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Sunday, September 4, 2016

District Leader Training in Kichijoji and Service for the First Time in Forever!

Week 44 - July 25, 2016         For the first time in forever!


You will understand the subject later.

Tuesday:  We met with M----i and reviewed more stuff in the lessons. He's leaving soon so we gotta get 'em all done. Later that night, we met a potential investigator who we are slowly working with to help him see things clearly.

Wednesday:  We had zone meeting which was good. Our zone is awesome and filled with people who love to see miracles!! We are all excited for the rest of the transfer. We had Ekaiwa at night, which went well.  A family came which was really cool 'cause it doesn't happen very often.

Thursday:  I had to go to a district leader training in Kichijoji so I got to see my MTC companion and other people. So that took up a bunch of time. Then we had dinner with our friend, K---o. He is a nice kid.  Elder Spackman and I met -- who is going to New York soon for school. That went well, and then we left and didn't know what to do with our extra time. So we walked on a popular shopping street and we ran into a Chinese guy.  I said,  "Hello my name is Molen," and he said, "Oh, hello I'm Molin."  So basically we found a prepared Chinese man with my same (almost) who we became friends on Facebook. That's a miracle.

Friday:  So we had district meeting which was my second one leading, and it went pretty well. After that we had to do some studying and preparation for a lesson we had at 5.  So we did that and had a lesson with K---n. We talked about him really getting an answer to his prayer and I asked if he was following how it was written in Moroni, and he said, "ya, I think I am." We figured out he doesn't care at all to know if God is there, so we boldly told him that and we dropped him as an investigator 'cause he has no desire.

  We had to do weekly planning this day 'cause we missed it the other days, but first we went to basketball and everyone had a wonderful time doing that as usual.  Not super eventful this day.

Sunday:  After church we ate and then got to visit the N---e Family. They are super nice and have 4 young boys so it's kinda crazy, but fun. We shared about enduring to the end and talked about Joseph Smith's experience in Liberty Jail. I think it went pretty well.

Monday:  We went down to Yokosuka Military Base to buy my large companion a bike. He doesn't fit any Japanese ones. So the elder of the senior couple came and took us onto base. It was way weird 'cause everything was just like America.  I even saw a football field. We bought him a bike and were able to get on back to our house. We went straight from there to Kichijoji again for family home evening with our investigator Y------a. He met lots of people and we became better friends, so I think it was really good.

   "For the first time in forever" we did some service! We helped clean the yard of a member who is struggling. We tore out tons of weeds and plants and all that. It was fun. That's all for this week. Sorry for having no time and I love you all!

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