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Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Japan, Tokyo South - Yamate, Transfers, Kamiooka, Kannai Station, Yokohama DeNa Baystars

Week 36 - May 29, 2016 - Last Few Days of the Transfer

Here's last week.

Monday night:  We had a crazy conversation with our friend R---r ( too much to explain), and we committed him to test the BoM.

Tuesday:  We had super splits which is where the entire zone goes on splits. I went with Elder Hilton in Kamiooka again. We did a good amount of streeting and talked to an ok amount of people. Sadly, none of them would exchange contact info. or meet with us again. But we did that and passed out flyers for a while. Then we had dinner and visited a less active who is just going down the drain a bit. He doesn't want to do anything and won't really follow the gospel anymore and it's sad to see. That wasn't too great but overall the split was a fun time.

Wednesday:  We had zone meeting where we talked a lot about how to introduce baptism to the people we meet with and how to make it not so scary for them. It was a lot of really good trainings. After that we went to indo curry which was way good. In the evening we went housing and streeting but not really much to report there.

Thursday:  We had district meeting today. On our way we crashed on our bikes sadly. Elder Spackman lost control somehow and went down and to avoid hitting him I had to pull my brake and sadly it was the front.  So I flew over the handle bars and am totally fine -- not even a scratch. Elder Spackman scraped his hand and had some bruises, but we're good. Then we had district meeting which was our last one of the transfer. It was good and we learned about how to more effectively
introduce the restoration on the street. Then we had weekly planning and contacting people for like the rest of he time. We are always busy doing things in Yamate and it's kinda crazy but good.

Friday:  So we had lunch with M----i at a good pizza place which was fun. After that we had a lesson about the priesthood cause he was getting interviewed for it on Sunday. It was kinda confusing for him but we think he's good now. Then we went to Kannai station and passed out flyers, but there was a Yokohama Baystars game going on at the same time so there was a TON of people passing by. It was a lot of fun. I also saw a really cool Corvette Stingray, so ya that was cool. Then we had dinner with the Sorensons. They are a way awesome family from Texas and they are super nice. They are leaving Japan soon so that's sad though. We used the relative finder and saw how everyone was related so that was fun. Then everyone shared their favorite scripture, so all around it was pretty good.

Saturday:  We had basketball like usual. Then we got transfer calls after!! Elder Spackman is finally leaving Yamate after 5 transfers and going to Hachioji. My new companion is going to be his trainer and my former zone leader, Elder Nagano! He is totally awesome and I'm way excited. This is his last transfer too so that's pretty crazy. Then we had lunch and some other stuff that I don't remember. At night while Elder Spackman contacted lots of people on the phone I wrote my talk for Sunday so that was the rest of the night.

Sunday:  My talk went good! -- I think -- I still don't know how much emotion I put into my Japanese but I tried my best and I think it was ok. M----i received the Holy Ghost!! That is so awesome cause now he can receive help on decisions that he has to make. After church there
was a ward meal so everyone brought tons of stuff! Our friend we met on the street came and we were way happy. We are hoping eventually he shows interest in the gospel cause right now he doesn't. The meal was way good. Then we went to a member's and dropped off a French BoM and streeted around. At night while walking around we talked to a kid who was way nice and talked with us for a while. He doesn't really have any church interest but we got his phone number and are hoping to hang out with him again.

Today:  P-day! We are doing p-day stuff. Everyone, find joy in the gospel. If you aren't feeling the joy then there is something you are forgetting and you can ask the spirit to know how to improve. If you are, keep enjoying!

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