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Wednesday, July 22, 2015

July 22, 2015 - Do You Hear What I Hear?

It always seems that when you're doing the right thing, the adversary does everything he can to stop you or discourage you. Today went something like this:

Adversary:  Your new watch just broke.

Heavenly Father:  No problem, your mom bought two watches.

Adversary:  Your ear tube has fallen out, you have fluid in your ear and -- oh, is it hurting?

Heavenly Father:  No problem. Dad will check your ear and see that the tube is lying in your ear canal.  

Adversary:  Good luck with that.  Your Dad called the MTC.  They may need to delay taking you to the MTC until it's fixed.    

Heavenly Father:  Not going to happen.  Your mom is calling your ENT doc.  He's a return missionary himself.  Did I mention he does a lot of humanitarian work?

Adversary:  It's already noon.  You're supposed to be at the MTC at 1:30.  He won't be able to fit you in.  Besides, he'll be at lunch.  You'll get his voicemail.  What a shame.

Heavenly Father:  It'll be just fine.  They'll put you on hold for a moment.  Be patient.  

Adversary:  You'll be on hold forever.  You're losing valuable time. (insert evil laugh)

Heavenly Father:  Imagine that, the doctor's 12 o'clock patient just cancelled and they can see you right now.  Load your bags.  You're going straight from the doctor's office to the MTC.

Adversary:  Ha!  It's  1:10 and you're just leaving his office.  You are definitely going to be late now.  

Heavenly Father:  Stop worrying.   They called the MTC while you were getting the procedure done.  There's a small leeway you didn't know about.   We don't advertise it. You've got it made!  

Score:   Adversary       Heavenly Father
                 zero                     Six

Explaining Elder Molen's ears wasn't in the plan for today's blog -- or was it?   Either way, it's a good time to ask for some extra prayers in his behalf.  He has tubes in both ears because of what they believe are genetically smaller eustachian tubes.  Because of this, his ears don't pressurize properly.  Both of his eardrums retracted, preventing sound from bouncing off, and that affected his ability to hear.  Yep, there were times he wasn't ignoring you. 

Without tubes, an airplane flight or drive up the mountain gives him serious ringing and pain.  So does swimming, swallowing and yawning.

His hearing was so bad at one point that after getting tubes in for the 2nd time at 13, he announced to me that he didn't realize how loud the sound was when you flushed a toilet. 

Putting tubes in his ears allowed his eardrums to go back to their normal shape, fluid to clear -- stopping ear infections -- and his ears to pressurize the way they should.  It's likely he will have these tubes the rest of his life, but there is a slight possibility that his ears could improve if he still has some growing to do.  

Aside from this minor issue, Elder Molen has great health.  He's always been tough ever since he was little -- hence the reason he has tubes put in without anesthesia.  He said it is VERY uncomfortable.  Today was no exception because this time they cut through more scar tissue from the previous burst and tubes.  His ear will probably annoy him for a few days/weeks.  It goes away as they heal and pressurize.

So if you wouldn't mind asking in your prayers that Elder Molen's ear heals quickly, we'd really appreciate it.

He's taken two years of Japanese in high school, but he's going to need his hearing to learn as much as he can before he leaves for Japan.

He had a wonderful blessing last night as he was set apart as a missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.

He arrived at the MTC feeling confident and happy and ready to take on the world.  He will be in the MTC for about two months before leaving for Japan.

Elder Molen would appreciate your prayers and encouragement, letters and e-mails. 

I'm waiting to find out his specific MTC mailing address but until then:

Elder Jarron McKay Molen
Provo Missionary Training Center
Japan Tokyo South Mission
2005 N 900 East
Provo, UT 84604
United States


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