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Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Japan Tokyo South - We've Hit the Rainy Season!

Week 38 - June 12, 2016 - The Rainy Season

It's been raining like crazy over here and I think it will only keep coming so that's exciting.

So this week:

Tuesday:  We had splits in Kamiooka! I went with Elder Dunn and we tried to track down some less actives. We found both of their houses but sadly neither of them were there. We talked to a few people but everyone was kinda grumpy that day so nobody too interested. But it was a fun and awesome splits.

Wednesday:  We went to Honmoku to fix up our bikes! It took us a while to get there because we talked to a lot of people on the way. Elder Nagano met a friend from high school. It was crazy 'cause they haven't seen each other in 5 years or something. That was awesome too see that miracle. The rest of the time we just dendoed around and tried to talk to people. Sadly a lot of people were racist that day so they didn't want to talk to me but it's ok 'cause we love them anyway. We then had "inner" [not sure if that's a typo] and went to have a lesson with N------a Kyodai before Ekaiwa. We talked about the Word of Wisdom and that went well, so ya. Ekaiwa was pretty good, we played a game that was really funny and everyone liked it.

Thursday:  We had weekly planning!! It was quite a wonderful time. After dinner we had a lesson with M----i reviewing the restoration which he understood perfectly so that's really good. He is so solid and it's way cool.

Friday:  We had breakfast with our friend A---. We challenged him the last Sunday to pray sincerely so we wanted to see how it went. We asked him, but he just sort of avoided the subject. He wants to know how our religion affects our daily lives and things like that, but doesn't necessarily want the spiritual aspect. We are going to keep working with him. We went to Sakuragicho for a little bit and that was a lot of fun 'cause we ended up talking to this way funny kid from Hong Kong. Sadly, he's going back really soon so we can't teach him, but it was a great conversation. Then we went back and had district meeting. We are working hard on getting investigators to church lately, so ya.  Then we had some pizza for dinner and went back to the church to contact a bunch of people. That was basically the rest of the night, but we figured out that we get to go to Shinjuku on the 27th for a BYU
Hawaii concert there if we bring someone, so that's way cool!

Saturday:  We played basketball! A good amount of people came and it was a lot of fun. It was the Sorenson boys last time so that's sad 'cause they are awesome. Then we had lunch real quick. We made orange chicken and it was amazing! Family, when I get back I will cook Asian food for you all. Heh. We hurried over to Yamashita park by the harbor to meet one of elder Nagano's past investigators. I just talked to the guy's kid for a while and the kid was way funny and it was a lot of fun. Then we headed back to the church to meet up to go to the Sorenson's and Larsen's goodbye party. We went to that and it was a lot of fun eating hamburgers and a bunch of other good stuff. Talking to people was also a great time.

Sunday:  Church was a blast as usual. It is sad to have these foreign families leave though. We heard some great talks on eternal families and all that. We then get M----i's baptismal record signed finally. Then we carried some stuff back and had lunch. After that we did a little bit of housing without too much success but it was alright. We saw a giant spider. Then after dinner we tried to visit a couple who recently moved to our area but sadly they weren't home. We were able to talk to 2 kids who were way chill and talked with us for like a half an hour. I also taught one of them the restoration so that was awesome.

Today:  There is lots of rain. I'm e-mailing. We have groceries like crazy. That's the status. The Book of Mormon is true. Jesus Christ is the best. I love you all, goodbye!

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