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Sunday, November 8, 2015

Week Four - Streeting and Housing

October 13

"Hello!  This is what went down this week.

Tuesday:  Okay, so we did some random stuff that I don't really remember.  Mostly I just do the same stuff every day. We go "streeting" to find people a lot but usually they see our name tags and run for it. Oh, I remember what happened. We went on splits and I went with Elder Matsumoto, who is native. We are always super happy and we went around saying that all day. We did some "housing" as well so that was fun. We went and visited an investigator and shared some thoughts about a scripture that we hope helped him. Then we biked around to a spot where we passed out flyers. Most people ignore us but some of them take one every once in a while.

Tonkatsu (photo from
After that we had some delicious Tonkatsu dinner. It's strips of pork or chicken that are deep fried and way good. 

Then we went to teach a lesson to a recent convert which was interesting cause it was an older guy who I couldn't really understand, and Elder Matsumoto even says it's hard sometimes. But that went well and we ended the split and got back with our real companions.

Wednesday:  I got my bike so that was a wonderful thing cause now I can actually go places. I heard real music again at the bike shop and I almost died. We met 2 really cool guys on the way back to our apartment and one was only in that town for work for 1 day and got off early so he took a walk. It was destiny. He was super nice and we taught him the restoration and gave him a Book of Mormon so that was cool. Riding a bike
through Japan at night is really quite enjoyable, I would recommend it for everyone.

Thursday:  So basically we just planned all day long then
went to Ekaiwa. There were lots of people at ekaiwa so that was awesome. The students are super funny and interactive.

We had a nice talk about physics and the new discoveries
that were made concerning that even though that wasn't the topic.

Friday:  We did a lot of stuff at the church today for a while so that was kinda boring but necessary. I got to see Elder Battaglia and Elder Palomino (my MTC companion) for the training we had. Then we had some awesome lunch together so that was fun as well. Yeah, so was kinda average but that's okay.

Saturday: We had general conference all day. You guys were all watching too I presume? Let's just agree that it was amazing. We can receive so many spiritual answers to questions at general conference and it's awesome because any question you have will be answered by one of the speakers. Can't believe we have three new apostles! Also, my pen broke.

Sunday:  Mostly the same as Saturday, but we went to the Bishop's house for dinner. They are the most funny and awesome people ever! We had like 8 people there and it was way fun.  They had us all put on different wigs and take a picture with them and it was totally hilarious. Then we had our Halloween themed dinner except I got to eat a hamburger. I love glorious American food because it's basically awesome. Japanese food is good too though I don't judge. All had an awesome time sharing the reasons we came on a mission and just eating together like a big family.

Monday:  So there was an autumn festival at the church that we went to and it was way fun. There was food and games and I got to know a lot of the members names better so that was really helpful. We also rode to visit a less active who we hadn't met before and he was pretty nice and is reading the BoM so that's great. After that we had dinner and then went to another investigators house. We talked about a lot of interesting stuff and we gave him a conference talk to read so I hope that he will read it and feel the spirit. So I'm writing this because today is our p-day because we went to the Tokyo temple today!!

So ya it was totally awesome and I got to see an elder from my MTC group, and that's how things are going, sorry it's kinda a lot of the same thing sometimes. Anyway love everyone and sorry for emailing late.

Excerpts from other e-mails to family:

"Tokyo temple celestial room is sick." (meaning awesome, cool, amazing).
"I have felt an earthquake, but it was just small I forgot about it."

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