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Sunday, November 8, 2015

Week Four - "Kekko desu"

October 25

"Greetings people of the world.

Tuesday:  Well, we went to the temple and you guys already heard about that.

Wednesday:  So we went and rode pretty far to go visit a less active, but when we got there he said it was a bad time so I was kinda sad. But the ride through Japan is always a joy. Then we went and visited a little ojii San (grandpa) who was interested. He has studied with the Jehova's Witnesses before and his Bible is marked up like crazy. He was kinda hard to understand because he didn't have a lot of teeth but I usually don't understand anyway so ya lol. We gave him a Book of Mormon and we are hoping he studies it. After that we did some housing and got the good ole "kekko desu" which means "I'm good." So then we rode back to the apartment and I discovered my bike tire was flat. So that wasn't good at all. So I patched it all up and now we are all good. Kinda bad luck that I got a hole in the tube that fast.

Thursday:  So we had studies and planned all day as the Thursday always goes you know? It always seems to rain on Thursday. I don't know why. But at the end of the day we had ekaiwa, and that's awesome cause we are starting to get a lot of people coming. They are always super ready to learn and it's way fun teaching them.

Friday: We went to Shonandai for a conference. Elder yamashita in the first quorum of he seventy came and spoke to us. He talked about how to improve our skills a lot and told us to always open our mouths and say something. He really believes in all of us so much and it is way cool to see. I got to see some of the MTC homes there so that was good seeing them again as always. After the wonderful conference we went and got food at "Steak Gusto" which is great cause you get steak and unlimited drink, and rice. Then we went back to our church and had a broadcast from Elder Yamashita and it was in Japanese this time so I didn't really get much but he told us to always smile and be happy."  (Elder Yamashita)

"Saturday:  We had the usual morning routine then went to district meeting which is always wonderful 'cause I have great people in my district. We are having a Halloween party.  I'm happy about that 'cause I love Halloween and parties and people, so ya. So then we went to a members house and he is really cool. He loves nature a whole lot and loves talking about it. Then we had dinner and did some streeting, but most people just pretend you aren't there.

Sunday: So we had a meeting before church about our investigators and planning the Halloween party and we think it will be good and hope people will come. Then We had our nice block of church which I am still attempting to understand but sacrament is always great. Then after that, two eight-year-old girls were getting baptized! That was way fun to watch and it's funny because it's like Christmas with how many gifts they get.

Monday:  So today we talked to a random American at seven eleven ('cause we have wifi there), and he told us about himself and some of his life so we invited him and his son to the Halloween party so we hope he comes. Then we went and had "shabu shabu" which is just all you can eat meat and stuff for an hour and it was way good! I enjoyed it very much. And now I am here. So ya that's the update for the week."
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"P.s. You can write me during the week if you want to, I can read emails but I just can't send any until p-day. Sorry not many pictures this week."

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