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Sunday, October 23, 2016

Lots of Rain - Japan Typhoon

Week 52 - September 20, 2016

There are a lot of things that happened and not a lot of time, so here goes.

Tuesday:  We had super splits! Elder Ishikawa came back to Yamate to work with me and we had a blast. We tried to go streeting and housing but people didn't want to listen too much. We had a good time trying our best and working hard though. We ran into a crazy guy as well so that was weird. All in all, it was a pretty good day just need to keep trying hard to find those prepared people.

Wednesday:  We tried to go visit N------- K----- again, but sadly he wasn't there. We haven't seen him in a while and he hasn't come to church so we are a bit anxiousm but we'll keep visiting. We also got to try and visit some less actives before Ekaiwa and all that but none of them were there or answered the door so we just keep visiting until they do!  Ekaiwa was a great time and there were quite a few new students there so we were happy about that.

Thursday:  We had district meeting which actually flowed really well and the district is really having a good time working together. After that we had another lesson with M------o. We taught about the plan of salvation and specifically prayer cause he doesn't really want to pray. He thinks the teachings are good but is not ready to pray yet. He also hadn't completed the reading assignment we gave him so we asked him to do it again, because when we asked if we could read with him he said that he wanted to do it himself. So we are still working with him and I think it's going real well. After that we had a planning session for a couple of different things like working with the ward, goals, and a lot of other stuff. Then we went out and had dinner with A--- and he just wanted to talk to us about improving our proselyting strategy. Sadly we didn't make a whole lot of progress with him there.

Friday:  We had the Yamashita conference!! Elder Yamashita from the area presidency came to speak to us. He talked about always being happy, opening your mouth, and believing in baptisms. It was really good and it got everyone fired up to dendo so that's awesome. It was a lot of fun and everyone received revelation. Then we met an investigator named Y--- who is 18 and is interested in what we believe. Elder Harrison was able to talk to him a lot cause K---- showed up and I talked with him and we all had good conversations. We plan to meet Y--- again after this current week.

  We had some good ole basketball. Sadly, the other elders couldn't come and not a whole lot of other people could either. By then, the Kanagawa elders showed up with an investigator. So we all had a bunch of fun playing sports. Then we came back and did some studying/eating/ planning and it was a nice, good time. After that we had a family home evening at a member's house and she stuffed us all with insane amounts of food. We talked about the spirit and it was a really good lesson.

Sunday:  We had a great time at church and working with the members. We are really setting up to see some big changes and improvement in the ward relationship if they will also work with us. We are excited for that and many things. Then we had food and a small study session. After that we went hunting for another less active and visiting a referral from the sisters. Sadly, the referral wasn't there and the less active didn't want to talk but we shall not be dismayed! We will continue until they want exaltation.

Monday:  We had a zone blitz in Sakuragicho. I was able to work with Elder Shepard and Elder Coleman and we had a great time. We talked to everyone we could and tried our very best and were able to contact quite a few people. After the blitz we went and got some way delicious ramen and streeted around a bunch. It was a wonderful time and we were nice and tired at the end of the day.

Today:  We had temple p-day!  It was also raining like crazy and the trains were delayed and tons of other stuff BUT it was still good. Now there is a typhoon so we have to chill inside some more but we will continue to be joyous and have fun. This week I've had the chance to work a lot with Elder Rodriguez who is way awesome. He is funny and we are both totally goofy so we have a lot of fun together but still work hard. I have been really blessed by him recently and I'm really glad I got to work with him. Well until next week people.

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