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Monday, May 2, 2016

Week 30 - Japan Tokyo South

Week 30- April 17, 2016

So ya, I'm way happy cause it's super warm here now and I like the warm weather. Btw, the yahoo weather app is a liar.

Wednesday:  So we went to Higashi  Murayama. There were some weird people there. We wanted to visit less actives but sadly nobody was home. But as we were housing we ran into weird people. The first guy only opened the door like a centimeter and it was pitch black inside. You could barely see him and he listened to our message a little. When Elder Uemura gave him a flyer he had to slide it through the crack in the door and it was way weird lol. Then we talked to two guys (separate apartments) who just answered the door in their underwear so Elder Uemura asked one guy played sports and he's just like " nope" so that was weird. Then we ran into a Yakima guy who had no fingers on his right hand, just his thumb. Then we had Ekaiwa in the evening which was pretty normal and fun as always.

Thursday: We started with the good ole weekly planning. After that we went to a different lake. We went to Tama Lake this time and it was fun just like the last time. Then we went back and had dinner. After that we tried to visit another less active but sadly he wasn't home. Then we just dendoed around Tokorozawa and stuff.

Friday:  We tried once again to visit a few less actives but they are never home! Then we went to Tokorozawa and tried to talk to people. We gave out a Book of Mormon to a high school student so that was good. Then we ran into a less active! She came up to us and started telling us about her and that was way cool. Then randomly while talking with her S--- Kyodai shows up and is taking a picture of us. We were like what the heck is this, people are just happening to run into us. It was Heavenly Father. But after all that we had to hurry back for district meeting, which was great. Then we played ping pong with a few people and shared about the plan of salvation at the end with K-- Kyodai.

Saturday:  We went back to Sayama Lake this time. There were lots of people cause it was good weather and a weekend. We crossed the whole bridge then ran into Y------- Kyodai! He's a recent convert and is way chill and he offered to take us to a park where there were supposedly lots of people so we were like "okay" and off we went. We rode on this bike trail off around the like and through the mountains and it was way fun the whole time. And then we figured out that we went the wrong way and Y------- Kyodai didn't know how to get to the park from there. But it was totally okay cause it was a bunch of fun and we built a relationship with him -- which he needs as a recent convert. Then we got ice cream with him and headed home after. One thing I forgot is transfer calls! So it looks like I'm going back to Yokohama. I am transferring to Yamate and my companion is Elder Spackman. So this should be interesting to go back there. Ya Elder Uemura is staying and training a new missionary so that's cool. But anyway, after dinner we visited a family and shared the "mountains to climb" video and it was pretty good. Then we did some proselyting near their house but all we got was an old grandma getting mad at us for like 10 mins so that was lame.

Sunday:  I love church and you all should too. Church was great. K-- Kyodai passed the bread for the first time and he struggled a bit but it ended up ok. Everyone knew it was his first time and the ward is real nice. After church we had some crazy weather! It was raining outside but there were no clouds above us! How does that happen? It was way warm and sunny and raining. So that was sick. After that happened, we had ward council for like -- ever.

After dinner we visited our old grandpa I------- San. He's not doing too good right now 'cause he has nerve pain but we wanted to visit him once more before I transfer. Then we called some people but nobody answered so I said, "Okay, Elder Uemura, we are going outside to dendo and I will give out this Book of Mormon in the next half hour." So we went outside and tried to find people but nobody wanted to talk. Then right at the end when we got to the sidewalk outside our apartment, we talked to a fifteen-year-old kid who we were able to give the Book of Mormon to. It was the miracles of Heavenly Father.

Today:  We did shopping and the normal. Then we went to shyabu shyabu as a district so that was a lot of fun. And ya that's the stuff for this week. Trust in the lord and everything turns out alright. Pics!!

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