty sick. [sick meaning awesome]

Saturday:  Transfer calls!!! So I am going to transfer and I am going to Tokorozawa! One of the elders from my MTC group, Elder Burnham, is there. There is also a Costco there and a bunch of other fun stuff. So I am way excited!! But it is also pretty far away. I am also pretty sad because I will have to leave all of the awesome members in Kohoku. I will also have to leave all of my Ekaiwa students. But it will be an
interesting change. Elder Phillips is also transferring
which is weird cause we didn't think he would.

Me and Kento

He is going to Machida, so we are being separated, but it was a good run. Then we are at Sizeriya for lunch and it was cool to hear where everyone is going. Then we went to dendo and we talked to one guy and we taught him about the Book of Mormon. He said he would read it but he lives kind of far away, but it was a great contact cause we got his phone number as well. Then we had stake priesthood meeting which was obviously awesome.

Sunday:  So today was pretty sad cause we had to all say goodbye and stuff. We bore our testimonies and talked to all the members. After church Elder Ikeda and
I went on a split to visit the [it's], a couple who was less active but who we helped reactivate through a period of time. They were very grateful and fed us tons, and we
shared about enduring to the end. We came back and I had to say goodbye to an investigator named Kento. I was like the first person to meet him of all the missionaries and we became really good friends. He lives in the Kanagawa area so that's why I haven't been teaching him but we are still way good friends. I told him I would probably end up coming back to the Yokohama area before I go back to America. It was pretty sad but I think we will definitely see each other again. Then elder Phillips and I visited a family and told them that we were
transferring and shared a message. They are way nice and we had a great time.

Today: so we got haircuts and ate shyabu shyabu. Pretty good p-day so far. Tomorrow I have to pack for transfers so that is gonna be interesting. Well everyone I love you all and want you all to know that Jesus is our savior and that through him and focusing on him, we will never fall. Until next week!

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