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Sunday, September 4, 2016

Tokyo, Japan - Hello People of the World!

August 29, 2016
Hello people of the world!

So tragically I have no time again this week cause of crazy things but I'll do my best to inform you.

Tuesday:  We tried to visit a few people who were on our potential investigator list, but sadly they were all gone. We were in a tripanionship and had some good dendo walking around. It's kinda fun
when you are with three people 'cause you have so many random things to talk about.

Wednesday:  So we had another lesson with K-- K----a!  We taught him the first lesson for like the third time and he's getting more of it.  He has a problem with remembering things so we are trying to work past that and possibly to use object lessons with him so he can remember more of it.  It went well and we are going to try and continue meeting him. After that we passed out flyers for a little bit which was obviously a blast 'cause what's better then flyers.  In the evening, we had Ekaiwa which was good. We had 4 new students there so that was great and I think they all had a good time, so we just want them to come back.

Thursday:  We had monthly and weekly planning.  So we are looking forward to going ham in September and find all those prepared people. We did that for a while and then we went and picked up Elder Rodriguez from the station. He is super happy and funny so it should be a fun apartment. We then went out and streeted around trying to talk to some people and it was a pretty normal night.

Friday:  We had the first district meeting of the transfer! Not really much changed in the district but we have been finding new people to teach as of late so we are all hopeful for the future.

Saturday:  Today was great!  We had an activity called negashi soumen at the church. They have thin noodles and water slide down a cut in half piece of bamboo and you snatch it up, dip it in sauce and then eat it.  It's way good and we invited a lot of people.  Lots of non-members came so it went super good.  In the evening we had a freaking awesome lesson with a man named Y--. He is super prepared.  He has had a lot of difficult experiences in his life but has been searching for the real church. He accepted everything we said and he said he would read the entire Book of Mormon. We can't wait to see what happens with him.

Sunday:  We had church which went awesome. After that we went and tried to visit 3 people and we were able to say hello to one of them, but sadly we could not have a lesson with any of them. It also started raining and my umbrella broke in half -- sadly -- so we just got soaked and it was kinda fun.

Today:  We went to Costco! We have food! Now we will go visit an investigator. I love you all and keep doing your best!

Elder Molen

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