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Thursday, January 5, 2017

It's a pretty warm December 5th over here.

Week 62 - December 4, 2016

Highlights:  MLC: the leadership conference was way awesome this transfer!! Sister Warnick gave a training about finding those who are prepared. It almost seems like a where's Waldo deal in Tokyo. There are endless amounts of people to go through to find those who will receive us. But as we open our vision we can realize just like in the books, that there are other characters to look for. For example ( Waldo's girlfriend, dog, the wizard) all these other people are also ready but we have to open our eyes to different options, not just the guy with striped clothes and glasses. There were also some other good ones about always opening our mouth and using English class effectively. 

It's kinda weird 'cause I feel like I have been companions with Elder Spackman more than Millard. We always have to go on splits for zone leader stuff so ya it's like we are companions again even though my companion is Elder Millard. Funny thing about that, Elder Millard is from Tennessee and I remembered Mom, Dad and Rilee, you guys are going there for Christmas. 

It's also been really nice weather for the past few days, it almost doesn't feel like its December 'cause it's nice and warm so that's way nice. 

Saturday:  We were able to meet with a man named John. He is Christian and has met missionaries before, but they stopped meeting for some reason. We had set up a meeting with him over the phone so we met up. We learned a little about what he thinks of God and his background. Way cool guy! He's been all over the world 'cause he worked on a boat and has a lot of cool things to talk about -- super nice and likes to be happy and have fun. We asked if we could meet again and get deeper on what he believes about God and he said that would be fine so we are meeting again this week. After that, we went to meet with our investigator T----a. He is in his sixties and agreed to go watch a baptismal service in Kichijoji with us. So we went to that and it was way good! We got to sing hymns and watch the baptism and he said he was really moved and we told him that was the spirit! It was a good experience and after it was over, there was a concert being put on by the Shibuya Institute students. So we went to that with him as well. They sang about the real meaning of Christmas, the atonement, and a lot of other things. It was way good and T----a said that he felt a good warm feeling in his heart which again we explained was the Holy Ghost. Saturday was a way awesome day.

Sunday:  So church was good, pretty normal. We got to fast so that was a good opportunity. Here is where the really cool part comes in. M----i, the convert Elder Spackman and I baptized in Yamate went back to Okinawa to baptize his own mother!! He is a convert of six months and got to use his priesthood to baptize his mom. That's so crazy!! He introduced her to the church for the first time and helped her enter into the fold of God. It was such a cool experience because Elder Spackman and I got to Skype in together and see her baptism. He had to do it a few times but he eventually got it right and everything was alright. It was such a great experience to see one of the people you helped, help someone else. The rest of Sunday was good. Elder Millard conducted a baptismal interview for one of the sister's investigators and she passed and is preparing for baptism this Saturday. Also, the other elders have an investigator getting baptized the same day and his interview is on Tuesday so pray everything goes great.

Today: We are actually taking a ride back to Yokohama since Elder Spackman is leaving in less than 2 weeks. We are meeting up with M---i and another convert that I was also able to work with in Yamate. It is gonna be a good time. But, ya, that's basically the big stuff this week.

The gospel spreads forth and the Lord hastens his work in his own time. I know that is true and that if we just do all that we can, the Lord can work through us to reach the rest of his children. The gospel really does bring joy and fulfillment in our lives

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