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Thursday, September 17, 2015

September 17, 2015 - "I'm Gonna Write A Letter"

"Wassup, y'all?  I'm just languishing here at the MTC.  I'm totally ready to go to Japan which I guess is good because I just got my flight plans and Japanese Katakana name tags. 

It's kinda weird that we got our flight plans on 9/11.  We were also going to do the tower challenge, which is where we eat an entire tower of cereal.  It was 'Gross Pizza Friday,' so it was great; but then it was 9/11 so we figured that wouldn't be so good. So we are doing it today (Saturday).

     I am pretty good at understanding what is said but a little less so at saying everything I need to, but I'm getting better.
     Er mah gersh, I'm going to freaking Tokyo and it's gonna be soooo cool.  I can't wait to finally teach people the wonderful message we have.
     Guys the gospel is true!  I know it more than anything else.  Jesus Christ is our Savior and he died for us.
Anyone can access the atonement and be forgiven.  The Book of Mormon is true guys.  Read it.  Work hard at stuff.  Get up and get stuff done because there is no reason not to.
     Anyway back to other stuff.
Watch the video, 'I Have Kept the Faith.'

     I miss my 'Scheidt' already.   He brought much joy to my life. 
     You guys better be keeping track of all the movies I miss.  When I get back, I shall watch them all.  Appreciate your freedom.  I was convinced that I was gonna serve my entire mission here and never leave.  Serve people  whenever you can.  It's a joy to do and it will make you a lot happier.
     I love all my senseis -- I'm jumping around subjects like mad.   I think I have ADHD -- they are all awesome.  
     Appreciate the temple because you can find answers to any problem you have in there. Never forget that this is eternal life we are talking about here so we better get the best we can from this puny section of our life.   I love you lots and I'm super excited to go to Japan. 
     I love all you guys.  I miss you and tell the grandparents I love them too."

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