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Sunday, September 4, 2016

Week 47 August 15, 2016

This week was pretty good and filled with lessons so that's great!

Wednesday:  We had a few lessons set up this day. Our first investigator Y------a flaked on us so that sucked, but then we went to Sukiya because Elder Harrison needed to eat a "king size." It was still hard. Not as bad as last time though. Then we came back and had a lesson with a guy named K--.  He is really super nice but he has trouble remembering the things we teach so we will just really get it into his head hopefully. Then we had dinner really quick and came back to set up for Ekaiwa which went well, but there was not very many people 'cause it was a holiday or something.

Thursday:  We had district meeting, which was pretty normal but after we had a quick split with the zone elders.  Elder Gailey and I were able to teach a guy that we were super bold with and it was fun. In the night we had to do weekly planning.

Friday:  We had zone conference.  President and Sister Warnick came and talked about how to use the culture to our advantage and really connect with the Japanese people. It was a really good conference and there were a lot of missionaries who bore their final testimony before they go home, so that was interesting. In the evening we were able to go talk to people about family history 'cause a festival was happening where the Japanese believe their ancestors spirits come back.

So we tried to do that and we were able to meet part of a family we had shared a message with before so that was good. They also made me try helping lift the mini shrine thing they were carrying for the festival.   (don't worry I wasn't worshipping the thing) That was interesting.

Saturday:  We had a lesson with A--c before basketball about the Word of Wisdom and the Ten Commandments and it went really well.  He thought it was all good and just thought it was interesting we didn't drink tea or coffee. We had a fun time at basketball and then were able to meet another investigator, T---i. We ate lunch with him and asked how he felt about learning more. Sadly, he said he doesn't want to right now but we will keep trying.  In the evening we had food at a member's house and we almost died because of how much food was in us.

  We were at the church until like 4:15 doing stuff and it was a crazy but good day. Also K---n came to church, so that was good.

Today:  We went and saw the Lamborghini and Maserati dealerships which was way awesome! We went to the Nissan Museum and I sat in a GTR, so that was fun. Now we are here.

There have been so many good things happening with the people we are working with and you can really feel the love the lord has for all of them. He loves us and unconditionally and we can always do our best to be like Jesus Christ but if we mess up its ok cause we just keep going.

Love you all, Elder Molen

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