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Thursday, January 5, 2017

Thanksgiving is this week!

"My new suit picture while trying to look like a model."
Week 60 - November 20, 2016

Now since I'm in Hibarigaoka I don't know if we will get Thanksgiving but we will see.

The highlights!!  Basically p-day I bought that new suit so I'll send a picture.

Wednesday:  I had my last Ekaiwa in Yamate, so it was kind of sad but not that bad. A student brought me some sick slippers which was super nice and I was way grateful. I said goodbye to the students and all that but nothing crazy.

Transfer day:  I just rode one train for like an hour and finally arrived at Hibarigaoka. My new companion Elder Millard is from Tennessee and he is pretty chill. We are gonna find and teach a lot of people this transfer, I can feel it!

Friday: Elder Spackman and I went on splits to go to district meetings. First we went back to my old area, Tokorozawa, which was crazy seeing it again. We had district meeting there and it's good to see that everyone in this zone wants to work really hard. Then we went to Kichijoji by bike cause it's only, like, 30 mins from Hibarigaoka. So that was good seeing all the office elders and the assistants. After that we had some bomb tsukemen, came back and had some pretty normal dendo.

Saturday:  We basically had meetings all day long. There was a family history fair that we had with the youth which was a ton of fun. Then we had stake conference at night. It always gets hard to focus for a long time on a language that isn't your native tongue. 

Sunday:  We had stake conference in the morning and then we had some nice dendo time in the mid-day section. It was alright. All we did was talk to a few people on the street but nothing spectacular. We did some nice kubari and streeting which was pretty good. There are lots of funny excuses that old guys give to why they can't listen. We did have an awesome lesson at night with this random guy. He had tons of questions like about why there were so many denominations, how to feel the spirit and why bad things in the world happen. We were able to tell him how the BoM can answer all his questions. He also said "I think a Japanese person who has felt the spirit before can probably explain that and other things easier." I was like " Yes, I think so too!" So we are gonna go back next week with a member.

Today:  We had some way good ramen, and Motoki came to Hibarigaoka to visit elder Spackman and I so that's way awesome. Well that's all for this week.  
Last District Meeting

Last District Meeting

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