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Thursday, February 18, 2016

Mt. Fuji in the Distance, Tokorozawa, Japan

February 7, 2016
Week 20
This is our apartment and there's Mount Fuji!

Ya, I'm still immature sometimes even though I'm a missionary, hence this subject line.

So this week.... Was pretty interesting.

Tuesday:  We basically just went out and did [proselytingze] all day long. We didn't have a whole lot of success but we did invite a lot of people to church and stuff so that was good.

  We had the President Whiting conference. President Whiting, the Asia North Area President came and did a tour. It was way awesome to hear some of the stuff he said. He talked a lot about the premortal life and our futures. It really inspired a lot of the missionaries to live up to the standards that were expected before and the ones expected of our future. He talked about having more faith to baptize and things like that.  It was way good. Then we came back and had Ekaiwa which was great because lots of people came and we had some great discussion.

Thursday: We had weekly planning and that was obviously a joy cause who doesn't love that? I don't really remember what happened on Thursday, but we did some dendo after dinner but didn't really find anyone.

Friday:  So today we had district meeting and it was way interesting. Our district is just funny and we all will have a good time together this transfer. After that we had an appointment for our investigator K-- San to come and play some ping pong then have a lesson -- which we did.  The lesson was interesting. He lacks confidence and stuff like that so we are trying to help him have more and trust in God. I think
he will start progressing a lot. Then we had dinner with him and after that he went home. Then we rode our bikes pretty far to a more country side area. And we shared a short message with a member who's mother (she was a grandma) died recently. I think they really appreciated it. Then we rode home.

Saturday:  We had a lot of time to go out and dendo, so we did. We went to a park and talked to people and found a [us] who had met missionaries 40 years earlier, so that was way cool. We talked to a lot of people and it was a good day. In the evening we rode a long way to a member's house and talked to him, and he shared about some of his mission memories and it was really cool to hear.

  Gotta love it when you can actually understand what the people in church are saying instead of just being helpless. We basically stayed at the church most of the day building relationships with members and we had another lesson with K--- San. We are hoping he can understand how to pray cause he has struggled with that. Then we had a shokuji at a member's house which was way fun. We just
have a good ole time talking to each other and joking around.

Today: I'm writing this email at Denny's. It's not the same as America.

I love you all. The gospel is true and never forget that you are a child of God.

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