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Monday, December 7, 2015

Week 8 - Japan, Tokyo South Mission

November 16, 2015

I don't know what to do for my introduction so ya.

Monday: we set some expectations which one of our investigators and told him that we have to teach something
or we can't meet with him anymore. So he said that's ok as long as we don't stray from God, so I said "that is
absolutely great." And that was the end of p-day.

Tuesday:  So after studies we went over to Hiyoshi for the day to do some housing and streeting. It was kinda bad weather but not horrible but there weren't many people to talk to because it was a bit dismal. We were talking to a college student who opened his door and we talked with him for a bit but his grandma came out and was like "do
you need them? Huh?" And he said not really and that was the end of that sadly. We went around some more and didn't have much success but then we went to a ward member's okonomyaki shop. He let us make our own on
this really big long grill. We put down batter and then cabbage, then you put on the meat. After that you put layers
of soba on and instead of just two we accepted his challenge of doing four. It was rough.... That was a lot of food.
But we got our pictures above his grill and stuff. His name is Komuro Kyodai and he is way funny and awesome. 
After that we went back to the apartment.

Wednesday:  We went off to the parks in center again, it's kind of a Wednesday thing. It was cloudy so there
weren't very many people but we did talk to some and it is always fun to go through the parks. Right when we were going to leave (and we hadn't found anyone to teach the whole day) we ran into a college student who we
taught the restoration and prayed with. He said he wanted to learn more but he had so many studies that he didn't
have time until March. So that was sad but we will try to keep in touch and see if we can get someone to teach
him then. Then we went back for dinner and set out for shin Yokohama again. (railway station) We didn't really find anyone to teach or who was interested but we found a lot of interesting people who told us about themselves. I met a grandpa who knew a song about Davy Crockett and he sang it to me so that was nice.

Thursday:  We had studies and weekly planning just as we do every Thursday. Gotta love weekly planning. Sorry
Thursday's aren't very interesting but we did have Ekaiwa! We were on the subject of nature with advanced class
but the first word was smog and then we ended up talking about driving and traffic in America for an hour and a
half. They thought it was amazing how large the roads and parking lots are in America. They will be ready for
driving in America in no time. Then after it ended I talked to my friend Kento San and I invited him to stake conference and he said yes! That made me way happy that he was taking step towards the gospel.

Friday:  We had district meeting just like every Friday and it was fun talking about the progress of our investigators and how we can improve. After that I honestly don't remember at all what happened so if I remember in like five minutes I'll write more.

Saturday: We decided to go over to Hiyoshi again to visit a less active referral from the bishop. We decided to ride bikes and it was raining so that was interesting. I had a poncho but I might have gotten a bit wet. We got there and sadly he wasn't home so we rode back to the church. We were there for stake conference and we welcomed
people and saw a lot of the other missionaries. We heard some great stories about reactivated members and other stuff. We were going to go visit a less active but sadly my bike tire was flat again. I bought a new tube so it has to be the rim and I shall find out what is wrong and conquer it. So we walked back in the rain and loved it.

Sunday: We had stake conference again and Kento San showed up! I was way happy that he came through so
we sat with him. President Wada spoke and so did the temple president of the Tokyo temple. Kento San said
he didn't understand hardly anything and I was right there with him. Given it was for different reasons but that's
ok. I don't know if he wants to come back but I hope so.

Today:  We had some indo curry again and as always it was delicious. Then we went to get groceries and stuff and now I am here. I hope we can start getting some progress with our investigator tonight. Well, sorry if this week was a bit boring but I think things are about to look up.

Heavenly Father loves all of you and wants the best for you. Jesus Christ is our way back to him and he never gives up on us. Until next week.

Elder Molen

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