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Tuesday, November 15, 2016

A New Round of Seasons in Japan - Halloween week

October 24, 2016 - Week 56
This is so weird having the seasons restart on me in Japan.

Tuesday:  We went to the mission home of the north mission 'cause Elder Bednar came and spoke to us!! Needless to say, but it was the best conference ever. He gave us so much to think about and the spirit in the room the entire time was amazing. His biggest points were about not being objects but being agents who acted for themselves and hearing the words that aren't said. He basically told us that the spirit is the most fundamental thing in our lives and our investigator's lives. It was super spiritually enlightening and to actually see how awesome one of the apostles is was so cool. I also got to see Elder Nitta from Alpine and all the other friends in the north mission. Then that night we had splits with the AP's so we went to the mission home and had some dinner. Then Elder Battaglia was feeling a bit sick so Elder Smith, Elder Matsumoto and I went dendoing. We went around the streets of Kichijoji and also Inokashira Park, so that was a lot of fun. We talked to quite a few people and some college students asked us if we wanted to drink with them, but we obviously said no and told them why. It was a fun night.

Wednesday:  We had studies and we also had a lesson with a man from Korea who is totally prepared.  He is gonna get baptized in the near future, I can feel it.  He accepted a soft baptismal invitation so that was really good. After that Elder Battaglia and I tried to go to a school to see if we could give fliers for advertising. Then a random guy who said he was in charge of something (not really sure what. This is English by the way) said that they don't accept that and that the school doesn't recognize the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints as Christians. So that was pretty lame.  So that didn't succeed, but we did get to play some catch with kids in the park and become Facebook friends so that was awesome! Then Elder Smith and I went back to Yamate and went right in Ekaiwa. Sadly, there weren't a ton of people there but this week is the Halloween party so it should be good.
Thursday:  I got to go on splits with Elder Harrison! So he came back to Yamate and we tried to talk to a bunch of people. It was great! We got to have a lesson with M------o. We asked him what he really wants from meeting with us and we also just listened to him. Elder Bednar said that a lot of times we have something called "talking to myself while standing in front of my investigator." We tried not to do that. He is doing well but wants to take things his own pace. We had district meeting at night. We are prepared (mostly) for the Halloween party so that should be good!

Friday: We had zone conference! We had a wonderful time at zone conference with lots of trainings. I had to give one as well. We talked a lot a about using the language and family history. So it was a really good zone conference. After it we talked to some guys at the bus stop about family history and they seemed kind of interested but had to leave before we could do more. Then we had weekly planning since we didn't get to do it on Thursday.

Saturday:  We had basketball! We had a fun time and the two kids who came last week came again! So that was awesome. After that, we went home and showered and stuff.  Then we went to Yokohama for a district lunch, then blitz. So we ate lots of pizza then went out and talked to everyone around Yokohama Station. It was really fun cause K---n came with us and watched us while we talked to people. It was great!image2.JPG

Sunday:  We had a nice day. We had a wonderful sacrament meeting but it was kind of sad 'cause those two kids at basketball canceled and didn't come. But that's ok 'cause K---n came. Then after church we did all the needful things and had food at our apartment. After that, we went out and housed for like 2 hours and it was also really good. We talked to a lot of people. We got invited to the Barton's for dessert at the end of the night so we invited K---n and also met the sisters there. It was a good time and we had delicious brownies.

Elder Molen and Elder Uemura
Today:  I got my hair cut and then we went up to the top of Landmark Tower (my second time). It was wonderful! Other than that we didn't really do a whole lot but we have had a lot of fun! Anyways. I love you all. The gospel is moving forward and being hastened by the Lord. I know it's true and we just have to keep pressing forward. Pics!
The gospel is the best. 

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