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Sunday, November 8, 2015

Week 6, November 1 - Halloween in Japan

They don't really celebrate Halloween here :(
So ya I don't have my timeline of stuff this week but I'll do my best. 

Monday: Our investigator tried to convince us the trinity is correct lol. That was about all that happened on Monday that y'all didn't hear about.

Tuesday:  So we had zone meeting and it was fun. I got to see all the other fun people in my zone and we had some good trainings. We talked about how to combat opposed parents when they don't wanna let their kid get baptized. Jk it's not really combat it's just how to nice them into it. Then we talked about our purpose and had good testimonies.  Then we had some lunch and all the other missionaries went to their own areas. Then we practiced our song for Saturday and that was enjoyable.

After that we finished details on our pinatas. We made some pretty great pinatas for the Halloween party and we made them look nice and scary. None of the Japanese people know what a piñata is lol.

Elder Gammon's Pinata
My pinata

Then we had a shokuji Kai which is a dinner appointment. We went over to our ward mission leader's house and had awesome food and stuff. We shared some testimonies and it was way fun. Only downside is that we had to ride up so many hills to get there. We call it 'Yokohama thunder thighs' 'cause there are lots of hills in Yokohama. Literally one place is named 'Kamiooka' which means 'up the big hill'

Park 1
Park 2
Wednesday:  This was a super productive day and it was way fun. We had studies and stuff but then we went to center Minami and did park finding. I like parks.  So we went to a less active's apartment but he wasn't there so we went on to the parks and talked to a bunch of people. We got 21 sos's which is where we talk to someone and invite them to church so that was way good. We met some interesting people, and then when we were going to leave we talked to a high school student on the way and we sat down on a nearby retaining wall and taught him the restoration. He wants to learn about the Bible and he was really nice so we also invited him to Ekaiwa. We then went and talked to more people before going home, but we are super happy cause we got a new investigator!

"Ya, there is a Ferris wheel on  that building!"
Park 3
Thursday:  So today we had weekly planning like all day as usual and then we went to Ekaiwa. Our friend who we met last night M---- S---- came! We were way happy and tried to make him feel really welcome. We did a special Halloween themed discussion and it was fun teaching the students about Halloween culture in America. They really seemed to like it and we had a lot of fun. We talked to a lot of people after and it was all in all a great day.

Friday: So we had the usual morning routine and then we went to district meeting. We talked about final plans for the Halloween party and some other stuff. Then we chilled at the church for a while after that 'cause Elder Gammon was finishing some college stuff. So I went through the phone and updated all the stuff and made it all right. After that we went over to the Ito's for dinner. They made us so much freaking food...... It was a struggle to eat it all but it was all very delicious. When we thought they were done, they just kept bringing more food. Anyway we taught them about baptism and stuff. We are trying to get them to the temple cause they haven't really gone
yet and that's our next goal for them. It was a great night and they are totally awesome and nice people.

Halloween:  So we woke up and got ready and went to the church. We got transfer calls at 11! I am staying here in Kohoku area but my new companion will be elder Phillips. Elder Gammon is going to be my district leader now and he's staying here too but just switching to Kohoku A elder instead of B, which does nothing basically.

We set up a bunch of decorations and started getting ready for the party. It was way fun and I dressed up as spider man by just wearing my spider man shirt under my white one and pulling it apart a little and then I would say "shhhhh" and walk away. I won the costume contest for most interesting so that made me happy. I got to do some gymnastics for the talent show so that made me real happy. We had a kid named Francis do some sick dancing but like none of us got a video so that was sad. Then we had trick or treating. They don't get it at all, he he. We sat at the door of rooms in the church and then waited for them to knock and they didn't get the concept of you either get a trick or a treat, so in the end we gave them candy and let them go away confused.

 After that we had the piñata time which was funny cause they were pretty tough and they couldn't break them for a while.  One kid got violent after whacking stuff and started whacking me with his pitchfork. Then we had some food and just chilled the rest of the time. I think everyone had a pretty good time and enjoyed it for the most part. 

Fast Sunday was good and I still didn't understand much but I think I'm getting better! I tried to get what they were saying but they talk in ways I don't see how you can understand.  Sunday was pretty uneventful 'cause after that we went back to the apartment and just chilled after dinner 'cause Elder Gammon is a bit sick again.

Monday:  So today we went to tonkatsu cause it's a sister's birthday, and we are doing the usual p-day stuff, so ya thanks for everything and that is all for this week.  I'll see you next week. 

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