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Thursday, February 18, 2016

Birthday Bowling in Japan

February 14, 2016
Week 21

So this week some stuff happened. Exciting huh?

Well, actually not that many exciting things happened his week cause Elder Uemura got sick and we basically had a lot of sitting around time. We did some dendo but didn't have much success until Saturday.  Saturday we met a guy named Alex. He is half Japanese and half American and he is way chill. We talked to him about the restoration and other stuff, and he agreed to meet the following Wednesday! So that is way awesome. Then later that day we talked to a ton of people at this park that was just filled with people. It was really warm Saturday and Sunday so there were a lot of people everywhere.  We invited a lot of people to church and do our best this week.

Sunday was was Valentine's Day!! It feels weird cause every day feels the same to me now, but we had church and spend most of our time there submitting things and having meetings and having a lesson. And today we went bowling for my birthday. It was pretty fun cause we went as a district again and it was a party. So ya that's basically the exciting stuff for this week.

I ask everyone to try to be more grateful this week cause there are so many things that we don't realize that are a huge blessing. As you try to find the good and be more grateful you will become more happy.  

I did terrible until I got a turkey on the last set.

Elder Molen

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