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Monday, October 12, 2015

Week Two - Minato Mirai

October 5 - View of Minato Marai 21 from above.
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Okay, so second week is past and gone and I'm not sure there is much to say.

Monday: we met with an awesome investigator who is From America and he really has a lot of faith. He also has great points of view about things that I haven't ever really thought about. We had a nice long talk about doctrine and it was a ton of fun.

I can't really remember most of the week but my companion got sick, so for most of the week we were just chilling at the apartment. I read a lot of the scriptures and stuff and my testimony has grown so much of the gospel.

We went to a cool historical park in the city so that was fun and stuff. We also went to another park that is believed was where Heber J. Grant could have dedicated Japan for missionary work. That was super awesome seeing all the random spots in the city with a bunch of trees and stuff. 
Elder Gammon who is a mere 6'4"tall

We don't watch conference until next week in Japan so I just read it on gospel library instead.

On Thursday we had "ekaiwa" which is always tons of fun because all those people who are trying to learn English are super happy and fun all the time.

Again most of the week we just sat in the apartment and stuff so that was boring cause I just wanted to go out and work.

Anyway, on Sunday I had another great day trying to understand what was being said. It was still awesome though.

We go to lots of restaurants cause we didn't buy enough food 
for the week lol.
Then today was awesome 'cause we had studies then went to Minato Mirai which is near the coast. There are a ton of huge buildings, and it's so cool to be in the middle of all of them.

Landmark Tower

Me and a bunch of other missionaries went to celebrate one elder's birthday so we went to an all-you-can-eat Mexican place. It was actually really good, and now I see why missionaries go there so often. 

Then we went to the Pokemon center in Landmark Tower, which is a very tall building. 

After that we looked around the city some more which was fun.

Then we rode a train back and got some groceries for the week,  pretty exciting I know.

Tonight we have another lesson with that investigator I talked about so that should be way fun. Sorry for not having much to say this week but rest assured next week will be more exciting. Here are some pictures as well.
*On weeks the missionaries attend the temple, their p-day changes to the same day as their temple day, which means we will hear from him on that day instead.  There is no update for today, Oct. 12, so I assume this might be  the reason -- or he's just very busy which is also good.

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