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Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Temple p-day is the bomb!

Week 23 - February 29, 2016

Ok so I don't remember everything but here's the highlights of this week.

Wednesday:  We had zone conference and that was great. We had a lot of trainings that I think helped us be able to be more bold and have more faith. It was really heavily focused on talking more about baptism with people as we learned a lot about just listening and trying to resolve people's concerns. If you just listen and try to
understand them and care about them, then they will share all their concerns with you and will be much more open and willing to talk.
Zone Conference
Thursday:  We had weekly planning as usual so that was as great as ever. We have had little finding time because we have had random stuff that comes up that we have do to but we did build some good relationships with people.

Friday:  We had splits in Hibarigaoka. We went with the zone leaders and had a miracle-filled day. I was with Elder "he's person"??? [sic.] and we had a great time. We got to talk to a kid who was way interested and we taught him all about the Book of Mormon and stuff like that. He then said he would call us when he had his phone. And that night he actually did! It was pretty insane cause nobody ever contacts that quick. And we were able to talk to a lot of people throughout the whole day and it was just a great day.

Saturday:  We had district meeting and did some practice for introducing the meaning of the sacrament to our investigator. We thought it went pretty well and so after that we went to pass out flyers for English class. So we did that for an hour. After that, K-- San came and we had dinner at Burger King. Then we went to the church and had a good lesson about the Sacramento and figured out more of his concerns. His parents are hantai which just means opposed. So they don't really like religion.  So we are trying to fix that up a little bit and prepare him more for his baptism. His prayers keep getting better and better and it is so awesome to see him progress like this.

Sunday:  So it was another way long Sunday cause we were at the church from like 8:30 until like 5:30 but it was way good. I blessed the sacrament in Japanese so that was interesting cause that was the first time I've done that. We also had another lesson with K-- San. More about the spirit and baptism and repentance and faith, basically the entire gospel of Jesus Christ. He took it all but was kinda tired and he said he likes it all and it's awesome. He prayed and asked Heavenly Father to help him receive baptism and he said he really wants it, so that's amazing.

Hobo's Tokorozawa, Japan
Monday:  So we had zone meeting this time. We really evaluated ourselves and tried to improve every phase of our missionary work and are trying to do everything we can to achieve the goals President Wada has for the mission. It was really good and needed I think. Then we went to this guy's house to talk to him and teach some. The guy is a huge tobacco smoker and it smelled awful. I hate tobacco.  After leaving my clothes smelled awful as well. That was icky. Don't smoke people.

Today:  We went to the temple! That's about it, but what else do you need? The temple is so awesome and peaceful everyone. There is no reason not to go if you can. But anyway, it's also my district leader's birthday so we gonna celebrate! Hopefully. Anyway I love you all and here comes pics! So ya here's pics of the temple and our zone and me next to Hobo's.
Elder Molen

LDS Tokyo Temple, Elder Molen and Elder Uemura

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