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Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Hey everyone Sakura is coming!

Week 27 -  March 27, 2016
Hey everyone Sakura is coming!

The sakura right outside my window.
So this week I was bad at remembering what happened so I'll try my best.

Monday:  I had a nice reunion with the one and only Elder Palomino. We chilled at the church and played some sports. In the evening we found a new investigator named K-------i San. He believes in finding truth and people's own way of thinking and stuff like that. He is some sect of Buddhism but we are hoping when we visit again tonight that he will be touched by the message of the spirit. He also said that when other people came to his door like the -------- --------- that they didn't really listen to his beliefs and there was nothing special. But he said that when we talked there was some things that he didn't understand. He kept saying "what is it that you have?" It was the spirit!! So we are way excited.

Tuesday:  Honestly, all I remember is when Elder Draper and I went on splits for like an hour and talked to this one guy who was way chill. We invited him to church and taught some stuff but he lives far away so that's not too great, but it was a good contact. Oh, wait, ya in the morning we had a blitz! We didn't really get too many contacts cause it was all business men and women ( so we couldn't talk to the women), but the sisters did way good so that was awesome.

Wednesday:  We had a lesson with K-- San today.  We went over the priesthood mostly. He was still way excited for his baptism. Then we went to a ramen place that was pretty good, but I splashed on myself so that was lame. Then Ekaiwa was as usual way fun! Our grandpas are way too funny.

Thursday:  Weekly planning.  I'll tell you that is some great stuff right there. We planned out the next week and are getting ready to work real hard. Later we just did our best to dendo it up.

Friday:  We had district meeting. That was fun hearing about everyone else's investigators and how we can help them out. After that we were waiting for a recent convert to come but he didn't show up for a while, but we also taught him about the priesthood again and that was good.

Saturday:  We went to Koku-koen! There were tons of people cause it was pretty good weather and Saturday. We talked to one guy for like an hour and we are hoping he will come to church. We talked to a few other people and had a good time going around the park. In the evening we met K-- San for planning his baptismal service and that went pretty well. Then we went to a wedding party cause K-- San wanted to go, so naturally we went with him. It was at the church for a member and it was way funny. Everyone had a good time eating food and celebrating
the married couple just as it's supposed to go.

Sunday:  So it was Easter!! Hurray for Jesus Christ's resurrection!! If you haven't gained a testimony of that, now is the time to start! Today church went great and after K-- San had his baptismal interview.......and he passed!! So yay! We are having his service on Saturday and it should be great. We are all super excited. We were at the church for a while again then did some housing after dinner and that was about it for Sunday.

K-- San after his interview

Everyone, Jesus Christ is our Savior. He rose on the third day and he lives  today. If we want eternal life as he has promised us, all we have to do is choose it. I love my Savior and I know he loves everyone. A phase, a wonderful Easter season, and get excited for general conference!

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