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Sunday, October 23, 2016

One Year in Japan!

Week 52 - September 27, 2016 - One Year in Japan!
Hit my year in Japan mark a few days ago.

It's weird that I'm basically restarting on the seasons that I have been through. Well, here's this week.

Wednesday:  Don't really remember much of what happened this day other than the fact the we had Ekaiwa. It was really good 'cause we are getting an increasing number of people coming so that's way cool. Also, this one kid keeps inviting his friends so we are gonna invite them all to church.

Thursday:  We went and had breakfast with A---. We were hoping to make some progress with him, but he just wanted to talk about a bunch of random stuff and would just go back to it every time. So it was kind of hard, but it's ok. We were supposed to have a lesson with M------- but it was raining a lot and he seemed like he didn't want us to come over, so we changed it to the next week. But basically the whole rest of the day we were planning like crazy for the next week, a zone activity and working with he ward. We just went ham with the planning and got lots of stuff done so that was way good.

Friday:  We had a lesson with S----- K----- in the morning about the Melchizedek Priesthood. We taught about the rights of the Priesthood, the organization and all the other related things. It went really well, and S----- K----- is getting prepared to receive the Priesthood soon. Then we went and made lunch and had a little bit of study time before we had to go back to the church for district meeting. District meeting went well and we practiced getting members involved with dendo, so that was fun. Then at night we went down to a place called Bandobashi and looked for some less actives. We didn't have too much success there seeing as one of them is opposed to us now but that's ok 'cause we will visit other people!

We had a lesson with A--- before basketball. We shared our experiences with the Spirit and our conversion with him. He was wondering how we found out it was true, so we told him. We promised him that if he would just pray and ask with sincerity, then he would be able to know it's true. So he said he would and it was a really good lesson. Then we had sports! It was a lot of fun, as is the norm. After that we were going to go back and shower then have a lesson with K-- but he had to cancel so we went to lunch with K----! We had curry which level 4 of spice was pretty hot and it took some strength to get it all down. But then we came back and studied and in the evening went searching for different less actives while talking to all the people along the way.

Church was just dandy because K---- and K-- came! So that was really good. We are just trying to figure out how to help them have an even better experience at church. We had a combined lunch and dinner after we got home and some other stuff. After that, that's right, we went less active hunting again!! Woooo! It's fun to try and go find all these people while talking to all the people you pass by. We got invited to the Barton's house as well so we went and had a nice get together for the last bit of the night and then headed home.

Monday:  It was going to be a p-day and we were going to go to Kamakura but Elder Jenner while going down the hill slipped on his injured ankle and beat it up again so we just sat inside all day. I organized the phone for like 4 hours so that was a lot of fun. We also finished some good planning and stuff like that, so it was still a good day.

Tuesday:  Today shall be the real p-day! We went over to Chinatown and Elder Jenner's friend bought us some amazing food! It was duck and a bunch of other stuff and it was amazing. We are having a great time. It turned a bit hotter, but at night it feels pretty good. Anyway, one miracle we were able to see this week is the progression of investigators once they have a good time at church. A--- has been going to the Tokyo 2nd Ward and he loves it! We are so excited and want him to feel the Spirit more, so that was really awesome. Well, until next week! Love you all!

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