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Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Week 59 - Tokyo, Japan - Supermoon - Transfers!

Week 59 - November 14, 2016
So this week has been pretty interesting with the stuff that has happened.

Zone meeting and district blitz: So we had zone meeting where Elder Coleman and I talked about how the zone was doing and how we can improve so we made plans with all the missionaries to make changes so that we can improve. We also relayed the stuff from mission leadership council. After that we had a blitz in Kannai which was kinda fun. We walked up and down this huge mall street trying to talk to all the people. People there weren't as interested as we hoped but it was still a great time. We also learned that Trump won the election that day 'cause so many Japanese people were watching and talking about it. So that was awesome. Japanese people care so much about American politics and it's really funny. 
Splits in Yokosuka:  I got to go with Elder Choi In Yokosuka. We had Ekaiwa at night which was a fun experience to talk with everyone and see how another Ekaiwa is run. The next day we went to go check out a place that seemed like there was a lot of people. When we got there it wasn't as populated as we were hoping but we tried our best anyway. We talked to a few cool people and found a big Buddhist temple. We did some housing and had a good 'ole time trying to find those prepared people. After that, we went back to the apartment to pack my stuff and we went to meet our real companions again. We met up at Kamiooka and went back and had dinner. After that we went to the church and had a really spiritual lesson with K---n. We talked about some of his concerns and just bore our testimonies. The spirit was so strong in there and both Elder Smith and I felt peace about K---n. So we challenged him to pray from the heart to really know for himself who God is. That was one of the most spiritual lessons I've ever had on my mission so that was way cool. 

Transfer calls:  Yes, this is where the title of the email comes into play. I am finally being transferred out of Yamate after 7 and 1/2 months. It is kinda sad to leave but it is also going to be fun to see new stuff. I'm going to Hobarigaoka still as zone leader. My companion will be Elder Millard. Something cool, though, is that the other zone leader in the same apartment is my old companion, Elder Spackman!! So we will be together doing things a lot, and this is his last transfer so it will be a fun time to be with him again. But yes, this is my goodbye to Yokohama. さよăȘら。 We also had a session of stake conference at night which was pretty good to hear the stake leaders and President Warnick speak. 
Supermoon:  On Sunday we had the second session of stake conference which was also really good and fun to see all of the members from my first ward at the stake center. Then in the afternoon we scheduled a time to go meet a potential investigator who used to have a baptismal date. We met him for like 5 mins, so I introduced him to Elder Smith and told him to contact the missionaries even though I was leaving.  But then he had to go to work so he left and we talked to people and took some moon pictures which aren't very good quality, but that's ok. Anyway, after that I got to go to the Barton family's house for the last time which was great as usual. They were the best at helping us out and it was fun to sign their "bye-bye scroll." 

Today:  We went and I got a new slim fit Japanese suit so that was good. I am excited for this coming transfer and to see all the miracles that come about in my new area. Heavenly Father is real.  He loves us all, and he never gives up on us. Love you all! Pics!
The gospel is the best!

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