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Thursday, September 3, 2015

August 27 - September 3, 2015 - Rough Week

"Picture of my district and leader."

August 27 

"Ya so, sorry I wasn't more specific on the sickness, but I didn't know what it was yet; but, ya I have pneumonia right now so that's not too fun.

Actually this week I got super homesick and I think about you guys all the time. I am pretty sick of the food here, lol, cause it all ends up tasting the same after a while.

I'm taking meds for my sickness right now so I should get better. Thanks for the Dear Elder and stuff.  I miss you and Mesa too. I hope you guys are surviving.

Sorry for not sending too long of letters it's just that there isn't very much to write right now cause we just sort of have the same schedule every day.  Anyway keep being the best and stuff. I love you."

Elder Molen"

Later the same day:

"Thanks for the meds lol.  I can already hear the ambulance of a package on it's way.  I refuse to rest it makes me feel like a useless locked up looney.  At home at least I could rest while playing video games or watching a show, but here I can't do anything.  I just sit there. Can't focus enough to read so ya, just sit. I'll rest enough.

Anyway having a great p-day right now, just really wanna get to Japan and start doing something."

August 27 cont'd:

"I figured out I had it yesterday and I got the pills yesterday. I started feeling bad last Thursday. So I had it for a week before I figured out what it was. But now i'm on antibiotics still feel sick and pretty gross but at least not as bad as before."

Thanks for all the extra prayers and stuff. Don't worry i'll speak up if I start feeling real bad but I think I already passed that point so ya. I was so hot one night that I honestly wanted to go to the hospital but eventually I cooled down."

September 3, 2015

"Ya, so they decided to move and combine our beds into a castle.
(I like how they seem to be keeping their distance from Elder Molen, lol)

(2nd from the right back row is his district leader, Elder Battaglia.  Elder Molen is to the right of him.)

"I miss you guys.  Thanks for praying for me and stuff. I think I have almost got this pneumonia kicked so I guess we will see how it ends up. I absolutely got the medicine package you sent.  Thanks so much for everything you sent. I also got Dad's and thanks for that one too.

Currently I am having an allergic reaction to something, so I am covered in hives and I don't know why, but I am gonna go to the doctor again to see if we can figure it out.

I am feeling like I want this pneumonia not to come back and that I want to not have hives all over.  This should be interesting.  I look like a weirdo now cause I'm all red and bumpy. At least it's not on my face.  Other than that I am actually doing great.
From week 2--5 we would teach returned missionaries that knew Japanese but this week and until the end we skype native Japanese people. It's pretty cool to see how the gospel can still affect people even though there is a language barrier sometimes. I am excited for the next time we get to do it because I think that we can really feel the spirit. btw the people are members so they know what we are talking about.

Love you, talk to you later.
Elder Molen"

*He's headed back to the doctor today.  My guess is he's allergic to the antibiotics.

September 3 (after his doctor appt.)

"It turns out I'm allergic to levaquin so now I'm on meds that are making my hives go away so that's fun.  Also, I'll write more letters and I hope that you guys get them. Lots of random, fun things happen here at the MTC so I kind of forget that they happen so if it seems like I'm not writing a lot about my stay here it's just because it's usually the same stuff or just little funny things.  Anyway, that's the update.

Love you,
Your son Elder Molen"

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