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Sunday, September 4, 2016

Goodbye Elder Nagano, Hello Elder Harrison; Sandwich Parties, Wonderful Costco and Darn Typhoons

Week 43: July 18, 2016

Tuesday: We did lots of apartment cleaning. Our apartment is "gorgeous"!!  Then we did lots of good things.  Elder Fenton and I went and visited an investigator who we should be meeting next week so that's awesome! Then we got to teach the restoration to a nice man from India and it went great.

Wednesday:  We threw down a nice kubari at Yamate Station and I gave out tons of flyers which was awesome. Then we went to the church and played some basketball with a member who was gonna bring a nonmember friend, but sadly he couldn't come -- but it was still a great time.  Then
we had some dinner and set up for Ekaiwa.  Ekaiwa went pretty well 'cause we had like 3 new students.

Thursday:  So it was my last time with Elder Nagano as my companion.  I  had to leave early to go to the mission home, so we went to the station and gave everyone hugs and then I headed out.  Elder Nagano was totally awesome and I'm gonna miss having him as a companion.  I made my way to the mission home successfully navigating Tokyo. I saw a bunch of other trainers/friends and it was a nice meeting. We met our trainees after some talks about being good examples and stuff like that. My new companion is Elder Harrison! He is from San Antonio Texas and is my third companion that is 6'5". So, yeah, I get paired with the tall people.  He's really nice and excited and ready to work. I think
that we are gonna have a good time and see lots of miracles together.  We have lots of stuff to do here so we will be pretty busy. After we came back, we had to do planning and I got him updated on all the people's situations and things like that.

Friday:  Today we had our meeting with the Bishop just like every transfer.   It was pretty... (unsure what he meant here...typos) same as last time.  He's way fired up and we are gonna work hard. Then we got ramen but partway through a darn typhoon just came in and there was lots of rain. It was like a river on the hill back up to the church. We got a bit wet. Then we phone contacted for a bit, ate and went to our first district meeting of the transfer. It went pretty normal and good. The zone leaders came up with new ways to improve and help our investigators, and I think this transfer is going to go friggin' awesome!

Saturday:  We had basketball. Our friend T---i who Elder Inumaki and I met -- came this week.  He is really nice and after, we were able to give him a Chinese Book of Mormon. So that was really cool. After that we ate lunch and changed and stuff. Then we went back to the church to meet an investigator Elder Nagano and I met. We had M---i there with us and we taught the restoration.  Elder Harrison did great and we all thought it was a wonderful lesson.  He understood everything and wants
to learn more. After that, we went to a luau in Shonandai with M----i.  It was a lot of fun and we had some yummy food.

Sunday:  Sunday was great.  Sacrament meeting was great as well as gospel principles class. After church we had a sand which party which was fun. The kids go ham at that so it was pretty interesting to see. After that we had lunch cause it did not fill us up. Then we talked to people at the park and streeted around. For dinner we went to brother Barton's and M----i was there as well. We talked about lots of things but I think one of the big things was repentance. Sometimes people think it's a bad thing but everyone needs it and it makes your life turn to God so it's actually a great thing.

Today we went to the Costco!! It's a wonderful place, people.  You should all go there.

Everyone it's been a crazy week and it's gonna be another awesome one coming. The church is the best and yeah, it's totally true, so ya.

Love you all, until next week, Elder Molen.

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