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Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Zone Conference - Sakuragicho - Yokohama

October 17, 2016 - Week 55

We didn't have tons of time to do stuff this week cause we were pretty busy with other stuff.
I had a bunch of random times where we had to plan things out either for the upcoming zone conference, district meetings, or splits so it was kinda weird this week. I think we found like 3 potential investigators and we are doing our best to meet with more. We went to sakuragicho and Yokohama today so that's pretty fun. The 2 new missionaries are going crazy seeing all this stuff that is completely crazy. Also I forgot my planner so I don't really know exactly what else happened. 

But I do know that if we strive our hardest to be like Christ and be like he is then we can see miracles in our lives. It might not happen immediately or how we think but God will help us and support us as long as we are desiring to be like Christ. But ya I guess that's it's for this week.
Love you guys! Here's pics!

The gospel is the best!

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