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Tuesday, January 24, 2017

The Weather Here is Bipolar - Tokyo, Japan South Mission

Week 64 - December 18, 2016

It's like super warm today for some reason and I like it but I know it's just gonna get cold again. Here's this week's stuff!

Tuesday:  We cleaned the apartment a bunch for the coming transfer which is always a blast. I love cleaning now. It makes things feel so much nicer. We also had a lesson with K----a San who came to the Christmas devotional on Sunday. We had a member there to help explain a lot of the stuff and it went really well. He had questions about the Priesthood and the order of things chronologically. The member helped a lot and we set another appointment with him. Then we visited the man Sal from New Jersey/Turkey, and it was good; but we think that he is partially just trying to expound his business and we don't really know if he has real genuine interest. At night we look for a potential investigator. When we knocked, the mother of the house answered, looked at us, and then just shut he door without saying anything.... it was lame. But then we talked to some guys having a fire outside their shop. It was pretty chill. They were kind of relaxed cause they had a little bit of sake (alcohol) but it was good. We gave them a Restoration pamphlet and let them know how to make their family happier.

Wednesday: We visited Brother U------a, and he was doing alright. We basically told him that we can come over time after time but if he doesn't act or do something then nothing will ever change. So we gave him the challenge to act finally and obtain peace and happiness again and he said he will think about it. We will follow up on that. Then we had the last district meeting of the transfer. It was goofy but good. Ekaiwa was pretty normal except that 3 way cool guys came and they were super stylish 19 year olds. So we Bro'd it up but ran out of time to invite them to church and stuff so we will do that next week hopefully.

Thursday:  Elder Spackman left to the mission home since it was his last transfer. Kind of sad to see him go for good this time, but it's ok 'cause we will keep trying our best and he will be back home as well. Then Elder Hawkins my new companion came in! We are going to get along really well I think. He is from England just south of London and is really chill so I am excited to have a good 8-week transfer with him. We then had a nice session of weekly planning and sort of just learning about each other. Then at night we went to visit the old man we gave a BoM to on Sunday. He let us in again and he had some thoughts about tithing. When him and his parents went to a Buddhist temple they basically just took a bunch of money from them. We told him that everyone in our church is volunteer and that it is our choice to pay money or not. We also told him that we pay tithing out of a desire to please God and help others out of our own will. He really liked that and said he wanted to do it. He said he will continue to read the BoM and that he wants to come to church once his knee is healed. We also invited him to be baptized once he knows this is true and he basically said that he had been planning on something like this since we first met. He said if you guys came all this way and I think it's good and don't do anything then it's kind of pointless and I was like "that's exactly right." So that went awesome.

Friday: We got to know all the new people on the zone because we just had district edits for the other areas on Friday. It went really well and I think everyone is trying really hard to get people to baptism. We also ate at a more traditional Japanese restaurant in Kichijoji that was really cheap but way good.

Saturday: We had a big cleaning of the church with the members. It was a lot of fun and the church looks great. Basically in this ward there are all of the cutest little Japanese kids ever. Like there are tons and they are all adorable. Then the rest of the day we just did pretty normal stuff.

Sunday:  It was pretty good. The Sacrament is such a great opportunity to look at your week and see how you can improve. Anyway, we just had a nice night of housing. We met some weird people. We met a totally drunk dude who said he was dying. We met a "dowist," whatever that is, I'm not entirely sure.  He just sad that boldly after he asked if we were Mormons and we were like "uhhhhhh.... ok" 'cause neither of us knew what that was. Then we met a potential investigator who is fine with studying the gospel, so that's great. It was great fun.

Today:  We went to Ramen Jiro again and then we are gonna go to a recycle shop. Anyway, I think that's all for this week!

The gospel is the best. 

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