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Sunday, February 28, 2016

Tokorozawa - Japan Tokyo South Mission

Week 22 - February 21, 2016

Happy almost end of February everyone!

That was a lame title.

So this week was kind of similar to the last. Elder Uemura was sick still but he is mostly healed now so that's good. Is it weird that I love washing dishes now? I also love cleaning everything. I did a lot of that this week and I actually quite enjoyed it.

But, ya, as usual Ekaiwa was great and we are trying to help our advanced class learn things they don't know. We planned a lot this week and were able to contact a lot of people. That was a great point of this week. We contacted tons of people and I contacted a former investigator who is totally down to meet with us and have lunch or something.

Also our investigator K-- S-- is really progressing. His prayers really, really got better and we had a great lesson with him on the plan of salvation. And...... He committed to be baptized!!!! Hurray! Our date is April 2, so we will do everything we can to prepare and get him ready and excited for that. Everyone if you could pray that he will continue to progress and have his desire to be baptized that would be great, cause we want him back in celestial kingdom with Heavenly Father! And that is basically the highlight of this week.

We have been working hard and doing our very best. Honestly, everyone that's what it's about. No matter your circumstances, just remember that your ultimate goal is getting back to love with our Father in Heaven. Once we accept that, then it's not hard to make decisions anymore, we just follow the one that gets us there. And that's my sermon for this week.

Everyone, thanks for the emails and keep going strong. Sorry I don't have any pictures this week but I still love you all!!

Elder Molen

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