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Wednesday, April 13, 2016

This Just In! We Got a New Convert in the House!!

Week 28
April 3, 2016

So this week was great!

I don't remember a whole lot but I'll do my best.

On Wednesday:  We had a stake blitz in Tachikawa! It was way fun to see the other missionaries and go try and find a rising generation. We saw a lot of miracles that day and possibly got a few new investigators for that area. I got to dendo with Elder Burnham which was awesome cause we always see lots of miracles. We had to hurry home cause we had Ekaiwa. We set up that way fast and it went well as usual.

We had zone meeting! We received some more great trainings on loving people and teaching people, not lessons. After zone meeting we had to do some good ole weekly planning, which is always the best cause who doesn't love weekly planning.

Friday: I got the Easter package from my family. Thanks guys! Then we had district meeting. We sadly won't do a district blitz this week cause nobody has time for it. We had a lesson with K-- San in the evening. We reviewed multiple things like, the atonement, the process of repentance, and how the sacrament is related to that. Also we talked about tithing. It was a long lesson and it was really good cause I think we really cemented some of that information and made him solid in his knowledge. We also showed him the font and practiced the
baptizing motion. All in all that was a pretty good night.

Saturday:  Day of baptism!  So we woke up at 5 am cause there was ward softball which was a blast. We all had a lot of fun but had to hurry home to prepare for the baptism at 10:00. We got ready real fast and started filling the font and it all went well. We practiced with K-- San about sharing his testimony and the baptism again and he seemed to do really well. Then we had the service. The talks were simple but good and I think everyone just felt really comfortable. Then we had the baptism! He was way nervous the whole time though so it was kinda funny. When then went in.  (S----- Kyodai) Brother S----- who was performing the baptism had to like shove him in the water cause he was resisting going down lol. The first time his knee and hair didn't go under, so they had to do it again. The second time he went under, but S----- Kyodai sort of had to shove him still lol. But in the end it was all great!! He shared his testimony and it was awesome. Then we went to lunch with him and told him that we were proud of how hard he worked. Then we had some studies and finding time but not much there. After dinner we visited a less active with the young men and played a game and it was funny and fun. My English is so weird.

Sunday:  So we had morning Ekaiwa, which went well. In Sacrament we confirmed K-- San and gave him the gift of the Holy Ghost which was good. Elder Uemura couldn't really remember the words for the ordinance so the bishop and his counselors helped him while we were doing it, so it went ok. He is now a recent convert who is ready to try real hard and do his best at living the gospel.  We are really excited for him. We were at the church until like 4:00 then visited a referral from the sisters, but we weren't able to contact him so we will keep trying. Then we had a small break until dinner cause it was fast Sunday and we were all pretty hungry. Then we went to the Matsuokas for dinner and it was way delicious as usual. Their little kids are way fun and cute. We all had a good time and the sisters shared a message about charity and gratitude. After that we did a little bit of housing but nobody really wanted to talk.

We have been shopping, and I am on the train riding to Kichijoji for p-day as we speak. So ya this is all that's happened so far.

Jesus Christ is everyone's Savior, and he can help us through any and all of life's problems. Love you all. Pics!!

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